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  • G'dog - Ah the Hedgehoppers! My son lives in Mile Oak so on your club's doorstep. (One of my sons runs; he's the other one.) I also used to teach one of your key members (clue - he too lives in Worthing - a really nice chap). Well done on your league position - you clearly punch above your weight for a smallish club. Love to say hello sometime. (What age category are you, if you don't mind me asking?)

    Malteser - great run after your nasty illness. As for Hampshire it's a lovely county - I've done the Hayling Island 10 miler a couple of times and it was a very high standard. Also a few other parkruns on your (old) patch. Southsea is a quick one!

    H'nut - Wow, Switzerland. Must be some amazing scenery to run in. A bit surprised you use miles rather than kms. Do you run with ex-pats? Night time running sounds like a tricky business (I tend to trip over in broad daylight!).

  • The amazing scenery is about 90 mins drive away John, I live in the rural, farming midlands you could say - but yes, feel priveleged to have good access to it.  There are some great places in the UK too - I love the wilds of northern Scotland. Just a bit of a pain to get to from anywhere really and in the near future no chance of getting there.  Completely different to the jigsaw / chocolate box atmosphere you get here in many mountain areas.  I do actually work in km but convert it to miles for here.  :D  I tried switching to miles in training but didn't like it at all - a mile takes forever to tick over compared to a km.  Don't actually know any ex-pats around here - they tend to be in the region around Zurich and Geneva and other big cities.  I run with a local Swiss group but am not in an official club.

    Tough interval session yesterday evening - 6 x 1k (there you go..) off 3 mins recovery.  With a warm up and cool down.  Legs and mind went oooo after the first 300m of rep 1 already but rather than giving up as I have in the past I told myself sternly to get on with it and the session turned out ok though reps were a bit down on last week's.  Likely I am still recoverying from the combination of Saturday's race and quite a bit of mileage since.  Had a bit of extra recovery on the second having to step aside for a wide piece of farm equipment before starting and a quick drink afterwards (trough in the nearby farmyard needing extra distance).  Good conditions again - mild and no wind.  Maybe a bit muggy which meant it was harder to breath - could also have been that I didn't lay off the sparkling water early enough before running.  Plain water is boring but better for running fast for me at least. Construction work was going on on the railway line right next to me - nearly had a heart attack the first time the sirens went off right next to me to announce a train was approaching but soon got used to it.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    john - I'm a long way off my alphabet - I got my I at Ifield Mill Pond (in torrential rain) but still need a U, Y and J in this country before I even think about chasing down a Z abroad.

    Hazelnut, I am forever being startled by emergency vehicles deciding to start their sirens when they get alongside me. I swear they're going to give me a heart attack one day.

    PM'd you, Malteser.

    7 miles today - didn't go out until 10am. I think my faster pace is partly down to going out later but may also be due to being more recovered and doing stuff like step-ups on the big (20") box at the gym. I was quicker today too - averaged 9:50 for this but the last mile was slower and my legs felt a lot less bouncy by that point. Not sure if that was fatigue (I did train legs yesterday, although not with weights) or the fact the wind picked up towards the end and I was running into it for a spell.
    I felt a bit more confident today so ran down and along Wandsworth Common then back via Clapham Common. Managed to get across all the roads (including the South Circular) without stopping, which was a bonus. Achey bum still in evidence but definitely not worse. Felt the QL a little bit towards the end though. However, achilles is still behaving itself.
    I'm actually considering a race on Halloween (it has a nice themed medal, heh) - is that a terrible idea? There's a range of distances and I quite fancy the 10 mile as I don't get to run that very often. (It is a lapped event, mind).
  • Cal, if you are London based you must be spoilt for choice with parkruns. The only one I’ve done up there is Bedfont Lakes, a really nice course. Alice Holt Park was my PW, closely followed by Reigate I think. Both hilly courses. I too had a crack at Ifield which I liked. Those step ups sound brutal and my knees are aching just thinking about them. You are doing better in your alphabet chasing than me, but living down here in the Deep South is a bit of a disadvantage.

    H’nut, thanks for the detail on your location. There must be an interesting back story as to how you got there but this isn’t the place. I still live in the town where I was born and about 300 metres from the pub where I met Mrs JB in 1972! And they said it wouldn’t last ie the marriage not the pub. They both have, but have each relied on a fair old amount of alcohol to do so!

    Rest for me and a foam roller on the Achilles. Ah!

    I've been into a bit of cross training so a bit of body weight stuff for me today.
  • Hi folks!, just a couple of short runs so far this week, a 4.5 and 3 miler.  Signed up for the week end's 10k race.  Heel is OK at times, but not great.  If it's bad I guess I can just jog in if it hurts on the day.

    Agree with you on the football boots GD. I played football for many years and always went for darker boots too. What shocks me is how light some of the new boots are. Some are under 200 grammes, crazy.  The club running sounds like it's going great.

    Great running as always Hazlenut.  My one dislike about running is my long sunday morning run knocks me out a a bit for the rest of the day.  Fine if I'm not busy, but not great if there's loads to do!

    Glad to hear the achilles is improving Cal.The race is a difficult decision.. At least if it's a lapped event you can bail if it hurts.

    Do hope I can get some mileage going soon.  Really have lost so much fitness compared to last year. 

    Watched the World Half marathon championships on BBC Iplayer.  Both races were great!, although I felt sorry for the runners that fell in the women's race.  Great to see a bit of racing though in 2020.

    I have never Strava'd as I was advised it can lead to increased injury, but see as I'm always injured anyway maybe I'll download it!

    Have a happy week all.

  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Linton, it's the high hamstring tendon that's the bad boy of the month...achilles is being good for once. Although it was a little bugger all summer!
    I only signed up to Strava this year myself when my club participated in a (virtual) mob match with another club and they wanted Strava evidence. Turns out I like it a lot. I've found a lot of great new routes by looking at clubmates' runs. Segment chasing can be addictive but that's also fun too - I've even created and named a few myself.
  • Would go for the race Cal if you feel like it.  10 miles is a good distance.  Strava does help with the inspiration for new routes and segment chasing can be a bit of fun I agree.  I'm not that much into it that I would pay the premium version, the free is enough as I have other analysis tools I use.  Good 7 miler - looks like you are getting over that injury now.

    Wouldn't see it as an injury risk if you don't overdo the segment chasing LTT.  Good luck with the 10k.  Build your mileage up slowly - if your Sunday runs are wiping you out regularly you are possibly doing them too long / too fast.

    Like your chatty style John.  It was luurrve that got me to Switzerland via Newcastle and various places in Germany.  Hmm don't think my achilles and a foam roller would be good friends. 

    Bit over 10 miles yesterday afternoon.  Damp (from above and below), grey day but I actually quite enjoyed the conditions - the constant pitter patter of raindrops was very relaxing and it wasn't particularly cold.  Woods are turning all sorts of nice shades of brown and yellow now - just the odd bit of flame red.  Having done intervals on Wednesday and a hard progressive run planned for Sunday I kept effort levels sensible - in particular over the undulations of the second half.  
  • GuarddogGuarddog ✭✭✭
    Would that be a certain Mr Millen, john? If it is then you're right he is a really nice chap with a very deceptive turn of pace. There's been many a time in PR or in league races where I've tracked him thinking I could pounce, only for a gap to open up that I couldn't get across to and left wondering how the hell did he do that when he didn't seem to speed up. And I celebrated my 57th birthday 2 weeks ago and trying to figure out how that happened.

    Hazelnut love (or luurrvve) does make the world go round. It's why I'm now where I am as well. Well done on the 10 miler and also the intervals. Think the slightly cooler conditions now make things a bit more comfortable, although it's still quite warm. 

    Football boots seem to be like slippers these days, LTT (much like runners I guess which are incredibly light). I suspect the balls are a bit lighter as well, but  someone raking their studs over a foot without too much protection would sting a bit. Good luck with the 10K.

    I'd go for the race, Cal. There's not that many events going on and I think we all need something to look forward to. I have to admit I'm really missing them, especially having done so many last year. And found out yesterday the Brighton Half has been moved February to June, which means conditions won't be perfect.

    Was supposed to be the speed session yesterday evening and I had psyched myself up for it. Then as I was winding work down I was pinged on Teams by one of the guys in India who was having a panic over a change he was doing. There then followed an hour long call going through the documents and the steps he was supposed to be performing. My partner passed on the idea of going on her own so having finished the call I did dinner.

    May have been just as well as although I was in the gym at 6am this morning I didn't have the same enthusiasm I normally have and figure I might have been overdoing things a bit. We plan to drop down to a 5K tomorrow and hopefully the weather will be kind on Sunday for the LSR.
  • G’dog, got it in one. Lovely guy and I should imagine he’s a good club man. A belated happy birthday, you young pup.

    Will test the Achilles tomorrow. And have the ice pack on standby. I might be joining the overdoing it club.

    Hazelnut, with your name, I’d be disappointed if you didn’t mention the trees!
    But you are right as there’s are some gorgeous colours on display.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Autumn is a lovely time to run, Hazelnut - not sure whether I prefer that or Spring, when the blossoms and daffodils are out and the air is full of hope. I'm less enthused about the other two seasons.

    GD, I am always surprised at how old I am (I'm 53). Mentally I barely feel like an adult. My body likes to remind me that is not the case, however.

    Joh, hope your achilles behaves. Mine can be a right little bugger, although it's taken a back seat to my other problems for the moment. Yay?

    Run today: the intention was to do a couple of warm-up miles then do three at around HMP to see how that would affect the hamstring. Did three easyish miles, but after the fourth mile a bit faster (didn't quite make HMP - it was between HMP and MP) I realised I was not mentally and physically on for pushing myself today, so did a cool down mile and called it quits. I've had a couple of patchy nights and I don't think the grey, windy weather helped my mood either - I felt much better during my two runs during the week.
    Hamstring didn't seem any worse on the faster mile, but QL is niggling again, which is annoying (it was yesterday, to be fair - perhaps it didn't like some of the stuff I was doing in the gym).
    I've entered the 10 mile anyway, so will have to make sure I get more sleep. Extra hour tonight should help.
  • Somehow thought you were younger GD.  Don't know why.  Agree on taking races as they are available at the moment and if you feel happy with the setup.  HM in June could be nasty.  This isn't meant to be nasty in any way - how do you get on with errm Indian English?  I often have calls there too and find it hard to understand - my German customer is more used to it and translates..  Have a good LSR tomorrow.

    How was the achilles John?  

    Enjoy the extra hour's sleep Cal.  Nice test run today, if you are still niggling then better not to push it too much if you are racing next week.

    Two very different runs - good soaking yesterday on a short recovery with reluctant legs.  I would quite happily have turned round after a mile but managed just short of four at least.  Wet enough that I got out the waterproof jacket for once despite the warmth.  Combining that with shorts was a good choice - stopped the boil-in-the-bag effect.

    Today beautiful weather - freshly washed sky and less damp from below.  Went to measure a few things at the new flat and then got dropped on the way home to run the rest.  5 miles a bit too fast, then 6 x molehills and 8 x strides.  
  • Hello again folks. It's been a very long time!
    I'm still running and trying to do some races. All the ones I've entered this year have been cancelled but we live in hope. I'm starting a new block of training next week for an Ultra at the end of January - 48 flat Norfolk miles. Fingers crossed it will happen.

    This morning's run was 7.5 miles out across the marshes near my house. Nice and boggy with grazing/paddling Ponies, Grey Herons and a few Canada Geese. Steady pace and found there's still a bit of go in my legs. I've done very little since the virtual London. Hope you are all well and enjoying your runs. 👍🏃
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Did some Achilles stretches that helped. Also when I went on my rower  I didn’t use footstraps as I’ve noticed in the past that the rowing has maybe been irritating the Achilles and the foot-straps put a lot of strain through the ankles. It doesn’t help that I have no technique whatever and any power I generated is from brute strength .
     Net effect of these ploys was that the problem has been eased. So a steady 6 mile for me this morning, managing to avoid the downpours. Tomorrow morning the stroll to the paper shop will reveal just how much difference the therapies have made.
  • Will!  Lovely to see you here again.  Good luck with your Norfolk ultra training. 

    Positive news on the achilles John and good run timing. 

    Tough but pleasing progressive run yesterday - 11.5 miles starting at recovery pace and ending with about a mile at  just short of 10k PB pace.  Ideally I would have done a whole HM distance but I progressed the faster end too fast and decided to call it a day before I really had to.  Actually I did do a bit more than a HM in total as I added on a couple of miles of necessary cool-down.  Lovely day for it - I was out at 8:30 am to avoid having too many people on my route - quite a few other runners out in mostly long gear and sometimes woolly hats - I got a few strange looks in shorts but it was about 8 degrees when I set off and 12 on finishing so not THAT cold.  A leisurely walk in the woods later in the day with OH as well.  Worth it as it is chucking it down again today.
  • H’nut, good session. It’s probably an impossible question to answer but I’ll ask it anyway. What’s the standard like when you go to competitive events compared with the Uk?
    I only ask because my one and only experience of running overseas was in Canada. I wondered where my 42 minute (this was a long time ago!) 10k would place me in the field and I remember being quite disappointed I.e. the standard was a bit higher than I’d typically find in the UK. I think this might have been because this seemed to be a big regional event with folk coming from a fair old distance, so it drew a good standard of runner.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Will, I've missed our bird spotting talks - welcome back! Ultras seem to have more chance of going ahead than big marathons and halves - I daresay they lend themselves to distancing a bit more.

    Glad your achilles is a bit better, John - I've had a bugger of a time with mine although it's behaving at the moment. I found heel drops did absolutely nothing but I had more success with static holds (ie, just going up on tiptoe and staying there for 40 seconds to a minute).

    Hazelnut, I see a lot of overdressed people when I run. I ran in shorts on Thursday but leggings again today. The temp is a bit up and down. I've fond that since I now have my menopause coat, I don't need to wear as much as I used to. :D

    I was going to do a longer run yesterday but started feeling cruddy on Saturday afternoon - scratchy throat, sneezing and general grottiness. I seem to get this a couple of times a year but can usually shake it off before it turns into a proper cold. So I opted to do absolutely nothing yesterday and run today instead.

    Still had a bit of a scratchy throat on waking but felt better, although I could feel my hamstring a lot more (so I guess sitting on my arse all day is one of the things it doesn't like).
    Thankfully neither seemed to bother me on the run. I had an enjoyable 8 miles running down to Earlfield, along the Wandle to Collier's Wood then back to Tooting along a trail path I discovered during the summer (which is now a bit muddy) and up the hill back to Tooting Common. Could feel the hammy but it wasn't bad and I gave it a little push around an obscure little road loop near the end where I have a Strava crown. After the hill back up to Tooting Common I felt my HR was a bit too high so had a cool-down walk the rest of the way home.
    Scratchy throat has gone but back feels a bit achey so I've just had a good soak in Epsom Salts.
    I should be fine for the 10 miler on Saturday though I'll judge how much I can push myself on the day.
  • Hi fellow MLRers!

    My 10k was a bit of a washout, both metaphorically and physically! but still a great morning out.

    The course is through the Stour valley flanked by lakes one side, and the river Stour on the other and is really picturesque. It's fast too; when I ran it last year first place was 32ish I think and I ran 48 minutes three months after starting running, So a PB course in the right conditions.

    Unfortunately, from fishing there in previous years, it's very prone to flooding being just above the water table in winter (race originally planned for late march).  On the saturday night I was forced from bed in the small hours from my recycling bin spinning down the side of our house in 50mph winds and driving rain and feared the worst, and was not wrong.

    I arrived and got my race number and went for a warm up, the sky turned black and it rained that perpetual, heavy rain where you're soaked to the skin in seconds, and did not relent at all. 

    Instead of the normal, going off in waves, it was two runners at a time, 2 m apart, every 10 seconds.  Organisation was great, but I ended up right at the back through my own fault, which was unpleasant, standing in the driving rain for a good while and meant a lot of people to try and pass. 

    On getting down the course, sure enough, it was ankle-deep puddles, basically a muddy cross country course.  I'd worn my brand new Kinvaras, and you could either try and skirt the muddy puddles (slow) or smash through the deep, brown ponds.  I just couldn't in my new shoes!  but by the turnaround point it became clear I'd have to, or be seriously slow, (my poor trainers are no longer fluoro yellow, but autumnal sludge brown!).

    I don't normally drink on 10k, but went for a water bottle that I grabbed, dropped, and it rolled away! Kicked on but finished in disappointing 50:07, not great; but 40/144 (normally 300ish, sign of the times), and a decent age group placing. last year's 1st was 32 minutes, this year was 36:xx, highlighting the differing conditions. My ankle/calf injury is really bad today, but went for a nice walk in Broadstairs, hopefully it will ease.  A well put on event, and good organisation, just shite conditions! but any race this year is to be appreciated. The two races I was training for, Ashford 10 and Canterbury, 10 both now pulled.

    Good going GD, going to the gym at 6am is commitment indeed, I'm going to try and do a speed session a week, if injury permits.  Good going.

    Hope the injury is going OK John B, it's my achilles/calf that hurts badly, a new one, that hopefully will not be a long issue, but bad today.  A 42 min 10k is great, even if it was a while back.

    Hopefully all niggles improving Cal, my next race is also now a 10 miler back at the disused colliery where I ran in March. I love autumn too, when the rain holds off. Hope the sub-par bug subsides.

    Great running Hazlenut, the contrast in weather echoed here in thanet, yesterday's heavy skies replaced by bright blue today, typical!, but enjoyed my coast walk.

    Good to hear from you Will, glad all's well in this strange year, and nice you're still enjoying your running.

    A couple of days off now and see how my ankle is with a gentle run.

  • LTT, good race given the terrible conditions! I do love the look of the kinvaras...brand new, that is! I usually run up the Stour Canal, though it may be a different part of the UK to where you were.

    Haven't run in a week due to my soleus/ankles/shin splints being rather sore, even when lying down on the bed or trying to sleep. Nevertheless, attempted a hilly 6 miler yesterday as the ankles/shins didn't feel too bad throughout the day.

    About 5 steps in, my shins/ankles flare up and I know it's going to be a bad run. I didn't feel right before setting off (may have eaten too much). About two miles in, I was doing about 10mm pace which I just felt was too slow for me, but I was dying, so instead of doing the full 6 mile route I cut it short and decided to do 4.2 miles, stopping short of Cardiac Hill (not sure I could manage that after the really steep incline at 2 miles). Overall pace of 9:35mm which was gutting a bit, as I always try to get under 9:30mm or 9mm but I guess for coming back from injury, whilst having an injury, on a hilly course, it's not too bad...

    Need to figure out how to get rid of shin splints and to ease the soleus now
  • Cal, Re the Achilles, I guess it’s just a case of shopping around/ trial and error and seeing what works for us as individuals. One of the great things about forums such as this is that we can share ideas and thanks for yours.

    LTT, that sounds like a really sterling effort. I lived in Canterbury for a year in the mid 70s and thought it was a really nice place, although I wasn’t a runner then. My in laws live there and they are mad keen cyclists and I get the impression that cycling is very big around there. I had a mini break in Folkestone a couple of years ago and while I know it has its detractors, I rather liked it. A bit like Hastings which is nearer me and which divides opinions. But so do most places I guess.

    Malteser, when I read what you are going through injury wise, I feel like a bit of a wimp. I don’t like the sound of Cardiac hill! How steep is it? Good luck with the shin splints, a horrible condition.

    I ordered myself out of the house to try a quick 3 miles. My 6 mile pace on Sunday was around 9.30 mm and when I do one of these I get worried that I’m losing whatever pace I’ve got. So relieved to knock out a 22.04, but boy I was knackered afterwards. 
  • John, I looked up a 10k I ran in February which is known as a flat and fast course and attracts a good field of fast runners from more or less all over Switzerland.  42 minutes would have given you an overall 303rd place out of 784.  Winner was 30:00.4 (bet he loved that .4 of a second).  My 43:56 left me 61st / of 346 ladies.  Most races are of a more regional / local nature however with just a handful of very quick runners and you whizz up the results appropriately. Swift 3 miles, think you are allowed to be knackered after that.

    Seems you were lucky with the lurgy there Cal.  Good soak in the bath sounds good for an aching back. 

    Oh shame about the mucky shoes LTT.  That is a great result considering the conditions.

    Nasty when a niggle keeps you awake at night MalMal.  Wise to cut off your run if you were struggling but you are not too far off your old paces.  How much off road running do you do - might help the shins a bit to stay off tarmac if you can - also be careful on the (down)hills - don't slam you heel into the ground.

    Recovery 4 miles yesterday evening - trotted around quite happily - was expecting to feel more tired after Sunday's progressive run.    

    This afternoon a spontaneous outing with one of the other ladies from my Tuesday evening group - she wanted to enjoy the afternoon sun rather than wait to run in the dark and I decided that it was a good idea and was struggling to get to grips with some new work software anyway.  We agreed on a meeting point and a rough time at a location between the two of us and that worked out perfectly.  Pace was a bit quicker than I had reckoned with but plenty of chat stopped her from upping it any more.  We both know the local fields and woods very well but seem to run different routes so it was quite fun to put together a joint route as we went along.  8 and a bit miles in 1:13:30.  Some paths were a bit soggy after yesterday's downpour but we could mostly tiptoe around the worst of the puddles. 
  • Hazelnut, thanks for the research. Yes, I would say that the event was a very decent standard indeed. And well done by the way. Were I living in Switzerland, I’d target the local races! My niggle on this is that most events treat the 60-69s as a single category but TBH a freshly minted 60 year old has a huge advantage over a 69 year old. Or to declare an interest, a nearly 66 year old, come to that.
  • GuarddogGuarddog ✭✭✭
    I'm with you on the mental age, Cal. I'm not sure I've developed since I was 18, although probably slightly less opiniated now. Ever so slightly  ;)

    It's obviously my youthful looks that have fooled you, Hazelnut  :D . With regards the Indian accent I think it depends on the individual. I've worked with people who have spoken exceptional English and then others who I really do struggle to understand. But then I've worked with English people who have been the same. My oldest friend has a very strong Sussex accent which even after 45 years I sometimes find difficult. And we were born in the same town.

    Welcome back Will. Fingers crossed for the ultra.

    Good time on the 3 miler, john, puts me to shame. And Mr Millen is a very good club man, currently club secretary although I think he's looking to pass that particular baton on in the near future. Hopefully your achilles isn't suffering too much.

    Considering the conditions, LTT, that is a great time. Just think what it would have been if it had been held in anything like perfect conditions. And sorry to hear about the soggy runners. I've done a few league races where people have tried to avoid the puddles at the start and by the end have been wading through them like it was the Somme. Hopefully the ankle has improved.

    Don't feel too bad about the pace, MM. It will take a little while to get back where you were and it sounds as if you've got other injury issues that are affecting you. Taking it nice and steady will be better in the long run.

    So a few issues since Friday had curtailed my ability to post. My work ID was deactivated on Friday evening. I'm what's known as a complimentary worker and although the Statement of Work is until June next year the system had me ending on the 23rd and so all my access was lost, which meant I couldn't log on to the laptop I use. I've spent two days trying to get it sorted.

    Decided on a drop down weekend, so only did a 5K on Saturday, which still felt hard even when not fully going for it. Jogged it round in 25 mins, but didn't really enjoy it.

    The Sunday we ran along the Adur as it's flat and relatively sheltered. Again we shortened from the 11miler down to 7 miles, running from Shoreham to Botolphs and back. It felt a lot easier than the Saturday run, so much so that we sped up on the return loop, although I think that had more to do with the rain that had set in. At least my new water resistant jacket got a decent try out. We were passed on the way back by two club mates who were doing the Dublin half.

    Last night was a 'bubble' run. Meeting again at Hove Park we did a different route that headed west and then diverted up towards the A27, which meant a long drag up a rather naughty hill. Pleased to have been able to make it all the way up and also keep up with the run leader who was setting quite a challenging pace. The rest of the run was fairly undulatory not helped by the state of the pavements in some places. Difficult to see humps or hollows in the diminished light, even with a headtorch on.

    There was discussion about the Goodwood Half in December, so may have a look into that. I think we're both missing having some event to aim for. And it struck me that it will have been nearly a year since my last half. 
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Linton, that sounds rather testing - you can always give the new shoes a bit of a scrub, I suppose.
    Malteser, shin pain is often linked to tight calves so I guess if you work on the calves it'll help your shins. As Hazelnut suggests, downhills can be worse for them than uphills - I often feel my achilles more after a steep descent.
    Hazelnut, it's definitely getting a bit wet and slippery isn't it?
    John, I definitely understand that...a lot of events have me in the 45-54 age cat, and as a post-menopausal 53, I'm competing with pre-menopausal women who have a big advantage, hormonally speaking. (Having said that, I'm definitely happier that I don't have to deal with the increasinly erratic ups and downs of a menstrual cycle). I don't know why they don't do it as 50-60. Or in 5 year age bands, like parkrun.

    Lovely morning this morning, although a bit chilly, so I went out around 6.30ish and got a 10 miler done. Pace was a lot slower at that time of the morning - it's amazing how much slower I am before 7am versus after 9am. It's all down to stride length - clearly I am a lot stiffer early on.
    Pretty happy with the run as hammy wasn't too bad, but QL was niggling and while my pace was easy, HR was a bit higher than I'd like. I guess I'm still getting over my mini-cold at the weekend. Hopefully I'll be fully sorted by Saturday.
  • G’dog, your reference to Goodwood reminds me of my most embarrassing incident. This is the old motor circuit. It’s a great venue. A couple of years I did a few duathlons, run/bike/run. 
    After doing OK in my age category despite not being much of a cyclist and rocking up on my £250 Halford cheapo bike, I entered for one at Goodwood. For anyone who doesn’t know the area, Goodwood is incredibly posh and it was no surprise when all the Range Rovers turned up and disgorged 
    their passenger complete with space helmets and 5 grand machines.
    I was a bit intimated and the old football chant of what’s it like to be outclassed seemed highly appropriate.
    But the competitive juices flowed and I was doing quite well on the first run. The adrenaline was pumping when I located my bike and helmet which I’d left in a numbered bay in the pit stop., and off I sped.
    After about 250 or so metres I realised there was something not quite right with my bike. The something was that it was not my bike or my helmet. I’d taken the wrong bike.
    I ran back to the pits wheeling the wrong bike. It was total chaos, including a poor woman running up and down screaming that someone had taken her bike!
    For some reason, she didn’t kill me and the marshals didn’t disqualify me, and I got to finish the event.
    it was my last duathlon. I put so much effort in that I could hardly move for 3 days.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Oh that's quite a mistake, John - poor woman!
  • Good weekend of running GD.  Boo to the IT problems.  Wish I had a race to look forward - off for the foreseeable future as all events are now restricted to 50 max for an unlimited period of time.  Don't see anyone wanting to put on anything under those circumstances even if some were sending out mails for next year in the last days. 

    Age group bands for races do make a big difference Cal and John - I am now heading towards the middle of the 5 year band 45-49 and the upper end of 40-50 so will start slipping down the AG results. 

    Cal I'm not looking to that time of life either...  Good 10 miler to prepare for Saturday.

    Lol to the wrong bike John.  Did you fancy a free upgrade?  The potential expense puts me off of cycle events and I'm pretty crap at it anyway - like running I would probably improve with training. 

    Short and sharp speedwork yesterday.  I had been on tenterhooks all day waiting for the "drastic new Covid measures" the govt had been threatening us with for days and was almost expecting it to be my last run literally.  I set out shortly before the related press conference and tried to forget about it.  More or less successfully fortunately.  Cycled down to a flat route, then 4.4 miles warm up on slightly muddy field tracks.  Then 2 x 5 x 200m with 4 mins jog between the 2 sets and jogging between each 200.  I strolled out a 200m stretch and dumped my armsleeves as markers.  No fancy track for me.  Maybe not entirely accurate but likely doesn't matter.  Having done this workout a few times I have got used to the short and sharp nature of the 200m and got in a good consistent set which left me mildly tired at the end but with more or less instant recovery.  Cycled up the hill again in the gathering dusk (lights still work well) and nearly fell over due to catching my laces in the chain - oops.  Managed to stop and get my free foot down rather than fall over.  Idiot - prompt tucking in of the lace ends fixed that problem. 

    New measures fortunately only contain wearing a mask in outdoor spaces when social distancing isn't possible so running should not be a problem - don't plan to do it through any city centres.  We'll see if that doesn't get changed next week already though as the numbers are not dropping or flattening off in any way.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    I hope that won't change, Hazelnut... I think the chances of catching it outdoors are very slim, anyway. But the increase is worrying.

    Busy day for me - slow 5 miler first thing (it was intended to be slow but I had to slow down even more due to lots of wet leaves, and I wasn't keen on skating on them and tearing my groin or something). Then gym - upper body stuff. I avoided power cleans today as I didn't want to exhaust myself too much before my race. Tomorrow will be a rest day but I'll have a bit of a walk to keep things ticking over.
  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    edited October 30
    Wet leaves can cover all sorts of nasties for turning your ankle on too so you are right to be careful.  Good luck with your race tomorrow - looking forward to hearing about it.  Ah - power cleans?  Does this mean vigorous cleaning of your flat?  I have one here which needs attention if you are bored.. :D

    11.x miles yesterday evening.  Haven't got used to the lack of daylight yet and it felt a lot later than 5-7pm as a consequence.  Wasn't overly tired legswise but could mentally have happily turned for home on a shorter route.  Stuck it out though with various wanderings around the local fields.  I did run out of ideas for the last 3 miles and simply looped around the same bit a few times.  With it being dark I wouldn't have found anywhere else with a better view anyway and I am very familiar with the spots where goo and puddles tend to be.  Not always easy to spot despite the head torch.   Home for a nice fish pie which I had prepared earlier. 
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Ha ha no, it's this, although I do them in a rack from about knee height rather than off the floor.
    Also I don't use much weight at the moment - working my technique before I go heavier. (As for, don't do a lot of that, honestly. I'm lazy).
    Feeling a bit ropey again today so hope it passes.

    Well done on the 11. I do not enjoy running in the dark, so kudos for that.

  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Velopark 10 mile was, well, not my fastest (not that I expected it to be but actually, my official 10 mile PB is a bit of a low bar, and it was well outside that).
    The course itself is undulating, and while there aren't any very steep bits, the inclines do start to tell after a few laps.
    Weather was grey but warm, and gusty, with wind at a couple of points on the course, but at first I didn't mind it too much as it kept me from getting too hot.
    5 miles in and it started to rain, and it was hard rain - the kind that stings a bit. The biggest problem for me was when I was running into it and it was going into my eyes and making them sting like hell. I spent some time half blind and furiously rubbing my eyes, which didn't help.
    I'd set what I thought was a manageable early pace - not too fast - but I still managed to get slower and slower until I wasn't even doing HM pace. I guess the lack of race fitness made more difference than the actual conditions, if I'm being honest.
    But at least hammy wasn't too bad. Left calf was tight, but the worst discomfort I faced was the stinging eyes.
    I actually didn't mind the laps - the course is varied enough that it's not as monotonous as some other lapped races I've done, and there was another Chaser who was around half a lap behind me so we waved to each other every lap, which was nice.
    Anyway, official time was 1:31:01, which isn't great, but given my recent issues I guess I'll take it. In the small field (there were several distances on offer with different start times) it was good enough for 5th woman, though that was out of 17 - I was also the only one in my age cat, though I did finish in front of all but one V35 and two V40s. least).
    Time to relax and eat food.
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