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    Village loops today (bit more than a mile).  Couple of such for a warm-up then 8 x up and down the uphill bit (around 300m) at around tempo to 10k effort.  The loop is about the only bit of ice-/snow free ground I have here at the moment without doing out- and backs and or driving elsewhere so I guess I will be running it quite a bit in the next few days.  Grey miserable sort of day so I was glad of the intervals as distraction, wouldn't have wanted to do a long run plod in it.  I did a couple of miles to warm-up but neglected to do any short speed bursts or strides so the first rep came as a bit of a shock to the legs but I settled in after that.  6.6 miles.
  • Hi folks! Happy new year, hope it was, well, as good as it could be!

    Some great running from you all.  Not a particularly prevalent week from me, but not too bad.

    I did a 5 mile on wednesday, just a nondescript run, but cold!
    I got home from work too late on NYE for a run.
    Didn't run on friday as OH wanted to go for a nice walk, which was actually really nice,(and made a new 5 mile loop for the summer, when it dries).
    Today, my 11.3 mile loop in 1:39, 8:50 pace.  Started off feeling awful, but felt OK after a few miles.  Tried to run it much easier today , and the difference was huge.  last time I ran it at 8:20 pace I was wiped out for the rest of the day, today at an extra 30 seconds a mile (8:50 pace) I felt fine on finishing, and was even able to assist with housework!

    Very unusually, I feel OK, with no real sore bits currently, my last three long runs a 11.3 mile @1:34, 11.3 [email protected]:39, [email protected]:15.  I wish there was a 10 mile or Half marathon to have a crack at, think I could improve my PBs quite substantially.  Not for a while I don't think.. 

    Overall 2020 was a garbage year running, with me injured jan-feb after trying to wing a marathon with no marathon training (self inflicted) completely injured to the point of no running at all for 3 months may-july after running multiple hard-effort runs back to back, when the pandemic arrived (also self inflicted).  And a two month injury heel/ankle injury september-october during a hilly 10k (less self inflicted).  I have really learned a lot about myself though, and what I can and can't get away with and still managed a reasonable yearly mileage.

      Really hoping I've passed the clueless, over-enthusiastic beginner phase, and now, 2 years in can really start to solidly improve now!  I got a book for Christmas; the Science of Running, which is awesome! So no excuse for poor training/physiology knowledge.

    That is some awesome 5k running John,  I hope Parkrun begins again in the spring. Bloody decent "non-race" 10k too.  I can't help notice you don't do a weekly 10-15 miler, but are clearly fit!  Do you put that down to so many consecutive years running? I guess your endurance is already there, where I still trying to up mine.

    Well done Cal! the sub par 10k, completely offset with that yearly mileage AND a New Years Half marathon, that is a great start to the year.

    Great mix of running Hazel, it really is hilly where you live!  Glad the fall injury wasn't too bad.  Grim and grey here too, but no snow yet!  At least the daylight will (slowly) increase now.

    Stay safe all, Happy New Year.

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    Linton, I can't help but think that my times have suffered from the lack of parkrun - I definitely think a fast weekly 5K effort has helped me improve. I would expect it to return in the summer but I guess we'll see how effective the vaccine is on the Covid numbers.

    I wanted to get a long run done today, but I could still feel a little DOMS from the hilly half on NYD so decided to just go out and see how it went.
    Started around 7:30 and ran down to Battersea Park (took a different road this time - nothing exciting but I like to vary things a bit to stave off boredom) then ran along the Thames to just past Putney. From there I took a path I'd not done before which cut through Barnes Common, then I circled back around to Putney, back along the river to Wandsworth then through King George's Park, up Magdalen Road (a hill...any time I go to the river, or any route other than Streatham and Crystal Palace, I always end up having to run up a hill on the way home), through Wandsworth Common and back home again.
    I did 16 miles in all which is the longest since September. I could feel my hamstrings but told myself it was all in my head and I actually perked up a bit after that.
    Very glad to get a 16 done, even though it was quite slow. That also brings me to 60 miles for the week, though that's purely because I'd taken the previous Sunday off so I'd done six runs rather than if you count the extra mile I did on NYE to get my total up to 2020.
    Tomorrow is definitely a rest day.
  • _Jay__Jay_ ✭✭
    A slow 10k with the dog. Trail - mud, roots, sand and lots of gradients!

    First time in what has to be ten years that I've run that distance. I aimed for 75mins. Turned out to be 73mins. Kilometres 9 and 10 were a full minute faster than any of the first 8. Last two kilometres aside it was intended as an "easy long run".

    Very, very happy.
  • LTT, that's a very self critical (if realistic!) review of your 2020 running year, My own training is shockingly non-textbook - no long run, low weekly mileage, very rarely do much hill work etc. So, yes, I guess all the years pounding the pavements have given me a high level of residual fitness and muscle memory. Plus I keep an eye on my weight. Here's to a better year's running for you in 2021.

    Cal, to get your target mileages I  guess you have to break in down to weekly targets? How does this work out in practice? To me it sounds as though this puts quite a bit of pressure on you.

    J, well done! All the harder because of the terrain.

    Just a slow (and I mean slow) 8k today. Horrible. I find it very difficult to motivate myself for this sort of run. Rest day tomorrow.

  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    John, yes that's more or less it. I knew I'd have to do 40+ mile weeks but factored in a couple of weeks of rest/lower mileage (I was assuming I'd have marathons to taper for/recover from). As it was, I needed those for the injury outtages and it got quite tight by the end. So yes, pressure.
    Good for getting through your run. We all have runs like that. It is what it is.

    Welcome, Jay. I often do the last couple of miles faster (if I have any juice left in the legs) as I'm keen to get back for breakfast. I call 'em breakfast miles. :D

  • _Jay__Jay_ ✭✭
    lol @ breakfast miles

    Thanks, guys. Appreciate the encouragement!
  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    Like your 2020 summary LTT.  Good that your slower long run went so well.  Ideally you should come back from most of your runs feeling like that. 

    Great long run and weekly mileage Cal have a good rest day today. I'm also guilty of speeding up on the last couple on slower runs to get them over and done with (also often motivated by thoughts of food..)

    Welcome Jay - Well done on the 10k.  Must be nice to have a dog to run with and an interesting sounding route too.

    Your training approach seems to work for you JB.  Agree slow runs can be annoying at times.

    More of those village loops yesterday - 12 in all and 13.7 miles in 1:58.  Bit of a daunting task setting off but I turned around a couple of times which broke it up into more manageable chunks and as of half-way I was happy to just keep ticking off each one.  Legs didn't appreciate the hill on each loop much but then again I had the downwrd slope to look forward to on each as well.  Black ice did get a bit dodgy on the last few laps but I got the hang of flat footing across it safely enough. 
  • Cal, I suspect you react pretty well to pressure!

    H'nut, don't like the sound of that black ice. Time to get the skates out?

    Rest day from running so back on the rower for 3k. Now that IS dull.
  • GuarddogGuarddog ✭✭✭
    Happy New Year all - hope everyone had a good festive period. And welcome to the thread Jay.

    Lots to catch up on here, so will need to make time later.

    Happy belated birthday to john.

    Hope the back feels better after the slip, Hazelnut.

    Great mileage for the year, Cal, and hopefully once the vaccine is in place and PR starts up again we'll see you at Bevendean. 

    Good summary of the year, LTT, and hopefully all your injury problems are now behind you.

    After the issues at work I did end up having to do some pieces during the week before Christmas, which rather annoyingly curtailed my gym plans. As such I decided on a technology detox from the 24th. The runs did continue, highlights being Christmas Day laps around Hove Park in the reindeer onesie, 10K along the undercliff path from Saltdean on Boxing Day in a Santa hat, a stunning solo 10 miler on the undercliff path on NYE (stunning for the weather rather than for my performance) and a 4 day streak up to yesterday.
  • Fairly unpleasant run tonight. absolutely sheeting icy rain, that wasn't going to stop, so went out in it.

    So horrible! but worse luck, I forgot to "tape up" and ended up with the worst red elevens I've had to date. OUCH.  Didn't even get to Strava it as it would have cost me a new phone in that rain, but only 5 miles.

    Back in full lockdown, until probably March. I do feel that will really pile the pressure on a lot of the pub/restaurant/entertainment industry.  Really not good, but I guess totally necessary.  Feel sorry for kids too, indisputably the poorest ones learning will be the most at risk.

    16 miles is a great run Cal.  And 60 miles a week is huge!! Well done.

    Welcome Jay, great to start the year with a decent run.

    Well done Hazel! That is a great run and quick too.  Watch that ice, be careful!

    Some good (and very festively dressed) running there Guarddog! Glad you got out a bit.

    I posted a couple of times in the marathon thread, and was advised I'm training much too fast, so will be slowing down considerably.

  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    Can imagine rowing is about as exciting as indoor cycling on the turbo JB..

    Good idea on the digital detox GD.  Nice running over the festive period - did you get some smiles for the reindeer onesie?

    Well done for getting out in those conditions LTT.  One advantage of training in all conditions is being able to race in all conditions.  And cold is much better than heat in my books.  Ouch indeed though.  Watch would do you better in the rain.  I lurk on the Shades thread - would agree on slowing it down.  I would recommend a good mix up of paces from recovery to race pace - just not very much of the latter and only off of a solid base. 

    Bad luck on the lockdown again (was it actually removed in the meantime?)  We are expecting more restrictions again as of Wednesday, likely schools closing as well.  Start of the vaccination program is very slow here in comparison to the UK - oh wonder the authorities haven't got an IT program sorted in time..

    More village tarmac yesterday evening as the ice is still awful around here and likely to stay that way as there is no sign of a thaw at the moment.  For amusement I trotted up and down the odd dead-end to vary the loops a bit.  5.x miles.  Also sat on my turbo for a while - I need to check the setup though as it feels much harder than it should - think the basic resistance is wrong. 
  • G'dog, some very good festive workouts. Despite being  a local I've never ever run or cycled on the under-cliff. Good to start the NY with a 4 day streak. I tried to do the same in terms of staying off the booze - but after last night's PM's broadcast I'm afraid I lapsed!

    LTT, have you a specific marathon tat you are training for? It does kind of take over your life, but in Lockdown that might not be a bad thing. Keep us abreast of progress - and good luck!

    H'nut, I note your observation about rowing and turbos. I reckon you are not far wrong. I guess we could also throw in the dreaded treadmill into the list as well? 

    Today I stayed local. There's a cemetery about 8 minutes run away and in it there's a 250 metre, tarmac, circular path which makes a great 'track'. This means 20x laps will give me a 5k. Horrendously dull but fast. In fact too fast as I'm sure it plays tricks on my Garmin. (Maybe it's the sprit world interfering?) So while I was dead (oops) chuffed with a 21.55 today, I don't quite trust it. This also gave me my first run in my new New Balance - bright salmon - trainers.

  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Hazelnut...not by much. In London there was a brief period when we could go to the gym, but then we went to Tier 4 which is pretty much the same as lockdown except full lockdown has no schools.

    GD, I will celebrate when we're able to parkrun again. Miss it so much.

    LTT...guess you won't make that mistake again. Ouch.

    john, Garmins will always get looped tracks wrong. I've done a couple of track 5Ks and the distance always comes in well over, so I'd imagine you'd be quite a bit short of the distance on an even smaller circuit. (Sorry).

    Rest day yesterday...then out for a 6 mile plod today. Cold, grey and not nice at all. It's also that time of year when (in my bit of London anyway) people chuck out their Christmas trees and going for a run is like the bloody Grand National.
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    A meager 4 miles tonight, but I was happy with that as that's 3 runs in 4 days! Edging my way towards more running days per week.  Remembered tape tonight!

    Again the weather was awful, so no Strava-ing. Must get my watch!  Lots of other runners.  Saw a scary dog, it's owner appealing it to not attack me, plus many other more affable canines.

    Hi John, I'm signed up for an SVN running event called the Olympic Challenge on 27th February.  It's round an old colliery near me and is 4.37 mile loops. I ran a half marathon round there recently (3 loops) and found it quite a hard course.
    It wont go ahead now, but I wanted to get 4 loops so 17.5 miles.
    I then fancied a go at the Kent Spring marathon in April, a small, undulating but scenic local race.  That was the plan anyway..

    Nice running Hazlenut! assuming a Turbo is a training bike, it certainly doesn't need to be any harder it should be at this time of year!

    Nice running Cal, not sure what I'm going to do with the Christmas tree this year, may just abandon it at the bottom of the garden and set fire to it at some point.

  • Cal, thanks very much for the advice on Garmins. Someone else on another thread has advised me much the same.

    LTT, that sounds like a nice event. Shame that it won't happen. There used to be a Thanet marathon years ago? I wonder if it's still run. I did think about having a go but it was described as perhaps not the most scenic - but pretty flat. Talking of which, there was a 20 miler run locally for many years. It attracted a very high class field as it was a perfect pre-London event. But it consisted of 4x5 mile laps  mainly in bungalow territory in a place called Goring. Understandably it became known as the 'boring Goring' event.
  • GuarddogGuarddog ✭✭✭
    Well done for getting out in the conditions, LTT. It's easy to get out when it's a nice sunny day, but I often think the run means more when you go out when it's unpleasant. And it does seem counter intuitive to go slower, but it does work. Although shame that it's now unlikely to go ahead.

    Did get a few smiles, Hazelnut, along with some good banter with a group who were running in various festive headgear. Is there any long term forecast in terms of the ice thawing? And lockdown was eased after we had a two week period back in November. The various regions in England were then placed in tiers in terms of what restrictions were in place, supposedly aligned with the infection rates. However there was confusion as places with higher infection rates were sometimes placed in a lower tier than others who had lower rates. Whilst frustrating I do think a national lockdown is necessary if just to ensure there's a consistent message. I'd better not get started on what I think of the government's performance in all of this, though  ;)

    Loads of Christmas trees being disposed of here, Cal. People appear to take them to specific collection points. Actually saw some being thrown out on Boxing Day.

    Well done on the cemetery circuits, john. Sounds as though your time has been 'buried'. Were the runners a festive present? I got a new pair of Vaporfly 3s - in orange 

    Out at 6:45 this yesterday for a rather chilly run along the seafront. Although I had to scrape the windscreen I hadn't realised quite how treacherous it was underfoot in places until we tried to push the pace and found our feet sliding around. In the end it was a truncated distance as due to our shuffling we didn't run as far as planned and I had to get back for an 8am meeting. A 6:30 meeting this morning meant there is no chance of being able to get out today.

    Whilst not quite going as far as Veganuary we have decided to cut out meat for the month. It's proving a challenge in terms of coming up with meal ideas, but it will be interesting to see if there's any impact in terms of how we feel. 
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    GD, nice. I think you'll find that's called mango. :D
    Good luck with your Veggieanuary. I thought I might cut out sugar but then I saw a really nice gluten free carrot cake in Sainsbury's and proceeded to eat it over the last three days. Next week, maybe, then.

    John, that does sound boring! My club organises the Thames Riverside 20 - I've marshalled the last few years. I daresay it's more scenic, although it does seem to be a bit muddy.

    I was thinking I would go to Battersea Park and do a 5 mile for the virtual road relays, but after that 10K I really didn't feel like I wanted to (especially since my time would not be fast enough to be counted).
    Then another club mate has come up with a virtual climbing challenge (running from today to the first Wednesday in Feb) where we're all in teams and logging our elevation from our runs. That sounded a lot more like something I'd want to do so I set out around 9:30am to do a hilly MLR. I did a very similar route to the one I did on NYD, but with a couple of extra reps of my favourite nasty hill, Hill Path. Some of the hills I took easy (just get to the top) but I pushed on a few others. I was enjoying myself so much I ended up doing 14 miles with well over 400m elevation (Garmin made it 438 while Strava made it around 480 - a bit of difference but not as much as usual).
    Hamstring was complaining towards the end but feels OK now after my customary dunk in Epsom salts.
    I won't be doing hills every day, but it's a good motivator. My team's in the lead on the basis of that run - let's see where we end up in a month.
  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    Are salmon coloured shoes faster JB? Could well be that your GPS is not accurate on the short cemetry loop.  Whilst it might not be good for an accurate 5k you can at least compare efforts over time if you use that route for a regular speed blast.

    Christmas tree Grand National made me smile Cal but don't fall over one.  None of that here - official places for tree collection.  That is a great hilly run, even more so if you enjoyed it so much.

    Right to keep an extra day of running short LTT.  Hard to plan at the moment for anything - likely even virtual events.

    No sign of a break in the weather yet GD.  If I head for lower ground then I can find ice free routes.  Good luck with cutting out meat in January.   Cutting out sugar would be a much harder prospect for me. 

    Trot around with a Tuesday running pal on Tuesday evening.  Due to lack of interest from the others I headed to his place so it was nice to see something new (as far as I could as it was dark).  6 miles in 1:05 with a decent amount of up and down.

    Day off yesterday (public holiday).  I did some bits in my old flat and then drove another few miles to one of my old marathon training routes - i.e. flat.  I intended to run an HM in the classical gentle out and faster back style.  With running up and back down a river on both banks I was reliant upon bridges so a bit extra for 13.8 miles.  I struggled to keep my pace down on the outward leg and overpaced the return as well.  Ooops.  Nice at the time but I need to apply more discipline pacewise in order to do decent speedwork as well rather than do that on overtired legs. 
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    I don't hurdle them, Hazel - I just run around. I have very little spring in my legs so I'm not much of a jumper and, in fact, my running stride is very low and flat. I am basically a hovercraft.
    I'm not a great judge of pace either, although I seem to be pretty slow all round at the moment.

    Had a bit of a panic this morning as my PC monitor went dark for a second - not sure what that was about but any PC related problems put my stress levels through the roof as it's my only means of communicating with the outside world. (I have no apps on my mobile and it's on a calls and text pay as you go plan - I don't really know how to use it for internet stuff but in any case I have a LAN at home rather than wifi. I realised that PC repair shops are not considered essential so I panic ordered a laptop just in case my PC gives up the ghost during lockdown. Won't arrive until next week but at least it'll be a good back-up, and I can take it on travels whenever we're allowed to do that again. Just hoping this big old PC will behave for a bit longer until I can get a new games rig built, which won't happen until lockdown ends.

    Anyway, 6 miles this morning - there were little bits of ice around, like it had hailed or something, but the pavements weren't bad aside from a couple of spots. Not much climbing on this route - around 61 meters. Can't do a big hill workout too often though - I don't think the hamstring would approve. However, it should get pretty strong.

  • G'dog, last Xmas we pooped out little tree into a pot and put it in the garden. It not only survived until this Xmas but actually shed no needles at all. Needless (needleless?) to say we've done the same this year.

    Hats off to all of you who run in dodgy underfoot conditions. I simply won't go out if it's like this. However, my little cemetery track is totally exposed to the sun and whilst it was frosty at 10.30, by 11.00 it was totally frost-free.

    As H'nut advises, I don't treat it as a 5k any more, but I can check against previous times and shaved about 20 seconds off my PB in what turned out to be perfect conditions.
  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
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    Well done JB.  Sounds like a handy route indeed.

    My Yaktrax arrived yesterday so I did a 6 mile test run in them today.  Definitely gave me more confidence on the ice - if it is heavily rutted I can't move fast over it with the Yaktrax on either as there is a risk of turning an ankle anyway but I don't have to worry about slips and slides up and down hill anywhere near as much and on smoother ice I can trot along quite nicely.  Due to the lack of light and some steep ups and downs the 6 miles took a bit more than hour.  Was very nice though - the afternoon walkers had all gone home by the time I went out and I enjoyed the real quiet in the woods taking a quick break at one point to enjoy just that.  Rare these days to get such moments.  

    Edit for GD: this evening's veggie offering: pasta with frozen spinach and fried eggs.   Jolly it up with some sunflower seeds or similar, freshly ground nutmeg, chopped fried onion and garlic etc. etc.   Cheap and quick.
  • Third run of the week tonight, good for me!

    Seven miles as an evening hard frost formed around me.  For the first time my Strava went haywire!, throwing in a big spike I didn't run. I know that the route is exactly 7 miles, but it recorded it as 7.52.

    This is actually really annoying as I wanted to try and record a fast mile at some point. I know have a mile PB of 3:44.  Now, I'm an optimistic man, but I do think that is going to take some shifting!!
    (Anyway to reset that?).

    Still trying to run no miles much under 9 minutes, as advised.  Taking a while to get used to, but do feel fresh.

    Nice running Hazlenut, enjoy your new shoes, they sound great. And good "heavy" half.  Our rivers in the UK are so high and coloured currently, I'd imagine they are where you are too.

    Good running GD, looks like it's getting colder at the weekend! mind that ice.  I also have new trainers for Chrimbo, Epic React Infinity in crimson.

    Swift 5k John.  Nice Work are doing a free, weekly virtual online 5k as a kind of Parkrun replacement.  Might be up your street.  Might even have a crack myself.  I've not heard of a Thanet marathon, but there is a Kent Coastal marathon, in Thanet.  Actually quite undulating that one.

    Hope the PC is Okay Cal.  Know what you mean, I'm spending way more time online than I normally would.  Nice to keep in touch with people at the moment.  

    At least this cold snap appears to be going, albeit temporarily, on sunday.   Lost a little momentum this week as I now know of a Covid fatality and someone else, super-fit, who it's left permanently damaged, and narrowly escaped with their life, gets more real everyday.

    Anyway, onwards and upwards, stay safe.

  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
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    You can use the crop function to get rid of it...and you can delete PBs on your Garmin as well. I've had to do that before now.

    Sorry about those  you know affected by Covid. I am actually more scared about long Covid and losing my ability to run than I am of dying, but I am basically a hermit now so I think my chances of catching it are low.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Still zero here but no frost so I did a relaxed eight miles including a few inclines - nothing too taxing though. I'm going to go for a proper hill run tomorrow. My team needs a boost - we're some way behind the first two teams and my teammates don't seem to be quite the hill enthusiast that I've become.  :D
  • LTT, I think I got the wrong name for that event; it must be the same one as is still being run. 

    With respect to your and Cal's mention of Covid, I had a 3 mile run with my son today, whose wife is now working on the wards in the local (Chichester) hospital. She is a dietician so the very fact that she is working the wards is an indication of how hard-pressed they are. In the Spring, she was very reassuring on the extent of the pandemic. Now, it's akin to a war zone in her words. 


  • Did my long run today as promised the family a decent walk tomorrow.  Cold, grey and rainy.  Needed two vests and a long sleeved top.  I hate running in gloves, and leave them at home unless it's arctic, but it took a good few miles for me to feel my hands today!

    Pretty quiet apart from a few cyclists and a couple of runners.  This was my 4th run of the week rather than the 3rd, and it did make a big difference.  I felt pretty sore from mile 10, even though I was running a very easy 9 and a half minute mile, and was glad to get home.  A speck under 12 miles in 1:53.

    In my first 18months of running I would always take a pound on my long runs and drop into a petrol station for a water/lucozade at some point.  Not really possible now, so I've finally got used to running with bottle belt.  By the addition of a couple of stitches, so it can't slip, although not ideal, it's at least bearable.

    Pleased I've managed to up my running days to four. Monday,tuesday, thursday and saturday.

    Nice 8 miler Cal, good luck with the hills tomorrow!  I'll have a look at my Strava, thankyou.

    Yes John, worrying times, glad you got out today.

    Tomorrow we're walking to a vast field of Brussel sprouts, should be quite a day to remember!

  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    That could be a bit pongy, Linton - I know cabbage fields smell like bad farts.

    Out before 7:30 for my long run today, which (of course) had to be hilly. It was -1 but pavements were largely clear, just some stretches of path that had frost on where I had to be careful.
    I did a variation on my tried and tested route - up to Streatham, through Norwood and along to Dulwich, up the hill to Sydenham then up Hell Hill. Then I circled back for a crack at Rock Hill (a little further along) which is shorter but very steep (around 18%).
    From there I went into Crystal Palace park. It was so misty I couldn't even see the transmitter when I was in the park, and that thing is over 700ft high.
    I didn't do much hill climbing in the park, but ran down, around the lake and then out again to tackle the horrible hills of Anerley. I've done Fox Hill (the one with the 20% sign at the bottom) several times but decided to tackle its neighbours as well. They're all steep, as you'd expect. I finished there with Cypress Road which I actually think is the worst of the lot. Fox starts easy, gets really steep in the middle but levels out again, but Cypress is a pretty constant gradient all the way up. It's around 15% for most of it with a slightly steeper bit near the top - really gruelling.
    I did a couple of big climbs on the way back to Streatham, too (Biggin not that one... and Gibson's Hill) before bombing back home.
    I had enough in the legs to do a little segment sprint on a flat bit in Streatham before heading back home via Tooting Common.
    I did 17 miles in all - I was shooting for 16 but realised I'd go over as I was too far out when I hit 15 miles - so that's more than last week, with around 500m of climb added in.
    Hamstring wasn't too bad but I had a little niggle from the top of my left foot on a couple of the downhills. Not sure if that's a tendon thing or a tight shoe thing but I'll keep an eye on it. It has happened before - I suspect tight peroneals.
    Anyway, overall slow run but with frost, hills and having to stop briefly when a little dog decided to take an interest, I'm fine with that.
  • Nice mile PB LTT  :D Sorry to hear about how close Covid has got to you.  Due to the cold weather and most of the precipitation falling as snow the rivers are pretty low at the moment.  It's when the snow melts in combination with heavy rain that things get interesting.   You are doing well on slowing your runs down, you should notice a difference when you do deliberately do something faster.  Hope you enjoyed the field of sprouts (cooked = yumm!) A tourist highlight in the area?  :)   Good you have got the bottle belt sorted (hate them).  If the gloves get annoying / too hot - just take them off and carry them in your hands, stuff them up your sleeves?

    That was some long run Cal.  Good distance and plenty of hills on top.   If we ever get back to some events, you should really have a look for a nice ultra or two.

    Got colder here again and a nasty NE wind added on top.  Out with a couple of people from my Saturday / Tuesday group yesterday.  We sometimes do some work on gymnastic mats but no-one really fancied that in the cold so we trotted a bit (undulating and chatting so not especially fast), did some exercices - some involving snow encrusted logs (careful balancing, step-ups, press-ups etc.) and jogged some more and repeat.  5.9 miles in 1:17 including all the breaks.

    Today another decent flat MLR - nipped off down the hill per car again - bit warmer and less ice and short trip to old flat.  13.25 miles in 1:50:10 - steady out and faster back (might have had quite a bit to do with the terrain and the tailwind on the way back though).  Fairly quiet for the first hour but lots of people wandering around in the last part.  Even some very hardy cyclists spotted (brrrr!).  I was well wrapped up with fleece lined leggings and a shell jacket but was actually too warm and took off the gloves after about 5 miles and left them off which is unusual considering I normally suffer from cold hands.  Couple of brief stops at convenient drinking places - water was very cold so only a few small mouthfuls.  
  • _Jay__Jay_ ✭✭
    A fairly nippy (-3 but "feels like -5" according to the Met Office) trail five miler with the dog this morning.

    Seven minutes faster than when I ran the same distance on Christmas Eve. That was the first time I'd run that distance for many years, so I'm still at that exciting but ridiculous phase where you can take upwards of five minutes off of previous times. Particularly pleasing because although much faster it was achieved with a markedly lower average heart rate.  And I felt stronger and fitter.

    Pleased I resisted the temptation to increase distance for a third consecutive week (10k was my long run last weekend) and bring it back down for a week. Felt the benefits for sure.
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