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  • LTT, luckily my back seems to have just about sorted itself and I'm sorry to hear that yours is playing up. By a remarkable coincidence I've also got a dodgy left knee which has never been the same since a bike accident about 5 years ago. Funnily enough I think I found something that has seemed to help both the back and the knee. It's one of those 'ab-roller' things - where you go on all fours and roll outwards on a little wheel thing. This seems to give a good stretch to and mobilise the back. At first I didn't like the pressure on my knee (that's with a thick cushion underneath) but it seems to be helping - maybe breaking up a bit of scar tissue? Of course, I wouldn't say this is without risk. (These roller things only cost a few quid so there's no real financial jeopardy!

    H'nut, thanks for the words of encouragement. I appreciate that I've got to adjust my training to do myself some sort of justice at 10k and I can't just rock up (if a 66 year old can rock up!) with a decent 5k time. I want to keep my weekly 5k time trial as it's a good way of monitoring my speed. I know I need to 'go long' but this doesn't come naturally.
    So with 10 weeks to go, I set out on a hilly (road) run yesterday; probably not hilly by your standards but a 0.85km, 6.2% gradient one which I did 4 times and which, with the run there and back, added up to about an hour for 10K. That's long for me!
    We're all different and I find that long, slow runs are  dull, dull, dull so getting a bit of a hilly challenge makes me focus. And there's not many hills around my part of the world unless you go off road - which these days worries me given my propensity to fall over! So if I go long, slow and flat roads it's all dreadful suburbia. There's only so many bungalows you can run past!

  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    Thanks for your good wishes, Hazel & Linton.  Rather blotted my 'vertical copybook' last night by only half finding a low kerb and slipping to the deck.  A few grazes but stopped my watch on the way down!  And this after 5 miles of beach and trail in the dark, lit by head torch...
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    Ouch swittle - hope you aren't too sore today.  I haven't yet perfected the technique of stopping my watch mid-fall yet.

    Not such good news LTT - take it easy.  I've been running since 2006 after dabbling a bit in XC at school.  With no racing on the horizon for me I'm not thinking about goals for the year at the moment.  Maybe keeping the streak going and having a go at a few 75% wavas in training. 

    Nice run JB.  Good idea to keep the time trial.  I also sometimes find LSRs boring and tend to speed up to get them done and suffer for it (often afterwards or when I am supposed to be doing speedwork).

    Decent Easter weekend of running for me mixed in with other activities to keep OH happy.  Friday saw a recovery run so we could go cycling (around 35 miles) as it was the only day without much wind and reasonably warm.  Not having done much cycling this year I was surprised that certain parts of my anatomy didn't complain too much.  On Saturday I spent a few hours in the afternoon dismantling some raised beds at my old flat and ran in the morning - 8.8 miles hiding in the woods from a brisk NE wind.  One of those runs I ran too fast to get it done.  I have a bad habit of allowing my breathing to increase up hills and then not reducing the effort again afterwards on the flat.  Sunday was a nother recovery run - shorter this time at around 4 miles prior to a hike with OH.  I caught up with my long run yesterday - 16 miles in 2:11 with a harder 8 mile section.  More wind - west this time - so I treated myself to a nice flat route along a river with trees to break the breeze a bit.  The 8 mile harder section was too hard (went into get it done mode again) but I feel ok today so not totally overdone.

    Have a good week all. 
  • H'nut, some really good runs in that package, esp the 16 mile in 2.11. On the issue of cycling, clearly you don't use this as X-training. Do you do any X-training? I noticed that the competitor (Steph ....) who won the UK Olympic marathon trial uses this a lot - and wants to enter an Ironman event eventually. When asked her ambitions, one of them was to 'do a pull-up' - which raised a giggle. I found that when I was training for duathlons a few years back, my running improved.
    Overdid it yesterday running up and down a path that was too steep, too fast. Will I never learn?
    Hi Swittle - curbs are lethal! I see you are another coastal runner. I'm afraid I just stick to the prom.
  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    Thanks - not my worst fall, probably because I'm not running anywhere as *fast* as I used to do!

    Hi, john b.  Yes, I avoid roads as far as I can and am blessed to be a mile from Waterloo & Crosby beaches, 2.5 miles long and up to 0.6 miles when the tide's lowest.  Antony Gormley's Iron Men are my silent training buddies :-)
  • Oh wow - I lived in Liverpool, 1978-84 (I've got a horrible feeling you might not have been born then!) I worked in one of the FE colleges. I enjoyed my time there although it coincided with a terrible time in the city with the unemployment, the riots and Derek Hatton and co.
    I've got very fond memories of my time there. I wasn't a really runner at the time but funnily enough I lived in a house which backed on to Croxteth Park which I see is now a Parkrun course. 
  • Had a lazy week, only got out once. Work didnt help!

    On a course for the next 5 weeks so need to make sure i keep getting out.

    Saying that, went out for a 5k today and tried to pace myself. Felt really good at the end as if i had more in the tank.

    @LintonTravelTavern im a Gravesendian. Im guessing your Linton way which is where my parents live.

    I dont have events planned, although i have signed up for the matt ratana 10k virtual run. A colleague wants me to run a half marathon in july i think. Probably a bit early for me to do runs of that distance!
  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    No, no cross training really JB.  Cycling is easy effort for me - unless there are hills involved. I use it to get from A to B or to see a bit of the area rather than for sport purposes.  Interesting you lived in Liverpool as well - nice city - was pleasantly surprised when I visited it for a day a couple of years ago.

    Nice pic swittle.

    Getting out for a run might give you a nice break from the course BG. Good news on your 5k.  It would likely be possible for you to do an HM in July but you would need to increase your mileage quite a bit to get round comfy. 

    Group run yesterday evening, 4 of us out and all 4 ran the longer loop this time.   The morning's snow had melted by lunch but the westerly winds were bitingly cold - after shorts last week I was back to tights, gloves and a hat.  I was pleased that no-one wanted to push the pace, in particular up the hills as my legs were tired after Monday's long run but I got round ok.  6.x miles in around an hour.
  • GuarddogGuarddog ✭✭✭
    Welcome back swittle and hopefully you weren't too bruised with the fall. Great photo btw. I've missed those in your absence.

    Fantastic streak, Hazelnut. You really do put us all to shame with the amount you do. Weather here is much the same with a cold snap after last week's warmer weather.

    Hopefully the back isn't feeling too bad john. And the 10K of hill repeats sounds just the ticket. That will certainly help, especially if you've developed a bungalow phobia.

    Likewise LTT I hope the back is OK along with the knee. Take it steady as backs can be tricky, especially if it's hurting when you sitting down.

    Good 5K effort BG and well done on the pacing. Can quite empathise with work getting in the way of running, but sometimes a drop down week is quite good for recharging the running batteries and also reminding ourselves that we miss running. Good luck with the course.

    Quite a number of runs to report as I've been remiss in coming on:-

    Tuesday last week - first bubble run meeting up with in a group of 5 and the only male. Lucky me until I realised I might be left behind. 6 mile route from Preston Park that included Mill Road which is a touch under a mile and all uphill and as it was single track I was asked to lead out. First time I've done a hill of any note since the end of last year, so I was a bit apprehensive of being too slow or having to walk part way. But I like a hill and it actually felt really good to do and managed to up the pace a bit

    Good Friday - despite saying I was Adur'd out last week we ended up going along there for a 6.5 miler. I think after my partner had been left on the Tuesday hill she was keen to reinforce her superiority and left me both out and back.

    Saturday - three laps of Hove Park, which is just over 5K. Not sure what it is with me and Hove Park at the moment but I feel I really struggle there. Again left for dead on the last lap and happy to get to the end.

    Sunday - change of scenery and went to Henfield and ran a 10K on the Downs Link. A nod to Cal's old flame as we went through Partridge Green. The forecast had been for 4C with a real feel of OC, so back in running tights, etc. As it turned out it felt quite pleasant, especially when in the sun and out of the breeze. Managed to get the route right this time and so no running ankle deep in mud. We did stop at the 5K mark and ended up sitting down for 15 mins on a bench enjoying the quiet, the view and the sun.

    Yesterday - bubble run along the seafront from Hove to Steve Ovett's statue. Six of us this time for a 6.5 miler and a worryingly fast group. We were all tasked with setting the pace for a mile and I went third. Not the quickest mile (that was my partner who had decided another's pace was too much and had dropped back and had then pegged me back on mine) but also not the slowest either. So pleased with that and feel some pace returning as I felt I could have pushed it more in the last part but hung back to keep pace with my partner. At least that's what I told her.
  • G'dog, funny you should mention Steve Ovett. One of my local running rivals (Arena 80 member) has on his running CV that he broke SO's schoolboy record. My cheap jibe in return is that while Ovett set the record when he was 13, my mate broke it when he was 22!
    This particular runner has set me a challenge in the Worthing 10K. He's a few years younger than me, and he'll beat me quite comfortably, so we have an 'age grade challenge' which means that he has to beat me by just about 2 minutes to win. TBH he starts as favourite (although it should be close given that there's about a minute between our seasons best 5ks at the moment). Basically it's a 46.00 minute 10k for me or eternal shame!

    Hence I've got to pull my finger out and do some of the long runs that the likes of you, H'nut and LTT do.   

    Re the Downslink, there used to be a race along it called 'Mel's Milers 10K'. It's a bit further towards Horsham and is a really nice event that starts and finishes at Christ's Hospital school - very posh. There used to be the Henfield Half which was another good run and very pretty.

    Managed a fairly full-on but short run around our rather hilly local cemetery yesterday. Got a filthy look when I said a cheery 'good morning' to a couple walking their two dogs who had just got out of their car. I'm not sure why - perhaps they thought that running was disrespectful but walking a couple of dogs isn't? Nearly said something but avoided conflict; too long in the tooth for that sort of thing.
  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    Thanks again for your kind remarks.  Formby Point last week showed no signs of littering or camp fires, despite press reports.  [Pics below]

    Glad to read that streaking is suiting people well - alternate days running and a walk in between works for me.

    8pm last night: cool, dry, light until about 30 min. into the run.  Coastal park, leisure centre, beach, and along Burbo Bank to the old coastguard station - many cars; night fishing about to start.  Incoming tide needed monitoring to avoid waterlogged shoes!  Just over the hour.

  • Swittle, lovely photos. You still have red squirrels around there don't you? I once played cricket for the Formby Sunday side. Very nice ground; very nice place. Had I stayed in Liverpool I think we would have moved to the Crosby/Formby area.

    My usual Saturday 5k time trial; 22.05 (76.66% WAVA) which is 1 second outside of my SB (apart from a gale-powered time which I'm not counting). A little disappointing as I've stepped up the training and was hoping for a sub-22.
  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    The pandemic is having such widespread impact: the reds are coming back after the 2019 pox outbreak but projects to support them are on hold.

    John, that 21:xx cannot be far away - keep up the training!

    50 minutes of beach and trail just after sunset: dark red, orange and blue bands across the cloudless sky,gradually fading to night in the west.
  • GuarddogGuarddog ✭✭✭
    Still a handy time for the 5K, john, and as swittle mentions the sub 22 min shouldn't be far off once the benefits of the longer runs kick in. I'm still in awe of you aiming for a 46 min 10K. Incidentally I think the Henfield Half is still around, did it back in 2019 when we did our 12 halfs in 12 months. As you say a pretty run, although the half mile trek to the start line in pouring rain wasn't too great and the last half mile through fields with a choice between mud or long grass saps any sprint out of your legs. Barns Green Half goes through Christ's Hospital school as well. Another rather pleasant run (although my groin went there last time). Shame about the response from the dog walkers.

    Fantastic photos, swittle. The light in the first 5 is particularly good. The twilight running is always excellent for both the chance to see how the sky changes and also the lack of crowded paths. Good to hear that sensationalism is alive and well in the press. 

    Two runs over the weekend. A swift (ish) 4 miler on Saturday along the Adur, which included an 8 min mile. Felt good to get some speed going, although a shame I couldn't maintain the pace.

    Sunday we did 12K as what should have been an LSR building up to the Brighton Half. Running east from Southwick and turning at the i360 we encountered a rather busy promenade and figured we should have gone out earlier. I'd meant to set a range on my watch to try and ensure we kept to 9-9:30 pace, but forgot. As such we managed to do the 12K going at sub 9, which was good from a confidence viewpoint, but missed the point of the run itself. Didn't have the sausage and egg bap at the end this time. 

    Gyms open today so I was in there at 6am (along with half of Brighton it seemed - never seen it so busy). Good to get back and tried to be sensible and not overdo it. Sitting now watching it snow!!
  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    Ups missed most of the week again..

    Enjoying the return of swittle's pics.... Would love to get back onto a beach.

    Good news regardig the return of the bubble running and gyms GD.  I'm also watching the snowflakes (when not looking at my screen - supposed to be doing some work).  Good running this week.

    Close to 22 mins JB - those few seconds will come off another time.  Like the idea of the age-grade challenge.  Wierd behaviour from the dog-walkers. 

    Looking forward to LTT dropping in - spotted a massive run from him on Strava...

    Hard week last week - a new weekly mileage record of 71 miles.  Not something I will repeat in a hurry.  Average over 2 two weeks was ok though - the 71 happened due to postponing a long run to Easter monday.  I will be careful this week pacewise.  From Wednesday to Sunday I put in 3 11-12 milers and a recovery run - nothing with fast miles.  Only exception was a hard speedwork session on Saturday with 4 miles @ tempo pace which I got through well.  Legs were tired yesterday though and I made the mistake of doing a flat river route with no real relief from the standard left-right, left-right.  On the return leg I could see the tall buildings of the sugar factory next to which I had parked for about 45 minutes which was also mentally tiring - it never seemed to get closer! Out in T-shirt and shorts - don't think that will be happening in the next few days though the snow should stop soon. 
  • H'nut, that's a terrific week of running from you. We had a little flurry of snow today. Very unusual for these parts at this time of year.

    G'dog, some good training. So the gym is back and into your schedule. Are you going to go back to the same routine, or take it easy while you get the muscles back in tone? I suspect there be a few pulled muscles around in the next few days as folk try to pick up where they left off.

    Swittle, thanks for the encouragement, but...............

    Achilles problem for me. Over the years I've been plagued with this. so you'd think I'd know what triggers it - and I do. But then I forget (or get complacent) and do some hard hilly runs and bingo! The Achilles is back. So a bit of a rest and some stretching for me. (I took Cal's advice last time and it worked - I'm assuming she's injured now?) I'll then stick to the flat for a while. With a bit of luck I'll only miss a week of training and I've still then got 8 weeks until my 10k showdown. 
  • Hi all, hope you're all well.

    As spotted by Hazlenut, I managed to achieve a life goal and manage a marathon on sunday, really pleased.

    My training has been bumpy to say the least! but I've managed a heap of halves, 2 x 15, 1  x 16.5, 1 x 18.  So I've been slowly getting there.

    Sunday's first race back after lockdown was an SVN lapped challenge event, 4.37 mile loops round an old colliery and country park, a really pleasant place, but to me quite hard course.  So really 13.1, 17.5. 21.85, 26.2 and 50k with a little out and back.

    I've been really struggling a bit lately with a bad back and a worse left knee, it's been a rubbish, but the event, (which was over two days) looked to be rainy saturday, but cold and windy sunday, but dry.  I woke up and did my standard raceday ritual of watching the last 20 minutes of london marathon 2019 and Berlin marathon 2019 whilst I ate my Readybreak and thought if i could get to the 17.5 mile loop I'd try and keep going!

    Arrived and started looping, it was 3c and the side of the loop in the colliery was pretty damn cold, the other side more pleasant.  I took it very, very easy, just jogging along really.

    At one hour I had a gel, then alternating gel and flapjack every 45 minutes, 1 litre of water throughout.

    Got to 17.5 miles and carried on chugging away, 21.85 and it was hard going, last lap was a bit of a battle but made it!

    Time wise I managed under the five hour, 4:57 from 0-26.2.  My Strava does moving time and made it 4:49, but we had to use our car boots that flanked the run-in to the checkpoint as aid stations every lap, due to, avoid bunching round the race HQ and the "rule of six", so lost a little time, not that it matters at a bit.

    The organisers SVN were awesome and I met some truly amazing distance runners, a good few doing weekly marathons, a fair amount had turned up to do marathons/50ks on both the saturday and the sunday, truly inspiring!  How do they do it!

    I heard all the statements of a marathon not starting until 20 miles an the last 6 miles were pretty damn emotional/awesome!  I just tried to keep going and not fall over anything.  I was really only jogging a marathon and that felt great,  I'd imagine racing one hard would be a euphoric, amazing feeling.The elevation on Strava was 863 feet but I'm sure it felt more than that?, I have epic blisters.

    So marathon done!  Would I do another, yes!, but I hope I haven't hurt my knee too much and don't pay too badly.

    Great running all, glad you're all Ok, fantastic week Hazlenut. I would write more but so tired!

    Have a great week.

  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    Well done LTT nice report - thanks!  You ran that off not a lot of long runs.  Hope the blisters heal soon and give yourself plenty of time to recover now. 

    4 and a bit miles recovery trot.  Legs were a bit less tired than on Sunday and I struggled to keep the pace right down as my gait felt awkward.  All traces of the morning's snow had vanished - cool but sunny. 
  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    Your description brings back many of those 'pre-first Marathon' hopes and fears, LTT, the most significant of which I believe to be actually out on the course, whether it's a low point, or a significant mileage point.  Organisation sounds spot on for the current situation.  Many congratulations!  :-)

    Hazel your training diet is even tougher than I remember it!

    Guarddog: it's a happy sight to find out the pace was better than hoped!  [A long time since I saw it myself...]  Thanks for kind comments about the pics. :-)

    John - I'd noticed Cal's absence: there'll be personal experiences of Achilles problems, and their solution in eaelier pages here, and I hope you sort it soon.

    8.30pm last night: trails & beach - radar tower, parallel to an almost waveless sea past the baths, then a trail loop and down the beach again before heading inland to the coastal park.  55 min. at a smidge over 10 min/mile pace.  Had a secret smile ;-)
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Hey guys - and nice to see you back here swittle - and Matt too. As you know I've been benched with a flare up of the old proximal hamstring tendinopathy so decided to take a complete break (unfortunately that has resulted in a few extra pounds, which I only found out this morning as I've stayed off the scales as well as off the forums) but hey. I'm making a cautious return and have managed to Jeff a couple of 5Ks. Sunday's was one minute run/one minute walk and today I did two minutes run/one minute walk. I can feel the hammy but it's pretty mild compared to how it has been so I think I'll be able to continue my return as long as I'm cautious.
    I had to can my spring marathons (deferred one and managed to sell my Richmond place) but I've some races in the summer, mostly ones that have been postponed. My first goal is to get back to some kind of form in time for parkrun's return.

    Linton - fantastic job and congrats on the marathon. 
    John - hope you get on top of it. My achilles has been pretty good (not that it's had much to do recently...but it held up during the January elevation challenge) so keep doing the isometric stuff, it worked a lot better for me than the regular heel drops.
  • Cal, good to hear from you. Yes, I'm still following your isometric guidance. I hope the caution pays off - and the pounds drop off!

    LTT, great run and great report. It should feel like you've joined an exclusive club. Indeed, your account has made me wonder if I've got one more marathon in me. Answer: probably not. Hope the knee recovers - you've really tested it, big time.

    Swittle, you certainly make good use of your (idyllic sounding) locale. My local prom can't compete with that other than in one way: it's very, very fast.

    Still nursing the achilles but it's gradually getting better. I did a rather odd workout today. I've got one of those mini-trampoline thingys. I only use it for warm- ups but today thought I'd see how many steps I could do in an hour. Thought I might notch-up 10,000, but only reached 9,425. Effort-wise I'd put it somewhere between slow running and walking. Boring-wise, I'd put it very near the apex. But at least it's low impact, so no damage done.
  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    Good to end a run with a smile swittle

    Nice to see you back Cal - have been keeping an eye on your walking on Strava.  Good approach to your return to running.  With those marathons put aside you have no pressure to rush back now.  Hope the run-walking proceeds well. 

    Interesting cross-training JB.  Wonder if my downstairs neighbours would like it if I got a mini-trampoline?  I am cautious enough with the turbo - even if I only do trundle on that rather than do a power session.

    8.x miles yesterday evening - a couple solo then met up with my Tuesday group for the standard 6 and a bit mile loop.  Pretty cold again, in particular the wind, I regretted having left my gloves behind when running against it at the end.  A lot of fruit trees are now in blossom which is nice to see but not much to come of it likely as the ongoing frosty nights will probably kill the blossoms. Legs feel like they are recovering ok from last week. 
  • GuarddogGuarddog ✭✭✭
    Sorry to hear the achilles is playing up, john. Take care of that as they can be tricky and take longer to resolve thank you think. Good work on the exercises and the interesting routine. As you say very low impact so should help. The idea with the gym is to build up gently, so much the same routine but using lower weights to begin with. The words from my partner of "take it easy" were very much in my mind. And it was a lot less crowded this morning.

    Absolutely fantastic effort, LTT, you must be incredibly proud. I think the fortitude to train to do that in the current circumstances knowing that you're not going to have the benefit of crowds cheering you on is amazing. Hopefully both the knee and blisters aren't complaining too much.

    Good running, swittle, and you deserve a secret smile. Must be a very restive place to do your running.

    Welcome back Cal. Sorry to hear the hamstring curtailed your running, but wise of you to rest it completely. Also to do run/walk now you're getting back into it. Don't worry about the extra pounds, they'll soon come off. And at least the gyms are open now so you can incorporate some cross training.

    Love seeing the blossom out, Hazelnut. I think that point where it bursts into life on trees is my favourite time of the year. Having said that can understand the cold part as well. We had snow on Monday and it's still not exactly warm.

    'Bubble' run last night starting at Devil's Dyke. Devil by name and certainly devilish by nature as we all knew that it would mean hills. The first 2.8 miles were reasonably downhill and having not seen 3 of the bubble runners for about 5 months there was a lot of catching up and talking as we ran. The route took us down towards Foredown Tower and we then looped left through a farmyard and towards the first hill which I mistook for the Cabbage Patch, a hill I encountered for the first time last year. Having reasonably jogged up the first hill as we regrouped I mentioned that it wasn't as bad as I'd remembered and I must be fitter than I thought, only to be told the Cabbage Patch was coming up. My heart did sink a little, but managed to get up that. The rest of the run was still at an incline, but nowhere near as steep and the 6 miles were completed in sub 10 mins, so pleased with both the run and the effort. Still would like it to be 10-15C warmer, though. Back to pasta with vegan meatballs. I've got some plums which I need to put into a crumble today.
  • H'nut, it's OK, I did it in the garden. No neighbours to worry. Well done on the run. I feel ashamed of moaning about the weather here when I read what you've been putting up with.

    G'dog, that's a good run. I've never run over DD but your club's  WSFRL 5 mile event from Portslade goes near and that's pretty challenging. My son lives right at the edge of the Downs in Mile Oak and I swear the hardest session I've ever had was to cycle there from Worthing - and on an old bike with manky gears. You've earned your plum crumble!

    My 10K rival posted his latest track session (he uses Withdean Stadium as an Arena 80 club member). Very, very impressive, I must admit. He then added that I might like to consider getting a white flag sorted out for our June 10K showdown! That's fighting talk (in jest of course). At least a little 2 miler today didn't upset my Achilles. I start as the underdog by some margin.

    I think my main hope is that my mate over trains!
  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    Have you changed your shoes or are they getting worn out JB?  Just a thought regarding the achilles.  Like the jesting with your rival.  Maybe his shoelace will come undone..

    From what I have read the weather has been surprisingly similar here to the UK in recent times.  We have to live with what gets thrown at us.  I try to train in (most) weather conditions so I know I can race in them - heat is the worst of the lot though and even if I can't change it I do grumbles sometimes. 

    Devil's Dyke looks nice GD - just looked up some pics.  Pretty lumpy indeed though.  Hmm - plumb crumble (no custard though please..).

    Lumpy HM yesterday for me - didn't really get going over the inclines so accepted at some point that I would (for me) plod around it in 2 hours plus.  Surprisingly quiet in the woods - met two cyclists and that was it.  Maybe it was the temperature that put others off - I was wearing a decent weight LS top and a lightweight wind vest over the top with capris and for the first time in a while felt cold most of the way around.  Could have done with speeding up to warm up but legs said they didn't agree with that plan.  At least it also meant I had no chance of canning the run at some point and walking a couple of miles home. 
  • Thanks H'nut. No probs with the trainers. Looking back at my training diary there's a notable correlation between hill work and Achilles' issues.
    Indeed, it's flared up again this morning so, as the thread title implies that you've had a run to report, I'll spare you my whinges until I can tell you about 'my last run'*. I only hope I haven't already had it!
    Take care, happy running - and see you soon, I hope.

    *I could always start a new thread entitled 'my last hobble'.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Was that a race, Hazel? 
    GD, when I read Cabbage Patch I thought you meant the what is it exactly?
    John, sorry about the Achilles...they're little buggers and tough to calm down.

    4 miles of Jeffing today and I did 3 mins run/1 minute walk. Not bad (or the ham wasn't too bad...groin is a bit niggly though but I think that's from my other exercises, or maybe too much sitting as it started up before I got back to running again. Hoping it doesn't turn out to be an issue. Again.)
  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    Feel free to whinge on here JB.  We runners are likely to have more understanding for it than non-runners.  Good luck with rehabbing. 

    'Fraid not Cal - racing is a long way off here.  Events of up to 15 people are permitted as of next week with restrictions but I don't see anyone putting one on for that number of people.  What is this Jeffing?  I understand that it is walk-running (or the other way round) but where does the Jeff come from?  Hope the groin niggle doesn't complicate things.

    Recovery 5 miles yesterday afternoon.  Combined it with a trip to the shops so could take advantage of a flat route.  Felt a bit tired all the way round but did at least perk up a bit after I turned out of the lively breeze.  Might take an early cut back week next week as last week seems to have taken more out of me than I initially thought.  Doesn't matter as I'm not training for anything specific at the moment but am doing a few marathon training plan weeks out of boredom basically.
  • Managed a 5k today, after not running since last weekend. Mid week runs are a non starter, i just dont have the energy. Will be glad when this course is done!

    Its nice now that the weather is starting to improve.

    Great reading everyones posts about their runs.
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