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  • That is some running, Cal, great mileage for 3 days. And the run along the Thames sounds lovely. I used to do a stint running from Kew to Richmond and last years Chiswick Half was one of my favourite races, by and large because a fair part of it was run alongside the river. 

    That is a fantastic 3 mile effort, john, you certainly are very pacy and well done on the WAVA figure. Has Mr Millen suggested you join the Hoppers? Joining a Zoom quiz call with him tomorrow evening so will be good to see him again. 

    Ice hair is a distant memory for me Hazelnut  :D . I do remember when I worked in Canada a few years back going out for an early morning run wearing about 15 layers and my snood was absolutely encrusted with ice by the time I got back. Hopefully the move goes to plan and also your analysis is all done.

    Great run LTT and fantastic that you've got a potential event coming up. That is a decent time on a cross country course. And you've hit the nail on the head with "compromise". That was all we were suggesting to the two women, that rather than getting upset with other people perhaps they should consider that the 2 girls had just as much right to be there as they had. I'm not generally one for confrontation, but it annoyed me a tad that the expectation is always on the runner to make way. As john mentions the path can get a bit narrow at Hove Park, but even at its narrowest parts there is still enough room for 5 or 6 people to comfortably be able to share the path without any issues as long as people are sensible. In our run we had to dodge children on bikes suddenly changing direction, a dog running into my shin and people stopping and talking whilst taking up the entire path, and we voiced no objection to any of that, often running in single file when space looked as if it would be an issue. So it was a touch ironic to be accused of being selfish by people who refused to compromise and actively looked to close the distance by waving their arms around.

    Supposedly easy 6.5 mile out and back along the Adur yesterday. Almost perfect conditions and if it's like that next week I'll be very happy. Partner wanted an easy pace so I stuck religiously behind her. We got to the turn having run 8:54, 8:30, 8:20 at which point she asked if we could go slower. "Of course sweetheart, but aren't you the one setting the pace?" Pace average for the run was 8:35, which if we were to do that next week would be a good effort.
  • Hey all, hope your all well. Recently had a problem about pacing and recovery running. I am a daily runner who runs everyday without fail. I have always liked running and have been going regularly since I was 18ish. Since the start of 2020 I have developed the daily obsession which has been brilliant for both my physical fitness and my mental health. During the lockdown I guess like a lot of people it became the highlight of my day. I am happy that the ritual has continued after the summer lockdown but have become feeling tired and fatigued due to running too fast daily. My routine run is about 5K in around 20 minutes which has been chiseled down from 24 minutes before the lockdown, the progress has been amazing and so fast. I am now struggling to go out and slow the pace down and run for longer due to mainly only running for 20 minutes at 6:30 minute per mile. I want to run for 45 to an hour at a slower pace but struggling to do this. Any tips on how to achieve this please. Thanks Steve C
  • Hi Steve and welcome to the thread. Running slower than you normally do is actually more difficult than people may realise. I used to train with a friend and we always felt our toughest runs were where we were trying to keep to an easy pace. However it is worth persevering with as constantly going at race pace could potentially lead to risk of injury. You may also find that introducing easy and recovery runs into your routine, aligned with some speed sessions and longer runs to increase your endurance, would get your time down even more. Generally when I'm doing a long slow run I'll aim to go at a minute slower than race pace. It takes a bit of discipline, but is worth it. One if the biggest benefits I found was joining a running group for an LSR where you have someone setting the pace. Not sure if that's an option for you, but might be worth investigating.

    Cold, early start this morning, 3C with a real feel of -1C, so the running tights made their first winter appearance as we did an easy 30 min run from Hove towards Brighton pier and back. Didn't really feel the cold too much until we turned round and then the wind started to cut through. Plenty of people out, including those more mad than us who were going for a swim, and rather lovely to see the colours in the sky as  the sun came up. Looking forward to being able to get back into the gym tomorrow.
  • This is the hair ice I mentioned, it is quite pretty. I do get the other type (icy hair) as well every now and then, makes me look even greyer than I already am. 

    Great news on the negative test LTT - you must be relieved.  Good news you have something to aim for.   Tempo runs are done at around 7 - 7:05 pace.  If you want to up the number of days running it is a good idea to slot in a short recovery initially as an extra run.  You should be comfy running the 3 days beforehand (a bit of fatigue from a hard effort is ok of course).  For the first couple of weeks with an extra day don't overdo the hard running on other days and don't otherwise increase your mileage.  Finding a hydration vest or rucksack that fits can be a bit trial and error but it is worth it for the long runs.  I much prefer that option to a bottle belt personally.

    Sounds like you are both well set up for next week GD.  Have fun in the gym tomorrow (but don't give yourself DOMS after the break).  Always nice to see a good sunrise / sunset. 

    Welcome Steve. Sound advice from GD on mixing up your paces.  That is good progress on your 5k time. 

    Work remained frantic over the last days (improving now as we can't quickly rectify the big boo-boo of my colleagues now anyway).  Running was a good way to get some much needed headspace.  Decent training HM on Sunday - nothing fast (for me) at 1:53:36 but just mostly felt good.  Went out prior to breakfast and got a bit hungry on the last 2 miles and my quads turned to concrete in the cold wind despite the tights.  Yesterday 6.5 miles looping around a local field as I was too tired to think of a more exciting route in a bit over 55 minutes.  Light layer of snow here today - likely slush later - yuk, not my favourite conditions
  • G'dog, you are really putting in some good sessions and I'm looking forward to hearing the outcome of all this prep in your Goodwood race report. Thanks for the kind words. No, James has never tried to recruit me. There might be one very good reason for this: I used to teach him (that's how old I am), so he's seen quite enough of me for one lifetime!
    Portslade is a bit of a stretch for me a I no longer drive.

    Steve, welcome (although I feel l a bit of  fraud saying this as I'm something of a Johnnie-come-lately myself). But I recognise your issue as in my younger days - and still to be honest - I was a bit of a speed freak and routinely eschewed the longer runs. You've had some good advice from the G'dog which I can only echo (even if I didn't follow similar advice myself when I should have!). 
  • GD, there are a large number of races that go along that stretch - I know it pretty well now.
    Your partner must be pretty quick - that pace is somewhere between 10K and HM for me and most definitely not easy.

    Welcome Steve - that's a lot of progress! I generally pay attention to my breathing and if it's too hard I will slow myself down.

    Good running, Hazelnut - that would be a decent time for me in an actual race (I expect to be slower than that in my next HM, due to rustiness). It looks like we're due some icier precipitation here on Friday though whether that'll be snow or sleet I don't know. It is certainly colder this week.

    Hill repeats were on my menu today - I did have some doubts about how recovered I'd be after Sunday but I needn't have worried.
    I ran up to Hill Path in Streatham, which is long and nasty - starts off not too badly but then gets really steep in the middle (Strava reckons 17% at the steepest part), then goes around a bend and while the next bit isn't nearly as steep, it hurts if you keep pushing. Breathing was what I now term "lumberjack porn" as it sounds like someone sawing through a log interspersed by loud gasps.
    I did five reps - first at an easier pace and then pushed on the next four. The fourth rep was the fastest, probably because there was a large dog on one side of the fence that ran alongside me and barked loudly until I was out of range (fortunately he wasn't there for the last rep - owner probably called him back in). That rep actually got me into the top 10 fastest female times. Reclaimed my Local Legend status on there too, after a clubmate nicked it last week. He'll probably try to get it back now and we'll end up in some hellish eternal battle. :D

    After I was done with that I made my way back, and did a few faster bits on the way home but took the last mile easy. It was, overall, a very enjoyable run - rather cold but sunny. Glad I wore gloves but equally glad I didn't bother with a hat.

    I could definitely feel the upper hammy after the reps but it's fine now so I'm pretty content that I've not done anything to anger it too much.

  • Recovery run tonight. Nothing much to report. Sore knee and ankle after week end trail half, so slow and short, a bit like me.
    I guess I will expect some aches as I re-train myself for a change of terrain and surface.

    Wish I hadn't mentioned the weather as yes. It's now freezing! Sleeves, tights AND hat tonight.

    Good run Cal, lumberjack porn made me laugh.  
    Fast half Hazlenut, cool to discover Hair ice!
    Good running GD, that's a decent training pace for distance. 

    Welcome Steve, if you miss that cardio high of 5k pace you could always do a mile on/off recovery maybe?  Good advice from GD

    Will check out hydration vests, maybe santa can fit one on his sleigh.

    Take care all.
  • Recovery should be slow and short LTT :) Trails might well work your joints more - less hard surfaces but you need to compensate for the uneven terrain.  In my experience hydration vests tend to be more expensive than rucksacks, forgot to mention that. 

    Gentle run with one other Tuesday runner yesterday evening - I think he had no-one to talk to most of the day other than his cows (he is a part-time dairy farmer) and it was non-stop talk - could hardly get a word in.  Meant a pretty slow pace up the hills but I had planned on this being a recovery run for me anyway.  The snow we had had in the morning had more or less melted and no slush fortunately.  Few nice views of the moon against the clouds.
  • Hi everyone I'm back...again.

    GD - nice run! Always wanted to try early morning running but can't prise myself out of bed, plus I'd wake everyone else up. Do like running in the cold evenings though, it's really refreshing.

    Cal - good hill work. Hate it when dogs try to chase you or generally get in your way with owners oblivious to where they are or what they're doing. 'Lumberjack porn' gave me a giggle, I'm forever being told that my breathing is like that of a steam train leaving the station!

    LTT - I use a £20 Aonijie running vest for any longer runs, or runs where the weight of my phone threatens to bring my shorts down. It's small, lightweight and has space for a water vessel (needs to be bought separately). I would think though that for anything longer than a half-marathon, you may want something a bit better.

    Welcome Steve!

    Life keeps getting in the way of me running. I've barely run in the last three weeks because work has been mad, and I've procrastinated a lot with my studies for my professional exams...oops.

    Did a slow and painful 4ish miles on Sunday on a new route with less hills. Tried to take it slow but even then my fitness appears to have slacked off a bit in the two weeks I was out, and my recurring niggle in my right knee was coming back.

    Yesterday, decided to kickstart my Run (Almost) Every Day in December plan by running a slow 3 miles. Did feel slower, and strava backed this up, but was enjoyable nonetheless. Running a 5k every day in December should get me to my goal of 500 miles in the year, which I'll be happy with, though I am hoping to run further so that I can get some distance training in for my 1000 mile aim next year.

    Good news though, Santa is bringing me a running watch so I'll be able to run at a slower pace more often...yay! Now if only he could arrange for me to try on running shoes as well, that'd be great
  • Malteser - he was on the other side of the fence, thankfully. I don't enjoy getting barked at but I wasn't in any danger at least.
    Glad you enjoyed your run - don't worry about pace at the moment. Good luck with your goal but do listen to your body (if your knee is being grumpy) and take a rest day if you need to.

    Hazelnut - I totally get that. I tend to babble when I get chance to talk to people these days - I haven't socialised at all this year and go days without talking to a soul.

    Linton, it has certainly turned, hasn't it? I've managed with a T-shirt the last couple of runs but I've added arm sleeves and gloves. I still see people out in shorts, the fools.

    7 miles at recovery pace today - I was thinking about doing an MLR but legs were very heavy after yesterday (unsurprisingly) so I didn't push it.
  • Missed your last but one run Cal - enjoy the tussle with clubmate over the local legend.  Nice hillwork.  It is a difficult year for sure for a social life.  I'm (mostly) lucky to have an OH in that respect. My shorts are now at the back of the drawer.  Sensible to hold back on the distance after a tough session the day before.

    Good to see you back MalMal.  Nice to see there are also some cheap vests on the market too - haven't really shopped around for one (yet) and my localish running shop had mostly Salomon in stock and they are expensive.  Good luck for your exams.  That is a nice pressie to be looking forward to.  5k a day sounds ok - keep most slow / steady and just a few at a harder effort and you will be fine.

    Short and sharp speedwork yesterday evening - a couple of miles warm-up with a few strides and a few dynamic stretches (to get into the right mindset more than anything), then 2 x 5 x around 200m off jog recoveries over the same distance.  Pace - hard effort so that I was able to complete each 200m and the whole session with more or less consistent reps but I didn't have much more in the tank.  The recoveries on each rep aren't long enough to catch your breath fully so by the end of the set there was something along the lines of "lumberjack porn" breathing going on.  Short cool down and around 7.8 miles in total.
  • Nothing like some of the epic training that others are doing, but I cracked a little personal target of 1.5 miles at sub 7mm. My 10.29 cut it a little close though. As per LTT's quip, I've always been short but these days I'm slow and short.
  • Nice one, Hazel...sounds like a good session.
    John that's great going. I don't even have a sub-7 mile (best is 7:20 during a mile relay race) so don't sell yourself short (or slow).

    Went out for a soggy 10 today - it was raining but not hard. However, there were a lot of puddles which I somehow managed to kick all over my own shoes despite trying to avoid them. Wet socks.
    I ran via Earlsfield to Wimbledon Village then home via Tooting - there was one big hill (11%) going up to Wimbledon but as I wasn't sprinting, hammy seemed OK with it.
    I didn't look at my watch for the whole run so I was a bit disappointed to find out the whole thing was recovery pace (10:40-11) even though it felt more like 10-10:20 pace. Cadence was normal but stride length had gone to hell. I guess there's still a lot of fatigue in the legs from Tuesday.
    Oh well, miles logged, at least.
  • Well done John!

    Squelchy socks isn't nice Cal.  Probably your legs needed an easy pace. 

    10k at perceived easy effort yesterday lunchtime.  Even lucky to get in a bit of sunshine.  Could feel the legs had put in a bit of effort on that speed workout on Wednesday but no real aches or niggles.
  • Add in my relief that your test proved negative, LTT. Hopefully some generous soul will listen to your wish for a hydration vest and surprise you for Xmas.

    Welcome back, MM, and good luck with the studies for your exams. I'm sure the more you manage to get out then your fitness levels will return. And being able to get out takes away some of the stress if you're studying hard as well. 

    I'm still aiming to be one of the fools in shorts for the time being, Cal. Although I had a physio session yesterday where he performed 'cupping' (no not that kind of cupping!!) and I now have lovely circular bruises at the top of my thighs. It looks like I've been given a love bite by a vacuum cleaner. So I'll be wearing compression shorts under my normal shorts for Sunday's race. I wouldn't worry too much about your pace, you're putting the miles in which counts for a lot.

    Sounds like a nice speed session, john. And as Cal says you're certainly not slow. What subject did you teach James, btw?

    Good speed session, Hazelnut, and nice recovery too. I think I prefer 200m repeats to 400. Reminds me more of my sprinting days. 

    No runs to report since Tuesday. We were due to go out yesterday, but on getting up it was absolutely bucketing it down and in the end we decided there was no absolute reason to do a run. We'll venture out for an easy 30 mins tomorrow. 

    We did have the club quiz zoom call on Tuesday and it was good to see so many others. The quiz was split into 3 rounds, rounds 1 and 3 were running related questions and round 2 was more club related. Each question was worth a point and at the end there was a final question that was worth 5 points. We were in the lead in round 1 (I know our answer that Seb Coe won 2 gold medals was correct, however the quizzer had it as 4), fell behind in round 2 (we struggled with the club related questions, especially when it was "what was the name of the race in the Lake District that (insert name of club runner here) entered?"), but by the end of round 3 had pulled back to within 3.5 points of the leaders. The last question came in - how many members does the club currently have? Cue my partner looking at me, "Is it 92 or 93?" "Ermmm, you're the membership secretary if anyone should know you should." There were a few seconds of a panicked expression before she said 93. We won. There then followed a few Mexican waves and we should receive a book on the history of the London marathon as a prize.
  • Nice one, GD...yours is a small club though eh? Mine has 1000 or so members (although it does include triathletes and cyclists).
    I've seen those cupping marks. I'm not sure what it's actually supposed to do, benefit wise - can you enlighten us?
  • Thanks for the kind praise for me little run. I was clocking sub 6.30 for a mile earlier this year hence I was a bit 'flat'.

    G'dog - I think I taught James business studies, probably economics. I love quizzes but they've never been quite the same since the mobile phone. My all time favourite was when I lived in Liverpool in the late 70s (when cupping was probably a criminal offence). We were in a league and everyone took it enormously seriously, especially the football questions. Great fun.

    A longer than usual 30 minute run for me today. This hardly stacks up as 'long' alongside some of the training done in these parts. I just need to be careful not to overdo it (plus my hands were cold: I'm a southern softie).
  • We're small and cosy, Cal. Having said that the membership is split between runners and walkers, but there's been an influx of younger runners coming in that's rather heartening. However that decreases my chances of ever scoring points in any league runs. I believe the idea of cupping is to stimulate blood flow to particular muscles. The other option he offered was acupuncture which, although I've had before, I'm not exactly keen on.

    Business studies sounds as if it's given him a good grounding in terms of being club secretary, john. And I love a quiz as well. I still harbour something of a grudge with the Lib Dems in Eastbourne who denied my team a win when they gave the wrong answer as correct for a particular question. On another occasion I met up with some guys I used to play football with for a drink and the pub we were in had a quiz which we decided to enter. We went on to win, much to the annoyance of a couple of regular teams who made it clear we probably should drink up quickly and leave. Well done on the 30 min run. Hopefully your hands have warmed up sufficiently.
  • Nice one, John. Gloves?
    Nothing wrong with cosy, John. At least you get to know everyone. Unfortuantely for me, most of the peeps in my club are both younger and faster than I am so my results are never going to score points. Speaking of...

    After a rest yesterday (which included a walk and then some light upper body weights in the gym - don't want to go too hard too soon there and cop a massive case of DOMS) I was due for my weekly 5K time trial today.
    I decided to run down to King George's Park in Earlsfield, which is long but flat, as I'm bored of my local fast route. It was sunrise when I went out and I felt quite happy with the pink sky over my head - legs felt quite good too. Ran the 2.5 miles there then restarted my watch and started out pretty hard. Ran the length of the park (I did have to skirt around a car on the road that goes through the middle of it, but didn't lose too much time there) and then back up to the gate I came in. I'd planned to go back out and finish up on the Wandle Trail, which is nearby, but there were two old ladies and their dogs coming through the gate and it was obvious they weren't going to move out of my way in time so I hairpinned around and went back the way I came, then back along the road I'd crossed earlier and into Earlsfield.
    My pace was, frankly, dreadful. I finished it in 26:53 which is two minutes down on what I'd consider to be decent. I'd like to say I was taking it easy, but I was breathing hard and my watch suggested HR was high (although that could have been cadence lock - hard to tell. Felt hard though).
    The pace I ran today was my HMP in January (and I was running sub-25s throughout summer, aside from the 10 days I took off with a dodgy groin). I don't know how I've detereriorated so much but it's quite disheartening.
    I jogged the 2.5 miles home feeling a lot less happy than when I left my house.
    I have a 10K next Wednesday and a 5K on the Saturday so I expect those will give me a better idea of where I'm at under race conditions. I'm not expecting miracles though.
    I just wondered if any of you guys have had similar drop-offs in performance and how you combat this? I did miss a lot of running in October with the hamstring but I've knocked out a few 40+ mile weeks since then and I've not put stacks of weight on or anything, so I'm not sure how to explain this.
  • G'dog, funnily enough I saw James this morning. We both run along Worthing prom at roughly the same time on a Saturday - basically the Parkrun course at the Parkrun time. Creatures of habit or what? Good memories of quizzes there. I won't be in the queue for the 'cuppa', but I hope it does the trick for you.

    Cal, I can feel your frustration. I can only sympathise but not advise as I've never really had in inexplicable drop in performance - i.e. there's always been an obvious reason in my case. And I've always been able to bounce back quite quickly - indeed too quickly after a hernia operation a few years back. From my position as a chronic under-trainer, I can only off the rather weak diagnosis that maybe you've gone the other way? As you say, the upcoming races will be instructive with the adrenalin coursing through.

    My usual 3 miler today in a horrible cross-wind and hail-shower: 23.36 which was about as expected in those conditions. 
  • It's possible, John - due to the lack of races this year, I've not had the tapers and recoveries I normally do, though I have had a couple of weeks off with niggles. I've been aiming for 2000 miles this year which is more than I've run before and it's quite possible my body has taken against this. I might revert to around 1500-1600 next year.

    Hail shower doesn't sound fun.

    I had these grand plans for today of waking up early and going out in the dark, running up to Regents Street to look at the Christmas lights and then back via Covent Garden. But when I woke at 5 it felt like the middle of the night so I went back to sleep for half an hour and then felt groggy and unmotivated. I almost sacked off running completely but persuaded myself to try and do 10 miles (the minimum I need for my weekly target, if I'm going to hit 2000 this year) and went out in the rain just before 8.
    Weather was not as bad as forecasted, though, and the rain stopped quickly, leaving me feeling a bit hot in my hat and gloves. I ran down to Battersea, along the river then turned off at Wandsworth and found King George's Park (where I ran yesterday), up through there, along two sections of the Wandle then home via Tooting. I still get very confused around Wandsworth Town - last time I tried to find the park from the river I missed it entirely, but this time I did find it but took a route that was about three times longer than it needed to be. Ah well.
    Pace was very sluggish again - just under 11 for most of it. While I tried to enjoy the route at least (I made a point of picking one I enjoyed, since I didn't really want to run at all) I was dragging for a lot of it.
    I logged 12 miles in the end, which I'm happy with under the circumstances - I just wish I wasn't so bloody slow at the moment. Not sure how I'm going to manage a decent half in two weeks, let alone a 10K on Wednesday but there you go.
    I'll do an easy run Tuesday and then maybe a couple of miles very slow on Wednesday morning (I usually do a short run in the morning if I have an evening race).
    Sleep has been better so I hope that and a couple of easier days will help me do a bit better.
  • Couple of nice chatty posts GD - made me smile.  Well done on winning the club quiz.  Brr to running in shorts - I was even out in my warm tights (mostly however because all the others were in the wash).  Was it your HM today?

    Loved economics as a subject JB.  All those models and theories.  Nice 3 miler again in nasty conditions.

    Hard to say what is up Cal though the lack of tapers and recoveries and the higher than normal mileage might well have generally fatigued you.  As you say I would take it easy for the days before and between your races (keep off the hills) and get some benchmarks set.  Hope you get in some decent sleep in the next few days as well.

    Been busy packing up our whole flat in the last few days but still found the time to go out running - good thing too as I would have gone mad without the fresh air and peace.

    Friday was a local tour of 10k at whatever I felt like pace.  
    Saturday 6.4 miles - had intended to do these a recovery run but came out faster.  Body was willing but it took a couple of miles for the mind to join them.
    Today an HM in 1:48:08 - bit of progression up to 6 miles, then the rest at around my old mara PB.  Had to work hard over the final undulations.  Met the pggies out walkies and was briefly chased by a four month puppy as its owner dropped the lead as it set off after me.  Just curious though - no jumping or barking or anything.

    Reasonable conditions in the last days - bit of snow every now and then but mostly timed my runs well to get out after the slush had melted. Around freezing to 2 degrees.   
  • Cal, you have some amazing running routes. I worked in Holborn for a year and I loved walking around Covent Garden etc in the lunchtimes. Having said that, I've never run in London, other the the VLM twice. 

    H'nut, that's a really good HM time in training. I don't think you' have been so fond of Economics had I taught it to you! I'm not really an Economist, just a bit of a jobbing social studies geezer. As for puppies our next door neighbour has just got one and she (the puppy, not the neighbour) is drop dead gorgeous.

    Frost here, at last if nothing to rival H'nut's conditions. Anyway, went for a 5 miles @9mm
    pace. This was 5 x1 mile laps and the lap happened to include my old school and the house where I was born......66 years ago in a few weeks time. Nice to still be able to get out for a run. 
  • I'd possibly agree with john and Hazelnut in terms of the lack of speed, Cal, it could be down to over training. Is it possible you're concentrating more on the mileage target and to get that in you're not allowing yourself to recover fully? Having said that I do know how much ones confidence can be affected when you feel things aren't flowing. I'd suggest just resting before your races, don't set yourself any high expectations and say you're just going to enjoy it.

    Shame you got caught in the hail shower on Saturday, john. That must have passed us by here. Good time in those conditions and well done on the 5 miler yesterday, nice pacing. Hopefully will be able to catch up with James now we're reconvening the 'bubble' runs again.

    Excellent HM training run, Hazelnut, great time. I'd be exceptionally happy to do that in a race, let alone as a training run. And when it's cold as well. Hopefully the move is all going smoothly.

    Quite a start to the week, we've started testing in Poland, Singapore, Taiwan and India and they are being rather needy. I started work at 7am and have been solidly responding to emails since then.

    Saturday's run was an easy 30 mins round Hove Park. Made sure we kept to a sensible pace and this time no altercations with walkers. In the evening we had the traditional pre-race pasta fest with my partner getting a touch stressed about the upcoming run. I just said we should go out and enjoy it and not worry about putting pressure on ourselves with a time. Start off at an easy pace and grow into it.

    Up early for breakfast and we had left shortly after 8am to ensure we had plenty of time for our 9:30 start time. We were actually shepherded into the parking in the Goodwood circuit literally a stones throw from the race track and the start, which was a bonus. It was bitterly cold - 3C with the wind chill taking it down to freezing. Even so I went with the shorts, although wore gloves. Even then my fingers soon lost feeling. We were called in by target finish time, we'd gone for 1:55, and set off in groups of four 10 seconds apart. It was all very well managed. The only slight concern was the different races going on, marathon. 20 miles, half, 10K and 5K, so at various times new runners were being fed onto the circuit and others were coming through a lot faster than we were, so sometimes space was at a premium.

    The first part of the course sent us up the side of the track going anti-clockwise before turning 180 degrees at the 1km mark and starting our clockwise running of the circuit. Having then gone past the start line we had 5 circuits to complete. The km down to the start had a slight downhill touch and a tailwind, which augured well for a sprint finish. That may account for our opening 8:27 first mile, which was a bit quicker than I wanted. But I felt comfortable with it. We tried, where possible, to hug the inside line and found that the circuit itself didn't really have any discernible features. Mile times were rather dependent on where they fell on the circuit, which was about 2.6 miles in length. At points there was a very sharp head wind that also took your breath away with the cold. But then we would get the benefit of the wind behind us at other points, so the variance in our mile times was about 30 seconds.

    The plan had been to see where we were after 4 laps and if we had it in us we would then push. We'd kept pace with a couple of runners around us up to the 10 mile point when my partner decided to pick it up and so they dropped away. I have to admit I thought we'd gone a bit early, but it coincided with a downhill tailwind part and so it felt easier than it might otherwise have been. Having gone through to start our final lap I was starting to struggle a bit. At no time had I looked at what time or pace we were doing, just a glance at odd times to see the distance we'd gone, so I wasn't really aware of either the our pace or elapsed time. We hit the headwind and just dug in, keeping the legs turning over. Getting into the last mile we were now going to get the wind behind us. My partner made the comment that we could do this, although I wasn't sure if she was thinking we would finish or whether we'd get a time (she did admit later that she'd messed up how far we had to go as she pushed on harder from further out). I kept in mind just trying to keep my legs turning over, but as we got to the last 500m I was hanging on. Thankfully the line came into view, although I wasn't able to summon up much of a sprint finish.

    At the end I had to cling on to the wall for a short while as the last circuit was a case of hanging on for dear life. Very pleased with a PB at 1:50:33, although tinged with a certain disappointment that the sub 1:50 was elusively close. Having said that I'm not sure, on the day, I could have done any more and we both felt we'd completely drained ourselves. Of course on the drive home I was thinking "Three seconds off each mile....." The celebratory pub roast in the afternoon was well received, along with the pint, and we dissected the run. Amusingly we thought the other was a lot more comfortable in the final circuit. There was a point where I nearly told her to push on as I was struggling and she said that she felt I was the one that was dragging her round. But it's probably the first time we've finished a race where both of us have performed and not left anything in the tank.
  • john bateman 6john bateman 6 ✭✭✭
    edited December 2020
    G'dog, the abbreviation 'PB' says it all! That's a great run on a tricky course (I know from painful experience). Well done.
  • Very kind of you, john. A couple of weeks before with it being a touch warmer and less windy it might have been a touch quicker. But then life is full of 'if only' moments. Partner came third in her category, which she was impressed with until I said there were only 7. I came seventh out of 14, midtable respectability.
  • On my beaten up old treadmill, can’t get a new one that goes past 12kph so I’m stuck with it until the holy grail of Argos gets new stock in. For some reason I struggle with outdoor running, can’t set a pace and end up wheezing with asthma. Last time I did 1k and made the walk of shame home. Never been out since :)
  • GD, congrats on the PB! A few folks from my club were there and a couple managed marathon PBs and one got a 10K PB. By all accounts it was cold and windy - I know I wouldn't have enjoyed that. I didn't enjoy running at Dorney, which probably contributed to the DNF as much as the hamstring.

    Chaznoid - might be worth doing run/walk intervals until you are used to it. I'd probably leave it until it's a bit less cold, though, if you're asthmatic.

    John, I'm lucky to be in a very green part of London - lots of parks and commons within running distance, and the river is 3 miles away. I do have to try and time my runs carefully, though, to avoid traffic (I hate stopping and will do anything to avoid it including rerouting if I can't cross the road where intended).

    Easy 6 miler this morning. Misty and cold so wasn't tempted to do more.
  • G'dog, I think we might both know of  local football team which would gladly settle for mid-table respectability right now! 

    I ran a modest 3/4 miles yesterday which shouldn't have been too taxing but chose a 1 mile steepish hill. Again not too challenging - other than I saw a guy on a bike about 150 metres in front of me and then decided to close the gap before we reached the top. I closed the gap to about 100 metres and totally knackered myself in the process. The cyclist, of course, didn't even know he was in a 'race'. But this is a 'bloke thing'?
  • john, probably...although I've been guilty of it (not that I have the speed to race people properly).

    I did do a little run this morning - just four miles, and I went as slowly as I could manage (which turned out to be really slow. Each mile was a little under 12 minute pace). Felt a bit odd but also strangely enjoyable - perhaps I've been going too fast all along. (Having said that, cadence was low and stride was super short, so I'm not sure it's good for my form to run that slowly).
    Hope I can pull something out of the bag this evening - I'd be happy getting around at HMP the way things have been going.
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