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    Steyning isn't far from Partridge Green, Cal. In fact one of the runs we do along the Adur goes to Bramber which is just by Steyning. Good decision on the ultra (and brave too). Would have been easy to try and go for it, but I think you're wise to postpone so you can enjoy it when you do eventually do it. And Homes under the Hammer is one of those programmes it's so easy to get sucked in to.

    Not sure crotchet would be my thing either, Hazelnut. To quote my partner I'm a "left handed weirdo" so I suspect I'd be a bit cackhanded at anything like that. How was your first day back at work? Did you have mountain of emails as a welcome back? There's a spot on one of the runs that we do where it's almost like a GPS dead zone as the pace on the watch drops drastically. Love the colours at this time of year. As we drove back on Sunday it was a riot of reds and golds.

    'Bubble' run yesterday evening, although only 4 of us this time. Again starting at Preston Park, but a different route to last week that wasn't supposed to have so many hills. However that's not really how it turned out as we managed to find two long inclines. One of the group had suffered with Covid. Recovered now, but still dealing the affects, so the pace was rather gentle which I was happy with. I'd felt a twinge in my back the previous day after the gym so whilst I was keen to keep it moving I didn't want to push it too far. I decided against the gym this morning to give it a chance to recover. In the end we did a touch over 10K and then back to a chilli and rather nice brownies with a cheese cake topping along with hazelnuts and dulce de leche. It makes your teeth itch!!
  • Trying to imagine what itchy teeth feel like.  Sounds like a good solid dessert.  Agree that it is a lovely time of year - plenty of visual distractions.  Hope your back is ok. 

    Intervals yesterday evening - 5 x 1k (GPS) off 3 min recoveries.  Pleased to get all 5 done at a decent effort.  A couple of interrupts - blonde lady with 3 dogs - wonder if she selected the breeds to match her own hair colour, a tractor standing in the middle of my track meaning a quick diversion onto the field, an elderly man who was staring at his toes whilst walking along - he stayed on his side fortunately I was worried about mowing him down if he moved to mine.  9 miles including warm up, strides, and cool down. 
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    There is still another tuppaware box of the brownies to get through, Hazelnut, so I think the teeth will continue to itch. And back is still a bit twingey so have decided against the gym again this morning. Nice interval session and well done for not mowing down the elderly man. I hope he was appreciative as you went past.

    Another pyramid session yesterday evening - 0.1 mile, 0.2, 0.4 and 0.8 before going back down again. This was running along the seafront from Shoreham through to Lancing and included two of the fastest runners we've got at our club. The person leading it had run the virtual marathon the other week in 3:07, so it was tough. Tried to run steadily as I knew the 0.8 stint would hurt, but quite pleased to not be too far behind. And managed to let loose on the final 'sprint'.
  • Initially thought 0.8 = 800 metres as I generally work in km but then reread that you were working in miles and 0.8 miles is certainly tougher.  You have a speedy clubmate.

    10 comfy effort miles yesterday evening.  I have a race tomorrow so no inclination to up the pace on the way home.  Dull grey day with a bit of drizzle so few other people out and about.   
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    She is speedy, Hazelnut. For a club that's considered a bit 'old' in terms of members we've attracted some rather fast people over the last 18 months or so, including a few young ones. I think it's my partners cakes that are the attraction.

    Of course it means I have less chance of scoring points when we do the league runs, but I live in hope.

    Well done on the 10 miler and good luck for the race tomorrow. What's the distance?
  • Hi folks, hope  it's been a decent week.  Bit of a disappointing week running.  The half marathon followed by a 10 mile was apparently too much and my ankle has been pretty bad this week.

    Took 3 days off, then did an easy 6.5 miles last night at 9 min miles, not great today, but not terrible.  Annoyingly, there's a 10k I really fancied next weekend, (through a picturesque river valley) so I'm going to try a decent run tomorrow and if it hurts will not do the race.

    Good luck in your race tomorrow Hazlenut.  Good interval run .  Mine tomorrow will be 2 mile warm up, 3 miles 10k pace, 1mile cool down.  Unless I have to stop of course.

    Training sounds really good GD, I must join my local running club one day.  The 15-20 minute drive really puts me off when I drive so many miles for work, but I'm sure I'd improve hugely.

    Hope your injury improves Cal.  At least you got to the gym I guess.  I did a kettlebell workout this week in the absence of running.  Predictably overdid it!

    Have a nice weekend.

  • Hey folks, long time no speak!

    so great to hear you're all running still

    Apologies for disappearing, it's been a wild ride...woke up at the end of May at 4am with an excruciating pain in my side and I couldn't sleep, so I binned the planned 14 miler I had in store. Throughout the rest of that Sunday, the pain got worse. I couldn't walk, I couldn't move, I couldn't lie down because the pain was so much. To be honest, I was ready and prepared to die. My fiancé called the NHS helpline and I go to the hospital at 00:30am on the bank holiday...yay! They think it's kidney stones, so no running for a while.

    pain subsides, but a week later I get pain in my other side...uh oh...yep, kidney stones for the second time in a week, along with muscular-skeletal damage from the previous bout. Meant spending some time in a wheelchair which was...really demoralising. Think my pride took a knock for being in a wheelchair at 25...

    Due to the pain, I couldn't run and the times I tried to run I just went way too quickly, so got stitch, flared up the pain, and then yeah, gave up.

    Been running a little bit since the end of August/beginning of September and it's been a trial. Where I was smashing out 8 miles two/three times a week with a half marathon at the weekend, now I couldn't even run 3 miles without walking for a bit, and even then I was super slow. I didn't realise how much 3 months away from the sport would set me back, and I had little motivation to continue. I almost gave up.

    but I persevered and continued. I figured that I got quicker at the beginning of the year by running on a treadmill which was at a 0% gradient, so what I needed to do was run on a flat surface. So I have done so, and now I'm back up to running 10k in under an hour - yesterday I did it in just under 55 minutes!

    Sorry for not being around, my pride took such a hit, I was always hoping to turn with good news and now I finally feel like I have some good (well, better) news to share. But I'm much better now and I hope to keep returning in the future.
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    Bloody hell, Malteser, you've been through the wringer! Glad you've managed to recover, it sounds really really nasty. Do they know what caused it?
    Good luck Hazelnut!
  • Not really, Cal! Usually it's a build up of salt/minerals in the kidneys so they say that not drinking enough/dehydration is a cause. It's definitely possible, as at the time I was normally only drinking roughly a pint a day (I'm a camel, I can go for a while without drinking) and the curry the night before probably didn't help. But yeah, it's not been great!
  • Bloody hell Malteser, that doesn't sound good at all.  Hope you're on the mend. Not as bad obviously, but I couldn't run for three months this year, it will come back, slowly.
    Glad to hear you're feeling better.  What did the NHS do to aid recovery over the last 3 months?  Or does it naturally subside?  That's a solid 10k for someone recovering.

    7.2 miles 10k practice run today.  1 mile warm up, 4.5 miles at sub 8 minute miles, 1.7 mile cool down.  My ankle isn't great and I don't think doing that race next weekend is the best idea, but races round here are getting cancelled often now, mainly due to Covid difficulties with race HQ's.  If I leave this one, next is Bettshanger 10 mile on 21st November, a long way away.  So might be  case of do it while it's there. Will assess tomorrow.

    Went for my first run in my Kinvara 10, (I got last Christmas, but haven't used them due to one injury or another).  They felt amazing after my clumpy, high-stack Epic React Infinity runs, which feel almost like orthopedic shoes! but are clearly easy on the runner. Really light and minimal, and I think my form was miles better.  That said, by mile 5 I could feel the lack of cushioning becoming very apparent, I bought them just for 5 and 10k and don't think I'd take them much further than that.  So comfy though.

    Rewarded myself with a vast full-english.

  • Hi, first time visitor to this thread here. Hitherto, I’ve stuck with the Over 60s and Mature runners threads. Didn’t really intend to post until I noticed one or two posters appear to be from my neck of the woods on the Sussex coast, Worthing to be specific. So just thought I’d say high.
    You guys seem to be serious runners not in terms of an absence of a GSOH but in terms of training. I’m not, nor ever have been, a club member but I know recognise most of the local clubs and am a 200 or so park runner. I told you I was old!
    I've done all the Sussex parkruns and am absolutely choked that they have been suspended.
    Anyway, I’ve said my hi and will look in every now and the then. And as the name of the thread requires, I’ll say that I managed a 21.46 3 miler this morning along Worthing prom. Who knows, I might have shared the same patch of tarmac with one of you!
  • Hey LTT! I remember you having some difficulty with running/getting back into running earlier in the year! While I didn't visit the forum, I certainly tried to recall how you approached it when I was recovering.
    NHS told me to drink 6-8 pints of water a day!! Christ I felt like I was drowning myself each time, always feeling full! They also gave me Codeine which knocked me for six the day after bank holiday. I lost all track of time, was always dizzy, and had to take the day off work. Your gonads always hurt as well, as they try to process the kidney stones, like you're being kicked there constantly. Not nice!

    Welcome John Bateman! Hope you enjoy your time on this thread! Your 5k time puts mine to shame - I was only doing 24 minute 5k's before injury, now I'm at 26 minutes. Only done one parkrun though!! 
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    Welcome John! Londoner myself although I was born in Sussex. I'm glad I managed to complete Lon-done before lockdown but I'm missing parkrun too. That's a cracking time (particularly if you're over 60). I'm a mere 53 - I got close to 24 minutes this year but I'm far from speedy.
    Linton, glad you enjoyed the new shoes.
    Malteser, that sounds awful.

    Still nursing my hamstring so a 6 mile speed walk for me instead. Managed to average just under 14 minute miles - I was going for it htough. :D
  • Thanks for the warm welcomes. I’m 65, sad but true. This thread could well merge with an injuries one by the looks of it. My Achilles and knees would qualify me for membership!
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    Welcome back MM. Sounds a horrific time you've had. It's frustrating not being able to run as you were before, but trust me, it does come back. The best thing I can suggest is to take it steady, accept what you can do at the moment, as against what you were doing before, and build up.

    Sorry to hear about the ankle, LTT. I can understand the quandary over doing the race. We're all just starved of events at the moment and it's an attractive thought to do something even if you're not 100%. Nice to hear the shoes are comfy and well done on the full English reward.

    Well done on the speed walk, Cal. Hopefully won't be long before the hamstring eases up and you're back running.

    Welcome John. Sussex here as well, originally from Eastbourne but moved to Brighton last year. I've done Worthing Parkrun a few times as part of the club grand prix series we do and one of our members is a Worthing resident and drags us over every now and then, so I'd say we've shared the same tarmac. 21.46 is seriously quick. If you're interested in clubs there's plenty around in West Sussex and I have to say I thoroughly enjoy the league runs we do, once we're allowed to do them again.

    10K around Hove Park yesterday and it wasn't easy, even though I tried to keep the pace sensible. I think my legs were still feeling Thursday's speed session. Having said that it was a minute quicker than last week's effort, but that was more to do with gritting my teeth up the last hill as I sensed I was closing the gap on my partner who had strode off. Not an enjoyable run and for some reason there didn't seem to be any flow. Onwards and upwards though.
  • Ups bit behind on posting - nice to see a new face - welcome John - speedy 3 miler.  

    And welcome back MalMal! Sorry you have had such a rough time in the past few months. From experience kidney problems are really painful.  You are doing really well on your comeback. I struggle to drink much as well.  What has helped is to always have a glass standing around somewhere nearby to remind me to drink a bit every now and then.  

    Please be careful LTT.  That was a tough training run.  Solid refuelling post-run. I've also eyed up Kinvaras in the past but never got round to trying some out - I think the last pair I was looking at were a garish pink which put me off.

    Good speed walking again Cal.  Four mile an hour plus certainly isn't an amble.

    Guess everyone has a less-than-ideal run every now and then GD.  Well done for finishing it off well though.

    Race yesterday went very well.  I wasn't expecting much as my legs felt pretty awful on Friday afternoon on a short recovery (bit more than 3 miles).  Likely the combination of intervals on Wednesday and a 10 miler on Thursday.  Yesterday's conditions were pretty good (8 degrees and little wind) so decided to give it the best I could (rarely do anything else in a race) and managed a 3:29 PB on an 11.5k/7.1 mile course in 52:18.  Not an easy one to pace with not far off 2 miles flat / slightly downhill at the beginning and then a long dragging hill followed by minor ups and downs and the last 2.8 blast back down the hill.  Altogether around 160m +/-.  Around 70 % offroad mostly on decent forest roads.  These were full of pebbles though - bit like running on cobbles, but covered with a light layer of fallen leaves.  Some mildly muddy corners as well needed a bit of care.  5th in my category out of 35 and 17th lady out of 170.  With few races to be had some speedier ladies from further away had signed up.   Very pleased with the result and the PB.  Another lady from my Tuesday group ran and also managed a 3 minute PB and 5th in her category so a good outing for us both.  According to Strava I ran an inofficial 5k PB by 1 second but it was downhill so I won't count that really.  I've never actually run a 5k race.  

    Have a good Sunday all.
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    I saw that on Strava, Hazel - fantastic job!

    GD, we all have runs like that, but it's miles in the bank.

    john, my injuries seem to rotate between my right achilles, right hip/groin and left high hamstring tendinopathy. At the moment it's the hammy. I blame a lifetime of sitting in front of computers.

    Anyway, hallelujah, I managed a run. Hammy was very noticeable during yesterday's walk and I was feeling it last night and this morning, so I really wasn't sure whether I ought to run or not today, but I thought I'd give it a punt as rest didn't help last time it was bad (in 2017)  and running didn't seem to make it worse either. And it was actually OK. I have the usual high ham ache up at the top but it didn't radiate down the hamstring this time. I tried to concentrate on my form and ended up running a minute per mile quicker than I was intending to (averaged 9:37) - Garmin data indicates stride was longer but cadence was normal. So that's good! 
    Tomorrow is another rest then I will try again Tuesday.
  • Glad you managed a run Cal!, that's great news, hope it continues to improve.

    That's a great result Hazel, and rapid 7.1 miler.  That course sounds great though!  Well done.  Especially on the back of a full-on training week, a huge PB.  My Kinvaras are fluoro yellow!, but I must like bright trainers because my other pairs of trainers are fluoro orange and fluoro red respectively.

    Solid training run run GD, "hard work" runs like that are a slog when they happen, but glad you knocked a minute off.

    Hi John Bateman!  That is a good three mile time, I miss parkrun too, (although have only done maybe a dozen) such a sociable event.  Do hope we can return to those days soon.  I got to 20:23 then got injured so unfinished business!  I think I've only ever been to Worthing once, to go to a nightclub in a mansion many years ago. Alternately, I only post in this one thread, as have little to offer in the others (apart from the injury one, but moan enough in here!).  Nice people and it helps keep me plodding along.

    Have a good week.
  • I like bright trainers too LTT but rather not in pink. Don't worry about the "moaning" (can't remember much of that anyway), we are runners on here and will understand running-related moaning a lot more than a non-runner might.

    11.7 miles yesterday afternoon in 1:41:23 - legs less tired than I was expecting - maybe I didn't race hard enough on Saturday although it felt hard enough at the time.  I was yawning like mad yesterday afternoon before going out so I drank a single Espresso beforehand which helped.  Steady trot around a well-known route, I was tempted to go exploring but didn't fancy any sudden surprises in the form of unknown hills or overdistancing and getting really tired.  Quite a few people out it being a half-way decent Sunday afternoon.   I saw a man on a large scooter type set of wheels being pulled along by two huskies - I think they were training. 
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    Fantastic race performance, Hazelnut, and well done on the PB. That is a rather swift time and it sounds as if it was an interesting course. Good work on the run yesterday, again a decent time as well. Not surprised you were yawning.

    Well done on being able to get out for a run, Cal. Hopefully there's no adverse reaction to it. Sounds as if you were like a greyhound released from the trap with going faster than you'd planned.

    That's some rather vibrant colours you've got for runners, LTT. When you look at what people are wearing these days it's amazing the colours choices we now have. Towards the end of when I played football coloured boots were just starting to come in, but being 'old school' I always bought black boots and kind of took the view anyone playing in brightly coloured boots was a bit flash. Now I'm quite happy to run around in dayglo yellow. You should try Worthing PR if and when it starts again as it's one of the quickest courses in the country. Although the start is a bit of a bottleneck.

    11 miler yesterday starting at Saltdean, running past and tapping Ovett's foot and turning at the Peace Statue on the Brighton/Hove border. No wind, but an overcast start, partner paced it at just under 9 min/miles which strangely felt easier than Saturday's effort. Returning back along the undercliff path the sun finally broke through the clouds and sparkled on the rather still water which made us both smile. Getting into the last 2.5K I did mention that we'd picked up the pace, going at about 8:20 min miles but the comment "Think of the roast later" seemed to indicate that she was happy to push it on. So I stepped it up and felt quite comfortable when the shout came out "We've now doing sub 5 min kms", so I consciously slowed down. Which was the trap as she then raced off and quickly opened up a 20m gap on me. Took a real effort to close that up as I'd lost my rhythm and in the last km we were matching stride for stride with neither of us willing to back off. The last mile we covered in 7:40 with the discussions on either side as to who pushed who. Managed the 11 in 1:36 and augurs well for pushing towards trying to get under 1:50 for the half next year. Met up with friends in the afternoon in Lewes for a roast lunch (Rights of Man in the High Street, Cal), which was very tasty. Although the dessert may have been a step too far.
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    Some serious distance being logged in these parts. Impressive. I’m mainly a 5k runner myself and rarely venture much beyond 10k. My last marathon was 3 years ago. It was around an open air velodrome in Preston Park, Brighton which Guarddog will know.. It was 72 laps of a horrible circuit which might be great for bikes but not for runners. It was a bad decision and when  I saw that only about 50 of us turned up I realised that this was a rather eccentric event. I’d trained for 4.15 and ended up with 4.50 and almost the last over the line. 
    A couple of weeks ago, when folk were running a virtual HM on the day of the GNR, I thought, on the spur of the moment, I’d see if I could manage the distance and did it in just about 2 hours.
    But today managed a bit of a hilly 4 miler slow motion! 

    PS can confirm Worthing Parkrun is indeed a very fast course. But the wind can be fierce. Have done it many times although funnily enough Hove seafront was my PB.

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    Hove Prom is another good one, john, although the fact there are, I think, 3 180 degree turns I find a bit frustrating. And it is, like Worthing, dependent on the wind, but you don't really get so much of a bottleneck at the beginning. Have you tried Seaford? Did it fairly near to when they introduced it, so it wasn't that crowded. Bit of a wait for coffee at the end, though. Lancing Green is another one I quite enjoy, interesting start on the grass before moving on to the prom itself.

    As for Preston Park velodrome know it well and I've regaled this thread with my virtual 5K performances round there over the summer, managing a 22.23. Have to admit I didn't find it too bad for running as long as you stayed on the inside.

    Well done on the hilly 4 miler and also doing a virtual HM. 2 hours is not to be sneezed at, especially for a spur of the moment effort.
  • Guarddog, I’m a parkrun tart I’m afraid and have done all the local ones. Littlehampton is quick. Bognor is very slow! Bevendean is pretty deadly and if you hop across into Hampshire, Queen Elizabeth  Park is a bitch. I’m a flat track bully, if a short, light, old git of 65 can be a bully!

    The velodrome marathon was organised by a hard core outfit who even organised one in a multi storey car park a couple of years ago!

    One of the really bad things about that PP marathon was that as you were overtaken, I.e. lapped, you had to give up the inside line. This meant that weaker runners ran further and at a worse angle. It wrecked me.

    I think I’ve guessed your club as they tend to turn up mob handed, in a nice way, and have some very, very good runners. Brighton and Hove is something of a hotbed of running........hence I tend to stick with Worthing! Oh for the speedy return of  our Saturday morning fix.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    I'd love to do Bevendean, partly for the challenge but partly as it has a small field and I can get a high finisher position. :D I did manage to do QE before lockdown - it was a mudbath - I walked down the grassy hill. One of my worst times ever! But hey, I got my Q.
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    Name the club in one, John  ;) . We do tend to group at PRs at the beginning of the year for the grand prix series. The other attraction is my partner's cakes after the run. We've also done some volunteer takeovers, including at Bevendean  which is, as you mention, deadly. Although being timekeeper is very easy there with the numbers. Still waiting for the all clear so that Cal come come down.

    And can understand the velodrome would have been tougher if you're being pushed further out as you're lapped. 
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Oh god I bet...I've been timekeeper at Tooting and Clapham Common and it's absolutely crazy. Not my favourite role, it has to be said.

    John - it was a similar thing at Dorney, even though that was fewer laps. Found myself being forced out on corners by the fast guys.  Of course I didn't get to finish that one.

    Did 5 miles today. It was grey out so I was deceived into wearing long tights, which I bitterly regretted as it turned out to be 15 degrees.
    Hamstring noticeable but bearable (is it bad that I'm already thinking about races?). Pace was once again sub-10 as I was concentrating on my form and trying to run tall and get off the ground a bit more, but I will have to rein it in a bit for the next one, I think.
    QL pain has gone, so I guess the rest did that some good.
    Tomorrow will be a lower body gym day so next run will be Thursday. If that goes OK then I'll try to do both Saturday and Sunday.
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    G’dog, I’m going for Arena 80. Even the women vets intimidate me!

    Cal, Well done on your Q. You earned it! I’ve worked my way through most of the Parkrun alphabet but I suspect a trip to Poland would be required to complete it!  

    A nice 6 mile very slow stroll through the West Sussex countryside with old (and I really mean old) friends today. Funnily enough I’m a very slow walker. My goodness the scenery is lovely this time of year. 

    Feeling a bit creaky so it might be a rest day coming up.

    Impressed with the gym work. I’ve got a Concept 2 rower and I’m pretty hopeless. If you wanted to design the physique of a lousy Rower you could do worse than use my dimensions! 

    PS. I got so fed up with being lapped on the dreaded velodrome event that after about 8 miles I stayed permanently out of the inside lane.
  • John - I always find rest days welcome. Pretty sure a few of the guys on this thread have told me a rest day is more beneficial than a hill/interval/easy day. No disrespecting Hampshire please - born and bred in a town there, even if I don't live there anymore ;)

    Cal - good pace on the 5 miles! Have fun in the gym, would be interested in knowing your routine.

    GD - Awesome running on the 11 miles! I'm in the process of switching clubs at the moment (my current club is still back home, a mere 117 miles away...) and would hope to be more engaged than I usually am with the volunteering etc.

    Hazelnut - I am always in awe of your running, your times, your workouts.

    (That goes for most people on this thread, to be fair. I've learned so much from you all in less than a year).

    Ran a 10k on Sunday in a new post-kidney stones PB of 52:37. Was glorious to be out in the morning. Took yesterday as a rest day before heading out tonight. Same route, but managed it in just over 55 minutes. My legs felt really tired, and after turning around at the halfway mark I was running into a headwind. It was horrible but ahh well, just chalking it down to a bad run/run route. 

    If anyone wants to add me on Strava or whatever, more than happy for you to ping me a message so I can give you my account handle etc.
  • Getting behind again..

    I would have hated the lapped marathon John. Well done for completing that. Prefer the longer distances myself - short and fast hurts more (though I suppose for much less time..).   I will likely try a 5k to 5m time trial in a couple of weeks though - should be "fun". 

    Jealous of the parkrun talk - we don't have them here in Switzerland (I'm from Northampton originally, not the most exciting place in the UK).  Haven't been to many of the above places either (vague recollection of pebbles on Brighton beach).  I sometimes look up where they are from curiosity.

    Good pre-roast 11 miler GD.  A sub-1:50 HM does sound doable on that. 

    Does sound like progress Cal.  Good idea to work on your form. 

    Well done on the 10k MalMal.  Two fast 10ks close together would be a tough prospect.  I guess that was what your legs were telling you. 

    Lovely time of the year still indeed (nice pink sunrise earlier).  Running is much easier now the summer heat is over.

    4 mile recovery on Monday around the local fields.

    Standard Tuesday group outing yesterday evening, though I did add a bit on before the meet up for 8.7 miles.  Four of us out which is okay for the time of year.  Really must change the batteries in my headtorch - I say it every week and don't get round to it.  Plenty of tractors busy out in the fields in the dark - sugarbeet harvest is still very much ongoing.
  • GuarddogGuarddog ✭✭✭
    I didn't mind timekeeper in that instance, Cal. I can imagine that at a PR with 400+ runners it's a lot more pressured. Favourite was being a marshal at Eastbourne as you got to use a walkie talkie. I'm a sucker for a walkie talkie. Good work on the 5 miler and hopefully no reaction from the hamstring.

    Arena 80 strike me as being a serious team, john, I'm not in their league. It's Portslade Hedgehoppers, we intimidate no one  :) . For a friendly club with a reputation for being on the "veteran" side of things we do have some quick runners and came third in the West Sussex Fun Run league last year. If and when we get back to PR, and you see us in our vests, do come over and say hello. I'll likely be the one holding a cake tin.

    Good running MM and glad to hear you're getting back in to it again. Are there many options for running clubs to join where you are? I have to admit I wished I'd done it years ago, but as I worked away from home most of the time there didn't seem much point.

    Well done on the two runs, Hazelnut. Have you thought of investing in a rechargeable headtorch? I bought a couple last week which have a USB connect and they got a run out last night. The sub 1:50 has been a target for 3 years now.

    5.7 mile "bubble" run last night. Now completely dark when we head out, although fooled by the mild weather. It was 16C and so long sleeves weren't really necessary. A full group of 6 and all of a similar standard, so not too much having to hang around when we regrouped. An interesting route with some cheeky hills thrown in which I tried to convince my partner were doing her good. I'm not sure she believed me. A sprint finish at the end running up one of the hills at Hove Park. Unfortunately my sprint rival managed to get the jump on me and given we have a speed session tomorrow I didn't have it in me to try and push it.
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