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  • Hazelnut - I have a couple of crowns on some very obscure segments. It still surprises me how many roads in London don't have segments - I'll always create one when that happens (usually with an amusing name if I can think of one).
    Where are you moving to?

    Had a better sleep last night (only woke up twice, and was able to return to sleep both times) but felt worse on waking...typical. Same low level crappy feeling I've been dealing with off and on. I did get myself out for a 6 miler at 9am - was supposed to be recovery pace but, despite the groggy feeling, I had a hard time slowing myself down. I only managed mile 5 at recovery pace, after deliberately slowing down after mile 4 was sub-10. Felt easy enough though, so there's that.
    I use the desktop version of Strava and local legends has only just been introduced on that so my route today was a boring one aimed at reclaiming the legend I lost this week. I'll have a longer, more interesting run tomorrow.
  • Oh no! wrote an absolute essay of a post commenting on everyone's running, posted it and discovered it had a spelling mistake, immediately edited it and it disappeared!  This has happened before, it must be an anti-spam thing..?

    But well done all!

    Four runs to report since my half a "sore 4", two brisk 5's and a 8.5 with 7.5 miles at 8.40s.

    Such a busy week, injury improving! have a great week all.  something to aim at now..  Half marathon 6th December, 10 mile 20th December and 27th December.

  • Frustrating, Linton, but never mind eh? Which half are you doing? I'm tempted to have another bash at the Velopark 10 on the 27th...that's assuming we're not allowed to go anywhere for Christmas. I usually spend it with my mate in Manchester but since he's not family (I don't have any) I don't think it'll be covered by whatever rules are in place.

    11 miles for me - down to Tooting, along to Figges Marsh then up to Streatham where I had another go at the horrible Hill Path (I didn't push, just wanted to see how the hamstring handled it) and back via Tooting Common. Rained during the last couple of miles - it was fine but very wet and quite cold. I felt OK though - no major pains although my left knee had a little twinge. Nothing to worry about I think, though.
  • I'm moving about 10 miles down or rather up the road.  My landlady has decided she needs the flat for her own use.  Not much on the market which is suitable for two kitties and two people wfh and halfway quiet.  And of course with access to decent running routes..  If you are not planning some serious speedwork the next day or have a race imminent (obviously not at the moment) I wouldn't worry too much about the recovery pace and go by perceived effort.  I don't seem to have the local legend feature somehow - or it would surprise me on one or two segments that I don't own that.  Hope that things work out for you for Christmas.  Knee okay in the meantime? 

    Annoying indeed LTT (did you look in drafts?) - for long posts use a text editor and copy/paste them to avoid loss.  Good your injury is improving.  Busy December plan - don't eat too much over Christmas for that second 10 miler! 

    4.2 mile recovery run on Wednesday with a few strides - also struggled to keep the pace down - 8:57 overall but that was due to a slow km with the strides in with the gentle recovery jogs in between.

    Yesterday another go at a fast 5k - got round this time in a pleasing 21:03 for the 5k with consistent splits.  According to Fetch I have only done 2-3 faster in a race situation (though the races themselves were over longer distances, so the fastest 5k in those).  A pretty tight corner with a slimy muddy puddle and quite a lot of walking traffic probably cost me a sub 21.  Legs were ok - the lungs were not so amused.  Might have another go in a couple of weeks.  Good for my confidence to get a decent benchmark in.  Just short of a 75% WAVA too.
  • Hopefully with at least getting some income coming in that's eased situations to a degree and gives you time to consider your options, Cal. I can well understand that the current situation means that jobs aren't easy to find, but you never know. Perhaps there's one in a running shop that would be perfect for you.

    Very annoying losing all your effort, LTT. I tend to just go with the spelling mistakes on the basis they might make more sense than what I normally type. Glad to hear the injury is improving.

    Fantastic 5K, Hazelnut, although how annoying is it to be so close to sub 21? Hopefully the move goes well. Did your landlady give you a decent amount of notice as to when she'd want you out?

    Got my second parking ticket in two weeks on Wednesday evening. Work was so manic I didn't get the chance to do the roast vegetables so we decided on fish 'n chips. Drove to the place I normally get them from, parked where I normally park and nipped in to the shop. I wasn't more than 10 mins and came out to find I had a ticket. Apparently it's restricted until 8pm and this was 7:35pm. Another 35 quid, arrghhhh. At this rate it would be cheaper to get it delivered.

    10K yesterday morning, again starting in Hove and running towards Southwick. As there was no 8:30 meeting we put in the extra distance and it felt a lot easier as the breeze wasn't as strong. However we did notice the smell more as we ran past the water treatment works.

    Back is a bit sore today as I had to take some garden waste to the dump. Unfortunately I slipped on a step coming back down (having lugged heavy bins up the steps) and jarred my back. Fingers crossed it eases tomorrow as I only went to the osteopath yesterday.
  • Hello all!

    An easy 5 in the rain and dark. I dislike running after work in the winter, but that's life.  The sunday long run is always a joy as there is daylight.  With the town bridge shut I'm still essentially marooned, and it's all badly lit streets and wet leaves. No dog attacks this week so that's a plus.  My secret Santa last year was a LED encrusted (running?) vest, with flashing setting, that would make me look like a running Christmas tree.  Maybe I should try it?

    I've constructed a marathon training plan! That sits ominously on the fridge, but am unsure whether to bother really. Who knows what spring will look like, running wise. Those big runs are an undertaking for sure.

    That's annoying about the ticket GD. Hope the back improves. Glad you got a 10k in.  You never forget the tangy smell of treated sewage!

    That's a great solo 5k Hazlenut, hard to do on your own! I miss parkrun, as do many. I 'm going to do a timed mile! Just because I never have. I want a 5:xx, but who knows, reckon it 'll be close. Glad you found somewhere to move, our old cat is poorly this week after a funny turn.  Yesterday she had bloods and is having an ECG next week. She seems Ok now but I'm really worried.

    Glad you had a good 11 miler Cal, hope you get your post Christmas 10 in. My half is Marden. There's a 10k on at the same time/place and am considering doing that as A) I'm not in fast half marathon shape B) It would be better practice for my two 10's C) both of my recent 10ks wern 't great (too hot/moonsoon).

    Home alone tonight so watching Men's Olympic marathon 2016 with a glass of wine and a lamb kebab, fantastic.

  • That's a great 5K Hazelnut, especially with the stress of moving.

    GD, sorry about the parking ticket and the sore back - let's hope the latter is short-term.

    Linton, fingers crossed for your kitty. I dislike running in the dark too, but it becomes more enjoyable when the Christmas lights are up. I've half a mind to do a very early morning run up to the West End at some point, so I can take in the Regent Street angels.

    Had a bash at a 5K today...and it wasn't great. I wasn't full of enthusiasm before I left the house and it took me a while to work out all my sore bits with the roller and ball. (On that note, I've started to think that half of my niggles - the QL, the right groin etc - are caused by me sleeping on my left side. Problem is it feels unnatural to sleep on my right or on my back, so the only other option is my front which often leaves me with a stiff neck). Not sure what to do about that.
    Anyway, I did three miles to warm up. I often do too but the first two were slow so I felt like I needed another.
    I did the 5K itself in 26:34 which is pretty bad, considering it was flat. I know my sleep's not been good and I've had the hamstring problem but I'm still rather disappointed as I managed to bang out several sub-25s during the summer.
    Did another mile to cool-down and left it at that.
  • Arrgh that's annoying regarding the parking ticket GD - expensive fish 'n chips (jealous..).  Gardening is dangerous cross-training.  Hope the back was just a temporary twinge.  Notice for flat moving is minimum 3 months here.  Water treatment works do pong a bit.  

    Only a month to go till the shortest day at least LTT.  That was a good secret santa from last year.  It is hard to decide regarding marathons at the moment.  I am also tempted to get stuck into a plan but like you the very long runs put me off.  A mile TT sounds very tough, I don't like fast running (5k and below pace) so I think I will pass on the that.  Good luck if you do give it a go.  Hope your kitty is ok, sounds like it might get a bit expensive too.  

    Good point regarding the Xmas lights Cal.  Some people have started putting up some lights here - does make it more cheerful in the evening.  Might be hard to switch your sleeping position - is your mattress / bed generally ok?  Maybe have a look at some speedwork to build up to a faster 5k?  Be careful with those niggles though.

    Recovery on Friday - 5.3 miles at a 9:04 average so where I was supposed to be.

    Yesterday 6.7 miles at a 8:33 average around the local woods and fields.  Pretty nippy in the shade - spotted a few puddles with a thin crust of ice.  For the nice weather surprisingly few people around.  Route was basically down the hill and then back up.  The back up has a Strava segment which I set up myself and as I was feeling reasonably good I decided to try to improve my own record on it and was successful.  2.1 k with 59m of climbing in two sections in 11:07. 
  • A rare drop-in to the thread from me but a quick perusal of some of the posts I've missed indicates that some very decent training sessions have been logged by you regulars. I managed a 6 miler is 47.50 today, a relatively decent time for me explained by an absence of wind along the prom. (G'dog for one will appreciate the difference this makes down here on the coast.)
  • Yeah I'm adding some speed in, Hazel - did some on Tuesday. Need to be careful not to stir up any niggles, though.
    We've not had ice yet, just slippery wet leaves (and mud). Well done on the Strava PR.
    Nice run, John - wind (or lack thereof) makes a lot of difference.

    I wanted to run a half today and it was a toss-up between heading for Crystal Palace with a few hills, or a flatter run along the river. Being the masochist that I am, I opted for the former.
    I did my usual route up to Streatham and on to Dulwich, but opted to bypass Hell Hill in favour of Rock Hill further along. If Hell Hills is long and hard like John Holmes, Rock Hill is short and brutal like Bob Hoskins. I did accidentally turn off to soon and found myself in a cul-de-sac, so had to backtrack, but I got to Rock Hill after that and slogged up it. It's extremely steep - 19.3% at the steepest point, so I was breathing pretty hard when I got to the top.
    I usually turn right after that to go to Crystal Palace Park, but I wanted to check out Sydenham Wells Park this time which is nearby. I knew which road to take but wasn't sure of the turning, so I followed a sign for the Green Chain (which you'd think would take you through a park) and found myself on a steep, muddy downhill through some trees that I ended up walking as I didn't fancy falling on my arse. Alas, this did not bring me into the park, but into the back of a housing estate. I managed to find my way through and was able to access the park from the other side, so did a quick circuit (it was pleasant enough) before working my way back to Crystal Palace Park. I just cut through rather than doing a circuit, via the dinosaur lake, and then made my way to the notorious Fox Hill (apparently London's steepest residential road). Slogged up there - it's steep but I think Rock Hill is worse, actually - then down through another park, alongside a rec and then down Streatham Common and from there to home.
    It was a slow old run - it took me 2:23 - but I got it done. Hamstring held up but post tib is a little grouchy (don't think it likes downhills) and I had a weird twinge in my outer left quad which I think is also due to the downhills.
    I've had an Epsom Salt bath so hopefully these aches will be temporary, especially after a rest day tomorrow.
  • I had good run today! Really pleased.

    Today would have been the day of my 10 mile race, which is obviously cancelled.  Although my right ankle is not great the training for this run has actually gone OK (for me) with three runs a week including a long run in the 8-13 range every week.

    The weather forecast was good today with minimal wind and 11 degrees, so pretty perfect for running really.  I thought why not do a time trial instead! The last 2 races I've done have really been individual time trials against the clock, so not that different really. Using map tools I worked out a very accurate 5 mile out and back course up and down the sea front at Deal (so I could hide a bottle to get after one loop).  Admittedly this is flat! but it also has lots of interesting stuff to look at, has no uneven, leafy cobbled pavements, roads to cross and level crossings to get stuck at, like the rest of my runs.

    I had a decent warm up and was off!  I'd made a mental note of mile markers.  My 10 mile PB is 1:29:47.  So not particularly great really.  I knew if I could run a bit under 9 mins x 10 I could improve my PB.  It was a tough old run as I've done 12 days at work on the bounce and did feel knackered and heavy legged, and even sick at one point, but every mile passed I was under pace.
    Got my hidden bottle for the second lap and tried to run with decent form (I definitely run better now I've ditched the music). 10 miles exactly 1:25:31! A huge PB.  Hardly sensational, but a big step in the right direction for me. My two 10's are late December, so still a little time to improve maybe. If I could learn to hold that over a half I'd be 1:51, which would be great.  Ankle sore but fingers crossed for tomorrow.  Limpy mondays at work could be in full swing tomorrow.

    That is a great run Cal! A half is a half, still along way in my book. Sounds a fair bit more challenging than my run.

      As a kid I would spend time in the summer holidays with my Gran at Forest Hill, near Dulwich I think? She lived right at the top, bloody steep. We would go to the Horniman museum many days. Loved it as a kid.  Spent the rest with my Nan in Peckham Rye where she would take me on the bus to Crystal Palace park, awkwardly loaded with fishing tackle and sit with me patiently while I caught sod all.  Bless her. Hope the niggles improve.

    Nice run there John B, yes, with many of the races here in Kent along the coastal promenades the wind has ruined many a PB, and even seen races diverted inland.  With our prevailing S/SW winds I can imagine it gets bumpy.

    Great running Hazlenut.  I may have to join the Strava club. Surprisingly only two frosts here so far.  I wonder what sort of winter we'll have.

    Stay safe all! 

  • That's a great run, Linton! I've nowhere hit my potential over 10 miles - PB is 1:28.something but I've run faster than that during a few halves. In theory I should be able to do a 1:25 but the problem is a lack of 10 mile races - most of those I've done have been in summer, and of course the last one was windy and undulating.

    I grew up half-way between Peckham and Camberwell (my road was the last one in Camberwell before the postcode changed to Peckham) so those were my childhood haunts too. I loved Hornimans - such an interesting museum with the aquarium and tribal masks and that amazing clock. I keep meaning to go back for a look around. I've run past it a few times this year (there is a killer hill not far away - Canonbie Road, which has an 18% section - so of course I had to go and run in).
  • That's a great 10 mile PB, LTT, congratulations for taking so much off. Tough to get out and do an individual time trial, especially if you'd been working for 12 days solid. As you say the evening runs aren't great. We've switched to going early in the morning to at least get the benefit of it getting lighter rather than darker.

    Great HM distance, Cal. Sounds as if you set yourself a really tough route. Given the choice of the two I would probably have gone for the flat one. And I have to say I think that's the first time I've read a John Holmes reference in relation to a run  :open_mouth: 

    Nice running, Hazelnut. Sounds as if it's turning a bit colder there. Careful on those icy puddles, don't went to slip on those.

    That is a nice 6 mile time, john. I'd be happy to get under 50 mins. And you and LTT are absolutely right with the weather yesterday. I mentioned to my partner as we drove to Saltdean that the weather seemed absolutely perfect for a run along the seafront. Although that would have normally meant a complete change and us facing a gale.

    An easy 6.5 miler along the Adur on Saturday morning. Well supposedly an easy one as I was trying to run to perceived effort and at the turn at Botolphs realised we'd run the first part at HM pace. Not sure I pleased her when I said I rated it as a 5 or 6 in terms of PE, especially as she said she struggled. So we took it easier on the way back. Quite a few runners out doing what looked to be a time trial themselves. The back felt a bit stiff first thing, but did some rolling and stretching and all seemed good.

    Discussion on the drive back as to why she felt she struggled came with her not liking running someone else's pace, so it was decided the next day that she could set the pace. So off to Saltdean for a 12 mile out and back along the undercliff, Brighton prom (touch on Ovett's foot) and into Hove. There was the slightest of breezes which meant we kept relatively cool, but I had to take my outer top off at the turn. In terms of a long slow run we tried to keep the pace easy, but each mile was sub 9 and as we hit the last quarter we stepped up the pace covering the last 5K in 25 mins, which we were quite pleased with, and the 12 miles was covered in 1:44. Definite sub 1:55 HM if we'd carried on, but we wouldn't have to do much more to target sub 1:50. I have to admit when she upped the pace it did cross my mind to let her go and keep to the pace we'd been running, but I quite fancied seeing what was left in the tank and it was useful to get an idea just in case Goodwood goes ahead in two weeks time. We're still waiting to hear.
  • Fingers crossed for you, GD. The lockdown lifting does sound fairly promising for sports.
  • Got behind again due to a mad couple of days at work (chasing money around various virtual places which doesn't belong to me).

    Keep dropping in JB - nice 6 miler!

    Great hilly half at the weekend Cal - I tend to think London is flat.  19% is hardcore.  10 miles does seem to be a rare distance - shame really.  I only have / had my local one which is a bit of a toughie so that I also have a slower 10 mile PB than in my HM races.

    And a great 10 miler from your LTT - like the report too.  That is a decent chunk off over that distance and likely more possible if you didn't have a good few days beforehand.  The step up to a HM isn't too huge that you shouldn't be able to target that 1:51.

    Definitely fingers crossed GD,   if it doesn't happen then time trial an HM? 

    Another fields and woods outing on Sunday with 11.3 miles in 1:43.  Put in some 350m of upping and downing and was tired by the end of it.  With moving soon I am starting to say goodbye to some places I run in.  Looking forward to some new routes though.

    Recovery 4 and a bit yesterday afternoon - really need the fresh air and switch off the head before plunging back into diverse mails and telcos until late evening.  Looks like we are sorted now fortunately.

  • This middle of London is flat, Hazel....but it is basically a valley so the north and south are hilly. I'm definitely not short of choice if I want to flog myself up a steep one.
    That's a nice 11 miler there - I must say I'd be rather sad to say goodbye to my routes if ever I moved away, but it must also be exciting to find some new runs. Glad you got all your stuff sorted.

    7 easy miles today. Hammy was twingey yesterday and this morning, just above the knee. I think that particular twinge might actually be the gastroc tendon as the calf is rather tight. The high ham ache is no worse than usual (ie, I don't notice it when I'm sitting - when it's bad, sitting at my desk is very uncomfortable). I had a pretty thorough roll before I went out and didn't notice it during the run, so I'm not going to worry about it. I suspect doing a fast run followed by a hilly run wasn't my smartest move, so I'll be avoiding doing that again for a bit.
  • Fast followed by hilly is tough I agree.  Do you keep an eye on how you sit?  A good wiggle around every now and then?

    Group run yesterday evening with a couple of solo miles warm-up to clear my head after a second tough working day so that I would be feeling sufficiently sociable for a bit of chat.  3 of us out and none of the non-stop chatting types anyway.  Bit cold setting out and a bit of fog but nothing unusual for the time of year. 8.4 miles at a gentle 9:33 average.
  • I try to - if I'm playing a game I remind myself to stand up and move a little whenever there's a loading screen.
    Wednesday is usually a run day for me, and usually a medium long at that...but I just don't feel good today. I couldn't get myself motivated this morning and it took me until after 11 to go shopping (which I had to do as I had no fruit or veg left). I did have another dodgy night with me waking up multiple times, so I suspect that may be behind it. I guess my hamstring won't mind the extra rest, but I'm also mindful of the fact that I need to be cranking out 43 miles a week to make my 2000 mile target.
    I have, however, entered the Olympic Park half marathon in four week's time. I'm not in race shape but I can't pass up the chance to do a half.

  • Oooo - a potential race to look forward to.  No prospect of racing restarting here for the foreseeable future at all.  I expect 2021 to be a write-off as well.  Even if measures are reduced sufficiently to allow smaller events to go ahead I don't see many organizers having the courage to try and set one up as the odds of things getting cancelled again are high. 

    Rare lunch outing yesterday - don't normally do that as I don't like running feeling hungry but needed to collect the keys to my new flat in the afternoon at my normal running time.  6.4 miles in 53:27.  Murky grey sort of day, more of those coming up (thick fog at the moment).
  • Oh no.  Kent is in lockdown tier 3, the tightest one. I've got a feeling that is going to knacker the rest of the year's races, and training was going so well!

    Covid is everywhere now with 3 people on my floor at work alone, (two in our team) sick with it.  I'm awaiting results of a test I had yesterday, the procedure is fairly unpleasant.  Pretty sure I'll get it at some point now.

    Anyway.. Two five milers to report.  One after the time trial last weekend, on sore stiff legs running like I was concealing a marrow on my person.  Tonight's much better, 5 miles in 42 something.  Have planned a long trail run for saturday round the colliery.

    Thanks for the well wished with my 10 mile folks! it's a reasonably popular distance down here surprisingly, with 6 springing to mind locally.

    That's a great 12 Guarddog.  Sussex is tier 2 I believe? so your event may still go ahead?  Is that right?
    Some decent runs there Hazlenut, do wish I had woods nearby.  That's some serious elevation.  Good luck with your move.  Loved creating new routes on Google earth!

    Great running Cal, hope your niggles improve and you get to do your half.  Have you ever thought of getting a weighted blanket Cal?  I got one for when I struggle to sleep.  Instant great nights sleep!

    This winter is going to be incredibly unsociable here, that is for sure, so am going to try and train as best I can as there isn't going to be much else to do!  so may as well try to find a positive.

    Stay well all.

  • Not such good news for you LTT - take care and hope that test comes back negative.  Similar thoughts here regarding the winter. 

    Still living in a thick blanket of fog here and nippy too at around freezing.  Popped out nonetheless for some tempo-intervals yesterday afternoon - 3 x 2 laps of a local field with jog recoveries to a convenient wooden post and back.  The field has a mix of tarmac and hard packed surfaced roads around it so easy to run on.  Each loop is around 1k.  Legs and lungs worked hard - I kept a closer eye on the latter due to the conditions but no issues.  I could have done with warmer trousers than the lightweight trackpants I was wearing as it took a while to get my quads working.  With a warm-up and a short cool-down around 8.3 miles.
  • Sorry Linton - I hope you can avoid the lurgy. I've seen news coverage of people behaving idiotically in Kent - what the hell are they thinking?

    Good stuff Hazel...foggy here too today.
    I've had to take two days off due to crushing fatigue - not sure if I was ill or if it was just due to a run of poor sleep.
    I did feel a bit better this morning - still not 100% but definitely more energetic. I

    Anyway, I got myself out despite the fact it was 2 degrees and misty, so not terribly inviting, and actually had a nice run. Explored some backstreets between Tooting and Mitcham and ended up doing 10 miles. Don't feel any worse for it, so hopefully I can run tomorrow and Sunday and I won't be too far behind on my mileage.

  • I've not done any speed work this week, what with the extra rest day and generally feeling a bit crap, so I thought I'd try a bit today. Given how I've felt this week and the fact my groin's been a bit twingey since yesterday (I put that down more to sitting on my bum for two days, rather than the run I did) I wasn't going to attempt a 5K effort. Instead I did four miles easy and three (.11) miles at tempo. I was aiming for HMP but the first two of the tempo miles were between HMP and MP and then the last one was slightly faster than HMP, although it felt more like 10K pace. I've the Olympic Park half in three weeks...somehow I don't think a PB is on the table for that one.
  • Fingers crossed the test is negative, LTT. Rather worrying that you've got a couple in your team with it. And yes we're in Tier 2 from next week and the 'bubble' runs will resume from the 8th.

    How is the move going, Hazelnut? All completed or are you doing it in phases? And hopefully work has improved for you.

    Sometimes a rest is just the ticket, Cal, especially if you're feeling fatigued. I suspect it might be the sleep issue. Have you thought of trying something like Sleepeze? I have one of those every now and then just to ensure I can get a decent night's sleep if I go through a period when I'm struggling with it.

    The good news is that it appears Goodwood is going ahead next week. We had decided to start our taper and although we'd planned a couple of runs midweek that fell by the wayside due to not waking up in time and then my partner having a tooth out on Wednesday and being told not to run for 24hrs.

    So this morning we decided on three laps round Hove Park. Surprisingly nice and sunny today, which probably accounts for the large numbers in the park. The usual issues of having to weave our way through with groups standing chatting in the middle of the path. As we hit the final stretch up the hill we encountered more people and were having to dodge our way through. I came up behind two women walking about 5ft away from the inside edge of the path and as my route was blocked on their outside I ran up on the inside. As I got to them one of them flung her arm out and I honestly thought that she was pointing at something. It was too late for me to divert and I flicked her hand with my shoulder, apologising as I went past. When we finished I felt I needed to sit down and was joined by my partner, whereupon the two women walked past holding their arms out and berating two girls who were running in the opposite direction shouting at them to keep their distance. I just commented that it wasn't exactly fair to berate others when they were taking up more of the path and my partner pointed out it was a shared space and perhaps if they were concerned they should walk in single file. We were then accused of being selfish, typical of runners and having spat on them. In the end I had to walk away. I should have asked if they were in a shared household as they weren't keeping 2m away from each other.
  • People like that really grind my gears, GD...twats, the lot of 'em.
  • john bateman 6john bateman 6 ✭✭✭
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    Sorry to hear of your little incident. Hove Park is quite narrow in places (and its users are narrow minded in places) and these things are bound to happen on this glorious morning here down south with so  many folk out and about. Great news that Goodwood is on. I really wish I'd entered as a proper race would be a real tonic right now.
    The prom was also rammed this morning, including our mutual friend from the Hedgehoppers who tells me that membership is on the up-tick. Good to hear.

    Cal, good for you too that you have that Olympic Park event to aim at. I've been meaning to do one of the events there for years, but have never got round to it.

    LTT, yes the south east (esp Kent) seems more 'virulent' right now. My training partner had a Covid test this (also remarking on how unpleasant it was) - and was clear, as of course I hope you are.

    H'nut, that was a very decent 6+ mile plus run and generally it looks as if you are putting in some serious training.

    2 runs to report: 1. a little 1.5 mile blast in the week, just to see what my Vo2 max is and to try to get under 10.30. Went off like a train but turned back into a stiff wind and 'failed': (10.41);Vo2 max =  48.7 (I know this is a very unreliable way to measure it).
                              2. my 'standard' 3 miler this morning (in perfect conditions) where I managed 21.42 with a WAVA of 72.9%. My best for a while and very pleasing with a last mile of 7.00. Good to know that I've still got some 'wheels' (if rather rusty!).

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    What a pair of stupid cows GD.  I really don't think meeting someone for less than 2 seconds outside is going to get them the lurgy.  Mostly I avoid doing even allowed things these days (other than running), less because I am worried about catching Covid but because of the strange behaviour of a lot of people, I just can't deal with it.  Still sounds good for Goodwood then.  We have booked a removals company to do the big stuff - I'm not lugging large bits of furniture around.  Smaller things are already being moved from A-B to make space for boxes.

     Two good runs there JB.  Better conditions and better pacing and you should get that 10:30 I would say.  A 70+ WAVA in training is always a good thing too.

    I would go for setting a benchmark at that HM Cal and just enjoy being able to pin on a number again.  Nice bit of progression running today.  Bit faster than HM might be straying quite close to 10k pace anyway.  

    4 miles recovery yesterday evening in thick fog - good thing I knew my route as it was hard to make out anything much at all and I had to keep cleaning my glasses.  Couldn't get out any earlier as work or rather my main customer dropped a bit of a bomb on my desk mid-afternoon which needed two hour's worth of analysis on the phone.  

    Today I had planned to go to Saturday morning training but the trainer cancelled yesterday evening with back issues.  I met up with another lady from the group instead for a hilly trot about of 10k.  Pretty cold - around freezing and a nasty wind getting up for the next couple of days.  We saw quite a lot of hair ice.  Hope the wind blasts the rest of the fog some place else.  Did get a late glimpse of the sun setting this evening at least.  
  • Hair ice sounds quite alarming, Hazel...not experienced that here. Fog has gone from London, anyway.
    14 miles today, mostly along the river. I ran down to Battersea Park, along to Putney and then, for a change, over Putney Bridge and back along the north side. You can't hug the river all the way on the north - you have to divert around Hurlingham Park and then there's a bit around Chelsea docks where you have to go around the old Lotts Road power station. I actually took the wrong road here and ended up on the King's Road but I found my way back south again.
    Pace was pretty slow and the legs felt quite fatigued for the second half. I guess that shouldn't be a surprise after the 10 on Friday and the fast finishing 7 yesterday. I can't help thinking that I've lost a lot of fitness (speed and endurance) since the summer, though. I should probably lay off the mince pies and ice cream for a week or two.
  • Hello folks! Covid clear, phew.  Just a bit chesty now.

    Not a bad weekend's running.  For a while I haven't really had a lot to aim for running wise and have been a bit lost what to train for.  However I found a Saxon, Viking, Norman challenge event this weekend that has given me something to go at!  It's on February 27th and is Olympics themed, with a cool Olympic medal!  Best of all it's only down the road at Bettshanger Park, just 4.5 miles away.  It's a 4.38 mile looper so really 13.1, 17.5 are my options, the 21.85 and 26.2 being currently out of reach.

    I've been to Bettshanger before for the Deal Half marathon, but that was on the boring cycle track, so before I signed up for this I thought I'd go and check out the trail section.  It was pretty cool! although I found it hard, but then am not really used to either mud, puddles or hills where I normally run.  Plan was to do a super-easy half, as the last few weeks have featured quite hard runs and time trials.

    First lap I got lost, second lap I ran fairly hard, third lap I was knackered! Time, 2:17 and that included pausing my watch to change from tights and long sleeves to vest and shorts (wasn't it hot yesterday?).  Bloody hell, it was harder than road running! Bit sore today. Saw horses, woodpeckers, different finches, and some young athletes, doing hill sprints.

    This is great though! as now 1)  I have something to train for 2)  I live down the road from the course so can practice there to know the course 3)  I've regularly commented how pancake-flat it is where I live and have now found somewhere which, if nothing else will make me strong. 4) It was my unlucky thirteenth half marathon since taking up running last year, and I didn't fall down a hole or anything!  Just hope Covid doesn't bugger it, fingers crossed.

    Good running Hazlenut.  A great mix of training there. What pace do you do the 2k intervals at?  I'm guessing around the 7/7.5 min mile mark?  I had planned to do more intervals and speed training.  Really should rather than just lugging myself about. The weather where you are sound very different to the UK, much colder!  A balmy 10c and no wind saturday. I've experienced hair ice fishing!  Not fun.  Also as a kid, wet hairstyle then fast bike ride to a mates house.

    Great running Cal.  I'm always amazed you, like Hazlenut, can do three days running (and long runs) on the bounce.  I can never run two days consecutively, and never more than 3 days a week.  Is that something that comes with time?  Do you find you get much lower leg pain or does that just fade after say, a couple years running?  Hope niggles improve!  Yes, many people in Kent have been complete dicks re: Covid.  Still regularly see people in supermarkets, petrol stations not wearing masks.

    That's not good with the idiots Guarddog.  Some people are just pedantic. I've had a few people unnecessarily "stand their ground" to make me run through puddles or bushes, when we could have just compromised. Sad really.  Good running.  I don't know Brighton well, but the Sea life Centre is superb!  Enjoy your taper.

    Couple of very brisk runs there John B. 70% WAVA sounds great.  

    Stay safe all.  Quick question!  Hydration vests.  Anyone use one? They look like they'd chafe and drive me mad.  But they would give a huge sense of running freedom on long runs.  

  • I usually run three days a week, Linton - I almost always rest Monday and then either Thursday or Friday depending on how I feel. When I do three in a row, one of them is usually a recovery run, but as I'd had an extra rest day (due to feeling crap midweek) there were two longish ones in there with a faster one in the middle. Hoping I don't pay for that next week.

    I do use a hydration vest in summer (and for long runs in winter - three hour jobbies, that is...I didn't take water for my 14 miler today, and didn't really feel thirsty until a mile from home). It's a game changer. I have a cheap one from Decathlon and it's still pretty good but first time I wore it, it rubbed the hell out of my neck, so I always wear it with either a T or my club vest, which is more of a sleeveless T-shirt and covers the bit where the vest might rub.

    Good news about the SVN event. They do great medals.
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