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    Good running as always, Hazelnut, and as you say once the lighter evenings come about more people will start to join the group runs. Not too sure about the fresh air if I'm completely honest. The run takes us past the waste treatment plant which does stick to the back of the throat at times.

    Welcome back, PM, and really sorry to hear abut your struggles. It is difficult to get motivated when there's no events to enter, but I think running during the first lockdown was really the only thing keeping me sane. Hopefully now you're out and with new runners you'll feel inspired. And a recovery would be a good idea if you've not run in a while.

    Welcome, BeardedGru, and pleased to read you found a rhythm in your run. It's great when that happens.

    What's the advice the physio is giving, Cal? Are they suggesting more rest or are they happy for you to get out on it?

    So sorry to hear the double bad news, LTT. Losing a friend at this stage just when we're getting the vaccine is a real kick in the teeth. And I do now what it's like when one loses a pet. They do worm their way in to your affections.

    Well done on the 4 miles Maz. I guess the step up is up to you and how you're feeling. If you think you can push it a bit more then why not? It's nice to feel as though you're improving, with or without events.

    The usual 2 runs over the weekend. Adur on the Saturday, this time pushing it a bit further and getting in 6.5 miles. Quite windy out that morning and any hope that there may be some assistance from it was quashed with how swirly it was. 

    Sunday was an 8 miler starting at Southwick and heading east towards Brighton. Turned just by the Brighton Centre (where I got my vaccination today) and then back again. The out run I let my partner run off. Well when I say let, I couldn't keep up with her as she turned into a brightly coloured speck in the distance. When we turned we realised that the wind was now against us and it was a hard slog. I think at that point she started to struggle. Not that I wasn't, but the thought of the bap afterwards kept me going and as I went beyond 7 miles I suddenly felt as if I was starting to get back into things. Times are still not great, but at least there's some endurance coming back.

    For a Xmas present she'd bought me a Theragun to aid recovery. There was something wrong with it as it wouldn't charge and so it was returned. Saturday we finally got the replacement and so I had a go at that on Sunday. It effectively pummels you. Quite hard. Like having a physio session or sports massage. Not too sure yet if it's done me any good.
  • Trail half marathon Saturday. Muddy and seriously windy. First half since my 18.  Didn't particularly enjoy it but got it done.

    Need some trail shoes now I have where possible  eschewed pavements. Any suggestions?

    Glad you're improving Guarddog. Sound promising.

    Good running Hazlenut. Know what you mean about that wind! Almost blown across fields on the open stretches.

    Well done Pompeymatt, always nice to bag a double figure run.

    Have a good week.
  • Ive just got back from my run. It was my birthday recently and the wife got me an entry level garmin watch.

    My first few runs with it i was looking at the distance/speed during my runs.

    Today, i decided to let me body tell me how it was feeling. So i turned it on when i started my run and clicked it off when i git 5k.

    Times were:
    32 mins
    Pace: 6.24/km

    Needless to say, i was shocked at the difference in times compared to my other runs.

    Dont get me wrong, the last km i was really struggling.
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    Good news on the 10 miler Matt - well done.  Good idea to take a regular recovery week.

    Good weekend of running GD.  I like the idea of food keeping you going.  I think Cal has a Theragun thingy too.

    Well done on the trail HM LTT.  Hard to say regarding the trail shoes other than that they obviously need to fit you properly.  I tend to look for a shoe with a rock plate in the sole and a sticky rubber sole as I am often running on stony / mildly rocky ground.  If you are dealing with a lot of mud then this might be less of a consideration - you will more want a good tread. 

    Belated happy birthday BeardedGru.  Nice pressie! 

    14 miles on Sunday.  With a forecast of snow as of midday I set out mid-morning and timed it very well to get back 5 minutes before the heavens opened.  Basically a down and back up the hill route - I am planning at some point to run around the whole hill I live on - likely 20+ miles - this outing was to check out a way around the eastern end. 

    3.4 miles recovery yesterday - 3 x village loop as I didn't fancy running in mucky slush anywhere else. 
  • My new race kit arrived today!; navy blue race shorts, matching vest and headband.

    I desperately needed to get my hair cut at Christmas, but ended up working 3 weekends on the bounce, then had to go shopping.  Lockdown followed and I now look like Syd Barrett in his prime.  My hair is vast!  The headband was needed so I can see where I'm going.  I keep losing my hat in the brutal winds this winter.

    Went for a run in my new kit, but it was pretty cold so my recovery 5.25 miles was way too fast.  First 3 miles barely 8's.

    Great present Bearded Gru!  What model of watch was it?  Are you happy with it? I need to buy one.

    Good training Hazlenut.  we're forecast colder weather towards the end of the week.  20 miles is a beast of a run!  Thanks for the trail shoe advice.  I was back on the roads tonight; it has rained very heavily since the weekend I they will be flooded.

  • Its a Garmin Forerunner 35. Nothing fancy, but does the job
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    Think we almost need a pic of the hair LTT, just checked out Mr Barretts.. :) Brr to running in a vest and shorts.  You need a race soon then to give them a proper turnout.

    Non-fancy watch sounds good to me BeardedGru.   Wouldn't like one for which I would need to carry the instructions manual around to know which buttons to press when.

    8.3 miles yesterday evening - a couple solo then met up with 3 others on our traditional Tuesday evening route.  We split around half way - the two guys took the shorter variant, the ladies the longer meeting back at the finish point together.
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    Progressive pace check run yesterday - 8km, upping the pace after each km. Started at recovery pace and worked down to my theoretical 5k race pace.  Objective was to improve my perception of various paces as I often run too fast at the slower end and too slow at the faster.  I was pleased with yesterday's results as I more or less hit every target and did manage a final k @ 4:04 which I wasn't sure I would get done.  Also did a 5k cool-down - I had to run it a bit faster than I wanted to as a breeze was getting up and being a bit sweaty from the fast running I was getting a bit chilled.   
  • I will try and do one! Still at least 3 weeks until I can get my haircut!

    5.2 miles in heavy rain tonight, Took my trail loop which was a complete slippery mud bath. It has rained almost continuously since the weekend. I want to do a decent run at the weekend, niggly ankle still.

    Good training Hazlenut. A 4 minute km is rapid indeed!

    That watch looks good for me Bearded Gru. Does it do distance / time/ split pace?

    Like the look of Salomon speedcross for trail, probably a bit over kill.

    I have a choice for the 11th april; a really very hilly and tough half marathon, or an SVN distance challenge. Both will be hard work!, but must book one soon.

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    Well done for running in those conditions LTT.  The Speedcross look quite good for muddy conditions.  Difficult choice for 11th April - what does the distance challenge entail?  You could do the half as a get round it challenge - if necessary walk the hills?

    Might have a "race" on the 10th as long as it doesn't get banned.  Our hill series would be starting then - rather than a mass start the course is open from 9am until 5pm with timing.  Might give it a whirl.

    9.8 local undulating miles yesterday - worked a bit too hard so will need a recovery today.  Felt overdressed initially but once in the shade of the woods it was cool enough.  Saw a family out - guy running, his son (?) as well and the daughter (?) on a bike.  Looked like they were enjoying it.
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    Nice to see the regulars have been joined by some names that are unfamiliar to me. I tend to stick with the Mature Runners thread these days, hence I've not posted here for some time. (The Matures thread is a bit underpopulated.)

    So just checking in for some shameless self-promotion. After some 35 years of running (I'm 66), last week I (finally) crossed the 80% WAVA threshold which has become something of a personal obsession, having got to 79.6% a few years back.

    As I've been able to run more or less unbroken since the New Year, I found a bit of form, but even better I found a very, very strong wind and ran 5k in one direction (I think you can guess whether I had the wind behind me or not). I told you I was shameless. I managed 20.57 (WAVA 80.81%). 

    Just to prove that there is such a thing as justice, later that day I managed to trip over my neighbour's dog and banged up my, already dodgy, knee. The gods of running were clearly punishing me and just for a short while I wondered if I'd gone from peak to retirement in the space of an hour or so,

    Anyway, it goes to show that you can run into your 60s (and well beyond of course) and in relative terms still improve, although I don't think I'll now improve on that. Especially if I keep tripping over dogs.

  • Another 5k in the legs today. Changed my route and tried something different.

    5k in 33mins with an average pace of 6.34 min/km.

    Happy with the results.

    Also looked at my VO2max which i must admit im not over familar with. Its gone up to 36, which was higher than what it was. I now weigh less that 16st, cant remember the last time i weighed less than that haha.

    Very happy, everything is going in the right direction!

    @LintonTravelTavern yes, i believe it does. It gives me a time for each KM, is that what you mean?
  • 16.6 miles today, most of it trail.  Annoyingly my Strava threw in an inaccurate loop, which it's only ever done done once before, claiming 17.1 miles.

    Measured the run on map tools at 16.6, easy pace. 2 hour 50.  Haven't been sleeping at all well recently, waking up at 4 each day, and the first 6 miles were a real slog, but was flowing quite well at the end.

    Loving having a hydration vest!  Took a bit of getting used to but think it will be required at post-covid races.  Got through approx 500ml.  Practiced fuelling; bottle of lucozade before starting, mint flavoured gel after 1 hour, small Chia charge bar at 2 hours.

    Hi Hazlenut, the distance challenge involves running 4.37 mile loops round a, to me, fairly tough course in a 6 hour limit.  So really, 13.1, 17.5, 21.85, 26.2. 
    The half marathon course looks scenic, but I really want a crack at a PB course!  There's a really good one in June on a flat course.  That sounds a tough old traing run you did! Nice you have a race to aim at, with luck.

    Good to see you John Bateman!  That is a great 5k time! Good to see you running well in later life.  I remember running the folkstone 10 and seeing an old guy plodding along, ( it was an out and back course) and thinking he was absolutely awesome!  More inspiring than the fast runners at the front really.  Had to look at his age in the results he was MV80 and was infact 83.  What a guy!  Hope for me finding running at 40 that I (hopefully!) can carry on a while yet.  Hope the knee improves!

    Thanks for the watch help Bearded Gru.  Glad training is going well.
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    Thanks LTT. That's a fair old distance you did today. Should help you sleep. Our local HM course used to have the slogan: 'There's fast - and there's Worthing!' Flat as a pancake and a PB target.
    Talking of PBs, my son who runs (one does, the other doesn't) invited an 'old schoolmate' along to our very informal and socially distanced Saturday morning 5k. Turns out he's a former 14.30 runner and something of a local running legend. Still only 33, he's not run seriously for a few years following injury and now is a bit of a gym monster (going from under 9 to over 13 stone). Still churned out a sub 21 minute 5k.  Just for a few moments I thought I could actually catch him. I didn't.
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    Excellent 5k / Wava JB!  I have a list of the times I would currently need to get a 75% wava on my desk - managed 5k so far, but 80 % is ouch!  Hope your knee is ok after the fall.  Shame that guy got injured. 

    Well done on the weight loss and the 5k Bearded!

    Nice long run LTT.  Glad you are getting on well with the vest and the fuelling.  

    Agree it is nice to see older people still out running / racing.   

    Decent enough weekend of running for me - recovery on Friday around 5 miles.  Met up with a couple of others on Saturday for a hilly loop of around 6 miles.  Yesterday was a 10.4 miler - was a bit marred by a fall after 400m already.  Hit a patch of rogue ice and thump...  Bit bruised but no visible holes so got going again.  Bit achy today - primarily arms/shoulders but just muscular. 
  • H'nut, I will send you your membership to the 'Falling Over Club'. Take it easy.

    I managed a half decent 10K today (by no means my fave distance). Turns out to be my best since 2019 but that's not much of a claim: 48.11.
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    Good to see you back, john, and well done on the Wava and also the 5 and 10K times. Fantastic performance. Hopefully the knee isn't too sore now.

    Good distance, LTT, and well done on the refueling practice. It's very wise to do that now and get to know what works and what doesn't. Likewise I'm struggling with sleep again, having gone through a period of getting a good night's sleep I'm finding myself waking up at 4 as well. Must be something in the air.

    Great running BeardedGru and congrats on the weight loss and the V02 figure. The fact it's going up shows that you're getting fitter.

    Ouch, Hazelnut. Go steady on the ice. hopefully you won't have to deal with it for much longer once it starts to warm up a bit more.

    Happy Spring all. Usual two runs over the weekend. I felt a bit of a spring in my step on Saturday. Whether it was the imminent change in the season, or the fact I had my first jab last, week for the run along the Adur to Botolphs I decided to give it a bit of welly. Something of a mistake as although the out leg I felt good for most of the three and a quarter miles, and was certainly going quicker than I have been recently, once we turned to come back my pace dropped off a tad. Still I was pleased to at least feel I could pick the pace up.

    Sunday was again from Southwick towards Brighton. We decided to up the mileage with the plan to do 9 miles. I figured that would take us to the Palace Pier and we set off with a breeze in our faces and the delights of the waste treatment plant in our nostrils. Once we hit the promenade at Hove lagoon (I heard yesterday that Norman Cooke, aka Fat Boy Slim, has a cafe near there which, as he's been serving during lockdown, I must make a point of going to) my partner opened up a gap that started to stretch as I tried to maintain a steady easy pace. Which meant that as she runs to KM rather than miles she went to 7.5K - so the plan of a 9 miler turned into 15K. The return was tough, legs still haven't quite got it in them yet, and the sausage and egg sandwich did sit quite heavily afterwards. Theragun was used once back home and found some rather knotty bits in my calf. Really think I need to start doing some hills and speed work now that the achilles is holding up.
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    Nice to back up that great 5k with a good 10k JB. 

    Has your work situation eased a bit in the meantime GD?  Maybe waking up early is preparation for the clocks changing.  Nice details for your run on Sunday.  You have built back up well from run-walking just a few weeks ago. 

    5 miles yesterday evening.  Fresh and breezy but no ice this time - it is still freezing at night but we will be up to double figures in the day as of Thursday apparently - must dust off the shorts.   Only met my neighbour taking his dog for a walk but no-one else - woods to myself which I always like.  Ran a bit faster than planned but without overdoing it - listened to the effort level as well as looking at the watch and decided it was ok.  
  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    Out with my small Tuesday group yesterday evening - standard 6.5 miles in 1:03.  Set off at sunset - I'm looking forward to running in full daylight next week.  4 of us out - 2 ladies and 2 guys - the regular guy bought his son with him for the first time.  We split about half way so that they took the shorter route and we ladies the longer - about 1 mile difference.  Both have the same climb and we timed it nicely so that both pairs arrived back at the finish together.  Felt a bit less tired this week on the climbs - seemed the cutback week was worth it.  Roads seemed pretty quiet nice to hear the last of the evening chorus but we met quite a few people still out for a wander - with and without dogs.
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    Well done on the runs, Hazelnut, and hopefully your shorts won't be too dusty. I've noticed a couple of times on your group runs it's you ladies that do the longer route and the guys take the shorter one. Why is that?

    Work has eased off to a degree, but it's still a worry with a number of projects still ongoing and trying to get answers to questions we have is a challenge. I think the relentless nature of how we're churning these out is having an affect on everyone, plus the detachment we're all feeling from working remotely.

    Thanks for the encouragement. I have to admit I don't feel on top form either in pace or endurance, but as you say it wasn't that long ago that I was doing run/walk. I'm heartened by the fact that this time last year I was at the same point having had the back issues and found pace and form later for PBs over 5K and HM, so trying to think positively. And the 'bubble runs' start next week which will help enormously.
  • G'dog, I don't know about you, but (being something of a fair weather wimp), my running mojo always gets a lift when the warmer weather arrives. In which case, you have a great seaside spring and summer ahead and hopefully some events to focus the mind. I'm doing the Worthing 10k in June - this is a good PB course. 

    H'nut, you are a terrific trainer! And in all weathers and underfoot conditions/terrains it appears, Have you got a target race(s) later in the year? Given the nature o your training, I suspect you'd be a formidable competitor in trail run events(?). 

    My own goal (not a football type 'own goal' but it might prove to be!) is the above 10K. I'm in a challenge with a younger runner (a relative term - he's 61!) and to beat him on WAVA I've probably got to get in or under 46 minutes whch is a stretch but should be possible given my 5k times.

    With this in mind - and with my background of chronic under-training - I tried to run a 14k at 5.30 today, which should have been a fairly modest target. Not great. Let's put it this way, I did the 5.30 on the nail, but fell (well) short of the 14K. Oh well, 10 weeks or so to go.......

  • Just back from another 5k run. Felt cold when i did the school run so dressed appropriately. About 5 minutes in i realised it wasnt as cold as i thought!

    Distance: 5.01k
    Time: 31:52
    Pace: 6.22km/min.

    Does anyone have any tips for how to pace yourself. At the minute, i start my run, get the music going and then run. 

    At the minute, im not overly concerned about times, im more interested in distance. But today, when i tried to pace myself it felt slow and unnatural. I found myself speeding up to what felt natural. 

    The last 1km feels like a real slog and i dont know if im trying to do too much too quickly.

    My overall short term goal is to run 10km.
  • Hi MLRers, busy week again!

    Run wise, tuesday 4.7 recovery.
    Wednesday second Covid jab.
    Thursday, completely wiped out.
    Friday 4.7 tempo in driving rain.
    Sunday, half marathon. Windy accross the fields! All runs on trail.  Banana on the move today.  Still undecided on gels/flapjack bites/ banana. 500ml water consumed.

    I have managed to do 18 x 10-18 milers in a block since my big injury, and am so appreciative of that because, for me, that's the best I've managed to string together.

    Great running John B!.  Nice that your son runs too.  I'd love to visit Worthing.  Heard the pier can be good for fishing?  I know it has produced some big Conger eels on occasion!  Good luck in your 10k.  Hate to think of the demise of my 10k time, but hard to know until I try!  There's one planned where they shut the streets of our little town, (Sandwich) in the summer I will do as it's home turf.

    Hope you're recovering well from your fall Hazlenut.  It is clearly still much colder where you are.  Shorts have been out a few weeks now.  Hopefully the ice will pass soon. Edit.  I see it has.  Sounds a nice group run.  Lots of dogs here too.  Met one slightly scary German Shepherd, most others affable.  Agreed, running in daylight on trail after work feels fantastic.  I sometimes feel summer and winter running are almost like different sports in how much they differ!  I remember someone telling me spring races are won in the winter, and I guess that's true.

    That is great news that you're recovering well Guardddog! 9 miles is certainly getting there..Hopefully things continue to improve.  Nice fuelling!

    Good going Bearded Gru!  I'm no expert, but I went from doing almost all my training at between 8-9 min miles on roads and being constantly beaten up, injured and taking ages to recover, to switching to 10 min miles on trail and improved so much.  Someone told me pace hurts, not distance, and it's true.  Obviously it depends on what you want to achieve (marathon).  But decent mileage, slow, easy pace on soft, forgiving surface improved my running alot.

  • Hey all

    Just got in from a 5k, what lovely weather it was here in sunny kent. It makes such a difference running with a bit of sunshine. If it continues i may have to crack out the t shirts!

    Today was my fastest 5k at 31:35 which i was surprised with. Legs started to feel really heavy the last 1k though.

    My previous run was 7k in 45 mins which felt really good.

    Hope everyone has a good week and i look forward to reading about everyones runs!
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    The Worthing 10K might be one to go for, john. It's a couple of weeks before the Brighton half and should be a good bit of speedwork. Still trying to crack that 50 min barrier and was convinced I would have done it last year if there'd been any races. Good luck with the training for it, I'm sure with the way you're running at the moment, and the times you're setting, your 'rival' has everything to fear.

    Excellent running BeardedGru . Pacing is a tricky matter as at the beginning of a run we all kind of set off with the adrenaline pumping through us and feeling we can keep a pace up for ages. My preference is generally to start off at a reasonable pace and then build into a run, so my first mile tends to be the slowest. With your new Garmin do you have the ability to set target pace? With that you can set a pace range, i.e. based on your current pace 6:15-6:30kmh, and then have it warn you if you're going too fast. This enables you to find a pace that you can consistently maintain for some of your runs whilst you build up that endurance. When that starts to feel comfortable you can then up it and see how you go.

    Great set of runs LTT. Sound as though the trail running is really helping you in upping the miles whilst also avoiding injuries. And well done for getting out in the worst of the weather. Takes real commitment to look out of the window at driving rain and still go for it.

    Two runs over the weekend, although a change in where we ran. With the strong westerly winds down here we decided that running into it first was the sensible option, and as I've become a bit bored with the Adur we went to Saltdean and ran along the undercliff path on Saturday. Rather gusty and with the waves breaking over the seawall there was the potential for a soaking (thankfully avoided although I did get sprayed and we were fortunate to avoid a wave that hit two women literally 2 seconds before we passed them). Actually enjoyed the run into the wind as it meant I was just digging in and my partner wasn't running off into the distance. Kept a sensible first half pace, as opposed to last week, which meant I was able to finish relatively strongly and even when she started to wind it up with about 500m to go I stayed in there and pipped her in the sprint for a 10K. A nice confidence booster.

    Sunday we ran from Shoreham to Worthing, again going into what felt like a stronger wind. We had originally planned on 10 miles, but as we're due to start the 'bubble' runs tomorrow we decided to cut back and do another 10K. Again kept the pace steady going in to the wind and buoyed by the fact I seem to be stronger in the adverse conditions. The times both days weren't exactly speedy, but I feel I'm slowly getting some form back.
  • LTT, I'm not into fishing but yes, I think we do get the odd Conger Eel off the pier. The prom is very 'runnable' -  but not as busy as Brighton. I don't really know the Kent coast. I stayed in Herne Bay for a few days in the late 70s(!) and we had a short break in Folkestone a few years back. I've never run in the area, though. 

    G'dog, I'm not sure whether the Worthing 10K is still accepting new entries but it might be worth you checking it out.

    Finally, it's been a lovely day here! Even the wind has dropped and as a novelty switched from westerly to an easterly. Unfortunately I've been out of the game for a few days with a back problem which was probably sparked by a rare trip to the allotment and a bit of digging. So a rather uncomfortable weekend with the 'runner's anxiety syndrome' that with each day all the decent training you've been doing is gradually unravelling. However, I gave it a test today and not too bad - 3 miles at 7.37 pace and not going flat out.

    There is a 5k event in East Sussex coming up on Easter Monday. The previous events have been of an intimidatingly  high standard - something like a 21 minute time would get you 300th out of 350 or so! I'll give this a miss............................

  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    *delurks*  Hello to all the MLRunners.  Great to see the wide range of activity.  I've made another comeback, this time from a badly pulled hammy.  Running every other day, daily strengthening & stretches.  88 miles last month, so I'm p[leased to report progress.  

    Safe running, all!  :-)

  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    Ups lazy posting again.

    Starting backwards - hi swittle - nice to see you on here.  Thought of you again a few days ago when I completed a year's streaking (and still going..). Kept half an eye on fetch on what you have been doing, well done and keep it up.

    GD: the ladies in my group are currently fitter than the men - one is 66 for example and coming back from diverse issues and he mostly runs shorter stretches just for fun these days.  He used to be a good runner - 10 miles in around 1 hour and 10 x 100k for example but has run more or less continuously.   Good advice regarding pacing - much better to start easy and finish strongly than too fast and struggle.  Like the idea of a run with wave dodging - I imagine I would manage to get soaked.  Good weekend of running last week.

    No idea when I will be racing again JB - here in Switzerland public events of any size are still banned and there is little perspective of that changing soon.   I like trail runs but am not as good as I would like to be over technical ground especially if it gets hilly - up or down.  I should practice more.  Your 10k time should be doable with your 5k times - you need to build up the endurance for it.  10 weeks sounds sufficient for it.  Good your back is okay and I know what you mean about runner's anxiety - I am postponing Sunday's run to Monday so I can go walking with my OH and it is making me nervous somehow to get out of my routine - a good thing as such though.  That 5k sounds high standard indeed.  

    Well done on your 5ks Bearded.  Maybe the music makes you speed up as well?  I struggle to run slow sometimes and find it helps to consciously think about how I am running.  I generally run at the same cadence at all speeds and just push off harder for faster paces so try to consciously pull back on that.

    2nd jab already LTT?  I am looking likely at autumn for the first.  Tempo in the rain doesn't sound nice other than maybe encouraging you to run fast in order to get it over with.  Would certainly prefer banana / flapjack to gels but they both take a bit of chewing.  You have a good block of training on the go.  I agree on the winter training and spring racing - easier than summer training and autumn racing if it is hot.  Last bits of snow now gone in the last few very warm days.  Looking at the forecast we might get some next week again though.

    As above I have just finished off a full year of running every day since 31.03.2020 I haven't looked at statistics and don't know if I will.  The first couple of months were hard, on a few days I had to kick myself out of the door.  Will keep it up for now but will break it before I have to.

    Ran a bit too hard on a couple of days this week - 5 milers, one of which had some "hill" sprints and strides leaving me tired for yesterday's 11 miler.  Decided to stick to a hilly route (not much choice here unless I drive elsewhere) but ignore the pace.  Good idea as although the uphills were ploddy I got round it ok.  Legs were surprisingly recovered this morning for a 5 miler at recovery pace followed by a good 34 mile cycle (slow) as it is decent weather and a bank holiday.

    Have a good Easter weekend all.
  • Hi folks! busy week again!

    Bit of a rubbish week running really this week.  Managed to pull my back lifting something at work and have been suffering badly all week.  It doesn't hurt when I run, but does afterwards, and when I sit or do anything.  Secondly my old nemesis, my left knee, has a started playing up. going to have to go to a physio and get some point and try and get a plan together.

    It's therefore been a very light week a 4.5, a 4.8 and a 6.  I have my distance run next week so really hope I can get it good enough to not have to drop out.

    That is an amazing bit of streaking Hazlenut, awesome going.  How many years have you been a runner?  That must be some mileage!  Have you got any running goals this year?  
    I don't really deserve my second vaccination already.  I work full time in the water industry, but do 3 hours a week as an early help and support worker, mentoring young people.  Therefore I have been lumped in with "Health and Social care" and was at the front of the queue.  I wasn't going to turn it down though as I've been frontline all through the pandemic and have seen the consequences first hand.  It's going cold here again! with possible snow next week and freezing temperatures.

    Good to see you back Swittle! 88 miles is a decent month for starting back.

    John Bateman.  Another person suffering a bad back!  I'm using Diclofenac gel and it's helping a little.  That 5K does indeed sound quick!  Folkstone used to be pretty rough, but the  seafront has undergone large investment and is quite nice now, as is the Leas.

    Good running Bearded Gru!  Another Kent runner?  Which part are you from?  Any local events you're aiming at this year?

    That sounds like you're making great improvements Guarddog.  Two decent runs there.  I know what you mean about those coastal runs. They certainly can get a bit breezy!  Glad you avoided the soaking!

    Stay safe all and have a good week.
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