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    Today didn't quite go to plan. It was intended to be a long run with the goal of exploring South Norwood Country Park (I've done the parkrun there but not been aside from that) which is further along from Crystal Palace. I got myself there OK, though legs felt pretty heavy, which is not surprising given the hilly 18 on Monday and the hilly 12 on Wednesday, plus speed yesterday. 
    My recollection of the park having gravelly paths was false, as it turned out, but I did do the parkrun during summer. When I got into the park it turned out to be very boggyand I spent some time slipping sliding, walking and wading, which resulted in a 13 minute mile for that part. I decided not to do a circuit of the park as planned but go out the other side. However, I must've taken a different exit to the one I'd originally planned using Strava maps (since I don't know the park well) which meant the nice route home through various green spaces didn't happen and I navigated my way back to familiar territory along a main road using the transmitters as landmarks.
    I thought I was heading back to Crystal Palace but then I realised the transmitter I was looking at was the Croydon one, which sits up by all those nasty hills I love to climb. Still, I knew where I was so I headed back to Streatham from there. I was only on 11 miles when I got back to the top of Streatham Common and realised I couldn't be arsed with taking a detour just to bang out another seven or more miles, so I opted to head back home. I did 14 miles in the end, but I did push the pace to a more respectable sub-10 for the last few miles.
    I may do a recovery tomorrow if I am able, but with snow forecast I'm not sure if that'll be an option. I have done 54 miles this week so it's a good total already, without any extra.
  • Pleased with a decent run today.  Planned to do 16-17 miles, a sensible increase from 15.
    Woke up early when it was still dark,  I was actually pretty excited to get out and try and do a long run!, and knew the earlier I went, the less chance of hitting rain.  Standard 500ml lucozade, and a coffee that would give a rhino an anxiety attack, and out the door.

    left just before 7am, just starting to get light.  Plan was to do a 11.2 mile road loop then quickly swap shoes for older ones (in the porch) and do a very wet and muddy 4.8 mile trail loop for 16 miles.  I thought it may feel a bit easier on me, and lots more to look at.

    At one hour I had my first ever gel, mint flavour.  A bit strange!, but not unpleasant.  The easterly wind was chilly, but I was well dressed.  I got home from the 11.2 in about 1:50.  Quick change of shoes and downed a lucozade, and back out.  The trail was super muddy, but lovely and soft to run on and less slippery than wednesday. Progress was pretty slow but that was fine. By 15 miles I was pretty weary and constantly checking myself for overly sore bits, but felt Ok.

    Home at 16 miles, but felt passable so threw in a gentle 2 mile loop for 18.  Didn't feel totally wiped out when I got home due to the easy pace, 2 lucozades and a gel, but was getting pretty sore.

    18 miles in 3:04 (10:15ish miles, although more 9's on the road, 11's on the trail). My longest ever training run! Hope I feel reasonably Ok tomorrow, so paranoid of overdoing it now on these bigger runs and hurting something.

    Really pleased with that.  If I could learn to maintain that for another 8 miles (difficult I know) that would be 4:30 marathon territory.  For the first time, doing a marathon seems possible, rather than completely implausible!

    Great running Hazlenut, as stated, it looks to be very cold next week, we are forecast heavy snow tomorrow, which is concerning as I'm working miles away, so praying it misses us!
    I also got hungry on my run today, and have eaten loads today!  Evidently lost a few calories.

    That is  huge weekly total Cal! three long runs in a week.  Know what you mean about all the mud and general sliding about, roll on summer!  Think you may be right about the ice next week.

    Have a good weekend.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    That's a great long run, Linton, you're right to feel chuffed. Not sure I'd fancy a mint gel though I guess it would give you fresh breath eh?

    Wasn't sure I'd run at all today but there was no snow on the ground when I woke up (just wet) so I decided to go for it. As I'd already done 54 miles this week including some tough runs, it was only ever going to be an easy run, but I thought it would be nice to do 6 miles to get me to 60 (which is as far as I've ever done in a week).
    I made up the route as I went along and then decided to do the Brixton to Wandsworth prison run (albeit by a slightly different route than last time) so I ended up covering 9 miles for  my highest ever total. There was the temptation to round up to ten but I started feeling quite tired when I went through 8 miles and since I was a mile from home at that point, it seemed appropriate to end at 9. That takes me to my highest ever total of 63 miles. I will definitely rest tomorrow.

    Weather didn't feel that cold except when the wind blew, and it was gusty rather than constant, and while the snow did start around 6 miles in, it was small and didn't settle. Hope it stays that way.a fab long run, Linton. Not sure I'd fancy a mint gel - I guess it would leave your breathe fresh though! I had some chocolate mint ones given to me by a clubmate but I found the much too sickly.

  • Impressive climbing Cal.  I wouldn't be disappointed by the 5k - there will be some accumulated tiredness in your legs from the miles and the hills.   Maybe cut down both for a few weeks and put in some speed training on top of a regular 5k?  Good idea to get yesterday's run done considering the forecast.  Hope you don't get too much snow.

    That's a great long run LTT.  Keep the increases on those small - 10 % seems to be a standard recommendation.  Like the way you went home and then back out again - might be tempting to stay in and not bother! Mint flavoured gel sounds interesting.  What make was that?

    Recovery run on Friday - 5.6 miles.  Ran past 2 herds of sheep with herd protection dogs - big white ones that came running up to the fence barking and growling.  Don't know if they were in training for the mountains or if we might get wolves around here (likely not though).  

    Yesterday I was out and about with a couple of mates - 3.1 miles solo warm-up then we did a round together, some strength exercices (ouch - been neglecting those) and a cool-down round.  Nice to have a chat.  Bit short of 8 miles in total. 
  • Rare flat long run yesterday.  16.8 miles in 2:25 which was a bit on the fast side - started off too quickly.  Drove down the hill to the river for this - not a very inspiring area as it is very much geared to agriculture - the river is in a channel and not much other than mud on the fields at the moment. Wind can whistle across also which it did in parts, it depends on which side of the river dam you are on.  Few people than I was expecting about - drizzly cool sort of day I guess.  It was snowing lightly and 2 degrees on getting home.  Fuelling - a few swallows of water, a mini mars and a mini bounty.   Feet were a bit sore by the end and my core was aching all the way around from Saturday's exercices but legs feel ok today.  
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  • 5 recovery yesterday afternoon.  Met quite a few people out in the woods - mostly dog walkers.  Had to put in a minor pause for one group as they had to sort out several large dogs on long leads causing some giggling from all.  Getting colder again here as well - looking at the prognosis we are due a high of -4 degrees towards the end of the week.  Woke up to a few centimetres of snow this morning.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Nice long run, Hazel. It's freezing here - I think it's down to -5 in a couple of nights.

    Well it's proper snowy in London now. I really didn't want to go out but I stuck my trail shoes on, bundled myself up in layers and got out just before midday. I started walking up my road but the pavement wasn't that bad so once I'd crossed the first road, I ran the rest of the way to the common. I figured it would be safest to try and stick to the grass/dirt but ended up running on a mixture of that and hard paths, since my shoes seemed to cope. The problem with snow is that it hides a myriad of hazards such as water, lumpy bits you can roll your ankle on and mud. The worst bit was the mud through the woods past the railway line - I knew it was muddy but I figured it must have frozen solid. It hadn't, so I ended up skirting around it at walking pace. 
    A very slow run but I did cover 5 miles. It was sort of enjoyable, but it also felt like hard work. I guess the concentration combined with not having run offroad for a while, plus wearing low drop shoes, tested the old legs in ways they are not used to. 
    Still, at least I know I can run on the snow, even if I have to slow down.
  • Well done Cal, glad you got out!  Well done on your trail run.

    Weird to have a couple of days of proper snow for a change.  Parts of Kent are pretty bad.

    Nearly binned my car on the ice driving home from work, and then nearly fell on my arse walking down the driveway, the snow having compacted and frozen, so no run yet this week.  Don't feel too bad after my 18, hopefully.

    Nice long run Hazlenut, that's rapid! Those dogs sound intimidating!
  • I've found it easier running than walking, Linton - though maybe because I put trail shoes on. No harm in having some days off, though. This is definitely an easier week for me.

    I wasn't feeling enthusiastic about today at all but once I'd forced myself to put my tights on, I was OK. Getting into my running kit is half the battle - once it's on then my head's in the right place. 
    It turned out to be cold but sunny - it actually looks lovely and I had enough layers on not to feel too cold, although it was below freezing. Less snow than yesterday and some pavements were decent but others, not so much. I did a few miles on Tooting Common  and the paths are rather icy there so I ran alongside them where I could. I did venture into the woods again and it was slow going there but at least the mud has frozen.

    After that I hit the side roads and found most pavements OK to run on. I was able to gain more confidence in my footing as the run went on and the last two miles were at my normal easy pace.

    I did 8 miles in the end - not the usual MLR I'd do on a Wednesday but actually further than I thought I'd do in these conditions.

    Not sure whether I will run tomorrow or not - it's going to be -5 tonight so it could be very icy, or it could just be cold. I will have to wait and see.
  • Tried to run tonight.  Immediately realized it was a bad idea as the pavement was so icy.  I'm much more cautious since my fall in the ice a few week.  Had to run down the middle of the road, as that was the only ice-free bit.
    I went only as far as our local sports pitch and did loops in the snow, but only 4 miles.

    Well done for getting out again Cal, the snow is falling really heavily down here in Sandwich.
  • Seems quite a bit more snow than you are used to at the moment then - and more than I have as well.  Take care.  Running in it / on it is harder work with balancing out all the lumps and bumps and slips and slides.

    Agree on getting on the kit and out of the door Cal.  Much easier if the weather is nice!

    Don't get run over LTT.  

    Tuesday saw a gentle outing with a mate - I drove to his this week and finally got to meet his cows (he is a dairy farmer).  Very curious beasts.  Around 7 miles this time on a pretty scenic route - through a small valley with several small old mills, then up out of a minor gorge to look at some man-made sandstone caves which I hadn't seen before.  We walked up the steps here.  A house at the top of the ridge looks a bit dodgy - the slope right next to it has started to collapse due to all the wet weather.  Wouldn't like to be the people living there. 

    Yesterday's outing involved hills - again somewhere between 6 and 7 miles.  Took a bit for me to go out (the get your kit on and out of the door problem) as it was raining heavily at the time I had planned - fortunately that washed away the morning's snow.  1 and a half village loops then 10 x up and down a local hill - the segment I set up has it at 0.23k with 28m of ascent - around 11% but that is the overall gradient - parts are steeper.  Nice workout - rather than all-out pace I concentrated on decent form - using my arms and picking up my feet.   Around 2 miles of cool down.
  • I am not good at picking up my feet, Hazel - when I concentrate on it, it feels really tiring.
    Well done for getting out, even for a short one, LTT.

    Very cold last night so wasn't sure if it would be possible to run today and there was another dusting of snow on the roof outside my window. I waited until nearly midday to run and by that point, I was less than enthusiastic, but the sun was shining and pavements were mostly clear. Legs felt heavy, though, and hamstring wasn't happy about the cold. I told myself I'd just do 4 miles but then 4 became 5 and 5 became 6. 

    Next week is warmer so I'm hoping to return to some decent distances then. But I don't have a marathon until May (if it happens) so I'll need to pace myself.
  • Tried again tonight! Didn't manage to get out until about 6 it was already minus 2C

    The pavements were big sheets of ice and I could only, again, run down the middle of the road and move to the edge when cars came.  Not fun or relaxing in any way.  Gave up after 4 miles.  That's me done until the temperature increases and the ice goes.

    Good running Hazlenut.  One of my friends when I was early 20's was a cow milker, went wth him few times, pretty cool.  Nice hill running.

    Glad you got out Cal! totally agree, thank goodness for some warmer weather next week.

  • My calves are still suffering from that pick the feet up Cal.  Grumpy bits do seem to feel grumpier in the cold - well done for sticking it out for a couple of extra miles.  Nice to get some sunshine.

    Hope you were well hi-vized up LTT.  Treat yourself to a couple of days off to get that ice cleared.

    11.2 miles yesterday afternoon.  Combined it with a supermarket trip - so shop, dump the car and run - gives me an opportunity to run on a flat route and don't have to worry about any items of shopping going off in those temps.  Sub zero temps (car said -8 on getting home but that is a good 200m higher so likely around -5 on my running route) and a nasty NE wind meant it took quite a while to get everything working.  I was wearing reasonably thick gloves with an extra wind flap (turns them into a mitten) but my fingers promptly froze for a couple of miles.  Feet unusually cold as well.  The worst bit was the quads whilst running against the wind - felt pretty leaden and sore (not helped by the hills of the previous day I guess).  I had to wait for a couple of minutes at a level crossing and put up my running jacket hood and like a buffalo turned my arse into the wind which helped.  I was glad to be able to turn out of the wind after about 4.5 miles - felt much warmer.  Overall pace was a bit higher than I had intended but I needed to generate enough warmth on the out-leg.  A bit of up and down hill on the last couple of miles went down ok though.  Might think about the windproof overtrousers for my outing later (thin tights below) or add an extra pair of shorts.
  • Frustrating,'s not as icy here but it's still bloody cold.
    That's a good distance, Hazel - I don't much enjoy being out in this weather, even if the sun is out. My legs have definitely felt heavier this week, too.

    I wasn't going to run today but I looked at the weather forecast and today was less freezing than tomorrow (it's going to be -5 again, brrr). So I left it until 10 and the sun was out by that point, although it was still freezing. I managed something of a tempo - two miles to warm up and then I attempted marathon pace. First MP mile was a couple of seconds slow but the second was a bit slower due to battling into an icy headwind (not as strong as yours, Hazel, but still slowed me down). After that I picked up a bit and managed the other two in the 8:40s which is close to HMP so I was content with that.

    6 miles in all...hamstring didn't much like it but it should be better once it's warmer next week.
  • Rest yesterday so I dragged myself out for a long run today. Legs felt stiff and it was cold and grey and the wind was bitter when it blew, though fortunately it wasn't constant. The pavements were mostly fine but there were a few places where it was ice but, as it was a Sunday morning, I was able to run into the road to avoid it where necessary.
    I decided to treat myself to Anerley Hill (which runs along Crystal Palace Park) since I'd run down it last weekend but had never run up it. I almost did a reverse of last weekend's route, running down to South Norwood, only I ran around South Norwood Country Park rather than trying to cut through it, due to the mud and standing water.
    It was a pretty boring route, mostly along main roads, since I figured I'd have the best chance of avoiding ice, but it was also a mostly new route.
    I didn't check my Garmin except every now and then for distance so I was pleasantly surprised to see my pace had improved - only one mile over 11 (which had 53m of climb) and a few sub-10s on the downhill parts coming home - an average of 10:21 for the whole run.
    I'm glad to see the back of this cold weather, even if it means rain next week - I'd rather be wet than slipping and sliding on snow and ice.
  • Wondered if after my 18 miler I would have any niggles, expected it to be honest.

      When I did my two runs during the week my old nemesis my left knee was niggling well, loose, clunky and sore, but I put that down to being bitterly cold, and running on grass a fair bit, that always seems to set it off.

    Minus 6 at work yesterday, but a savage wind chill. Did 7.4 miles last night; about 4 miles of trail and lots of laps of our local cricket pitch for 7.4 miles, some at reasonable pace.  By the time I got home it really wasn't great.

    Planned 7.5 mile walk to the sea with other half today, but embarrassingly got a mate in our road to pop out and get us at 4.8 as I was limping so bad!  Will take a few days off and hope it improves quickly, fingers crossed, it was all going so well!  My knee has given me trouble on and off since I started running unfortunately.  I do lots of quad strengthening and stretching exercises, but it still plays up.  A hangover from football days I think.

    Great running Cal (second one 11 mile plus I guess?).  I know what you mean about running in this weather,  it is hard work to warm up properly.  Well done on the hills.  

    Roll on spring!

  • Ugh I hope it's just a passing twinge, LTT.  :/

    Definitely warmer today, thank goodness. Yesterday's run left me quite sore (not sure if it was the cold, the slightly faster pace or the hills) so I thought I'd give the old recovery run a go as it seemed to work well last time. Did 4 miles. Ice has all gone but the flood by the playground on Tooting Common is back so I got wet feet again. Ugh.
  • Ups got a bit behind on posting again.

    That was a good tempo run Cal and a nice longie on top.  Good news the ice is gone but wet feet aren't nice either.

    Oh no - not again LTT.  You were doing well and building sensibly.  Hope that improves quickly.

    Our cold spell seems to be over for now.  Might be up to 9 degrees this afternoon.  Means I will be able to go out in less clothing - less washing.  It has been interesting experimenting with different layers to see what works out best.  Got out every day - I decided to take a cut down week mileage wise due to the weather - rather than this week - so no long run at the weekend.  I also did a decent walk with OH on Sunday morning and didn't want to end up with nearly 40k on foot - would be pushing it a bit.  As it was I had slightly tired legs yesterday and felt no need to push around a 5 mile recovery (not the point of it anyway).  I did however put in a set of strides towards the end - should get back into the habit of doing those once a week. 
  • I need to do strides as well, Hazel, as much for form and foot speed as anything. Just 6 today though, at the faster end of easy pace. Hammy was quite grumpy still. 
    Warm though - I went out in a T-shirt with arm sleeves and then pulled the sleeves off after 3 miles as I got too hot. Amazing considering how many layers I was wearing on Sunday. I could quite easily have worn shorts too, but I'm sticking with long tights until my hamstring quietens down a bit.
  • That is what I understand strides are for Cal - sometimes I like doing them, other times it is just a drudge.  Amazing how warm it feels after such a cold spell.  Arm sleeves are such a useful bit of kit.

    Little group run yesterday evening - 3 of us - 5 would be allowed.  My standard running partner of the last few weeks and one lady I haven't seen for several months as she had a back injury and took her time to get back to running.  After a few weeks of alternating locations with the standard guy we went back to our standard Tuesday route. A few new potholes I need to familiarize myself with.  I forgot to take my headtorch but fortunately had a spare in the car. 
  • Hard 5k effort yesterday - came out as 21:14 for the 5k according to Fetch which gives me a 75% wava.  I had actually intended to do an LT effort which would have been a good minute slower but the first k felt good and I decided to press on.  4-5 were hard work though.  The 6th fastest 5k I have collected over the last couple of years.  Warm-up of 2.5 miles with 4 x faster bits and a cool-down of 1.9 miles.  More or less perfect conditions - little wind and fairly cool.  I also got a new pair of shoes out of the cupboard for the first time.  A model I am familiar with - Brooks Launch 7.  I was browsing the equivalent times for 75% for other distances and might have a go at a few.  A 6:24 mile sounds awful though.  More likely to hit the targets for 5m and 10k.  Solo TT runs for anything over 10m must be mentally tough.  Not likely to have a go at a 3:18 mara!  Won't overdo it though.  My actual intention is to get back to a decent 4 mile tempo run from P&D.
  • I find sustained speed tough myself - I think it's quite mentally draining to keep pushing when it feels hard. It's a bit different in a race when you have people around you but on your own, it's definitely tough. That's a very good 5K time. For me, a very good time is 24:xx and 25:xx is decent. 

    I didn't feel up to running yesterday - tired with a scratchy throat (I'm not sick but sometimes I get a slight sore throat, I think when I've been pushing it and sleep's not been awesome). Even though last week was lower mileage, I had some big weeks and a lot of hills before it so body needed a bit of rest, still.
    Anyway, got myself out this morning for my MLR. Weather forecast wasn't promising - wind and rain - but it actually turned out to be lovely. Mild and sunny for most of it.
    My hamstring, hip and glute were pretty awful but I felt quite good apart from that and managed 12 miles between 10 and 10:30 pace which is a lot more like it (especially as I threw in four good hills).
    I treated myself to a fresh pair of kicks (still Epic Reacts - I have one more pair after this before I have to go shoe shopping again) as the ones I've been wearing have nearly 1000 miles on them. I expected them to feel a lot bouncier but there wasn't a huge amount of difference and my feet got quite sore (I think the flyknit needs to relax a bit).
    I compared the new pair to the old ones and the foam has compressed a bit in the old pair, and there's a little wear on the forefoot, but other than that they're not bad at all. There's no wear at all on the heel (but since I'm not a heel striker I'm not surprised).
  • Nice you had much better than expected conditions for your run yesterday.  Good pace too.  Are the hills feeling generally a bit easier after your climbing month?

    It was interesting comparing my new shoes to the old - the new ones need a bit of wearing in as they felt a bit clunky.  I also need to sort out the laces so they are just as they need to be.  They also need a few splashes of mud!  1000 miles seems a lot for a pair of shoes, I think my oldest are at around 600 and I will be retiring them soon as they feel tired.  Maybe it is because I generally use the older pairs for recovery runs and I often have tired legs on those.
  • The Epic Reacts last very well, which is all the more annoying that they've been discontinued.

    Not good news for me, though. My proximal hamstring tendinopathy has taken a turn for the worse. A while after my run yesterday it really started giving me gip when I caught my foot on something walking around my flat, my slight stumble sent a bolt of pain through my hip that made me yelp. 
    So I'll have to take some time off and really focus on the rehab stuff. I don't know how long it'll take to settle this time but I guess we'll see.
  • Hi folks,

    Well due to my bad knee I've had to take a full week off running.

    I put it down to the 18 miler, then running in that very cold weather (minus 4 was coldest run but with a big windchill) meaning I don't think I warmed up one bit and my dreaded runner's knee returned in my left knee.  Lose, clunky and sore.

    Made a new loop of comprised of maybe 40% road, 30% trail, and 30% public footpath criss-crossing the very exclusive Royal St George golf course.  Really enjoyed it.

    Legs felt amazing for a week off, and my knee felt Ok until about mile 7, then sore, but plodded 9.3 miles and it doesn't feel terrible afterwards, but think it will take a little while to get better and will have to go very easy for a bit for sure. 

    That's a great 5k solo Hazlenut.  To do one on your own must be tough. I do think I have lost a tonne of pace over 5k, my last Parkrun was 20:23 but don't think I could get anywhere near that now with all the plodding.  Do hope Parkrun returns soon!

    Hope you get better soon Cal, annoying you've had a flare up.  Hopefully it doesn't take too long to get back out there.  You've been doing some big mileage definitely.

    My epic react Infinities have 430 ish miles and although they look virtually new above the sole, the sole is getting fairly worn, mainly on the heel and toe.  Surprising as I think I land fairly mid foot, but I think they have some sort of rocker-type design. Also until last month, all my miles were road.  I have one unused pair left.

    Again, 6 months after release they have already been updated for a version 2, which is heavier and cushier by all accounts.  Think I'd prefer these ones which are cushioned but the top is pretty lightweight.
    1000 miles to a pair of trainers is awesome Cal.

    Have a great week all.

  • Bit lazy posting again.

    Ouch to the hip etc. Cal.  Hope the running rest and some rehab clears that up quickly. 

    Glad to see you out again LTT.  Take care of flying golf balls (I imagine the course is currently closed anyway?).  20:23 was a great time.  I didn't have parkrun beforehand to miss now but I can imagine its popularity.  The advantage with regular shoe releases seems to be that the older models get cheaper (if you can find them in your size).

    Trotted through the rest of last week.  That 5k did take it out of me a bit - likely as well because I backed it up on Thursday with an undulating MLR on tired legs and also did some cycling as well involving more hills.  Not sore anywhere - just tired.    It took me a while to get going in yesterday's MLR (14.x in 2:02), bit of a battle of the legs against the mind.  I was able to pick up the pace for the last couple of miles but would have ideally done a longer stretch at a faster pace than I did.  Lovely day for it - sun felt very strong though I suffered quite a bit from it in the sheltered spots but it was actually quite bearable when I turned into the wind.  Few mouthfuls of water and a stray lemon flavoured gel (probably a goody bag one) for fuelling.  The gel went down well, could try to get some more.
  • GuarddogGuarddog ✭✭✭
    Good grief it's been busy in the month I've been away. I'm going to have to try to catch up.

    The good news is over the weekend I managed two runs, the first in over a month and both of 4 miles and very much of the run/walk variety. Which always makes me feel as if I'm cheating. Saturday was along the Adur with 5 min jogs and 2.5 min walks. It certainly felt good to be out. Sunday was along the seafront from Southwick heading back towards Hove and this time 6 min jog with 2 min walk. Once the achilles actually warmed up it didn't feel bad at all, certainly not the burning sensation I was getting before. Legs, however, felt very stiff.

    Work had become absolutely stupid. We finally went live with one of the projects at the beginning of February, but any thought of being able to slow down were soon dispelled as I was given another piece of work. I was feeling my stress levels going through the roof as I'd literally spend 9 hours a day with headphones clamped to my ears being on calls whilst simultaneously dealing with emails and having 5 conversations on Teams covering different issues.

    It came to a bit of a head a couple of weeks ago when having been on calls since 6am I finished a meeting and started to feel pain in my left shoulder, which rapidly spread over my chest. Bit of a shock and after telling my partner that I didn't want to worry her, but I was having chest pains we looked at the 111 website, answered a few questions and in big red letters it told us to call 999. Forty minutes later an ambulance turned up, stuck wires on me and started checking my heart. The ECG turned out normal, but I was advised to go to A&E, which I duly did and spent 8 hours having further ECG tests, blood tests, chest x-rays. They were concerned that an enzyme was borderline, but other than that no real explanation for the pains, although I suspect it was caused by stress. I did take the next day off where I did nothing but watch a bit of cricket and go for a long walk and as it was a Friday it made a nice long weekend. However when went back to work on the Monday I'd got 250 emails!!
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