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  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    Backed Saturday's race up with an almost 15 miler on Sunday in 2:10.  I was lucky to miss two pretty heavy showers - good thing too as I was fairly lightly dressed and got a bit cold as it was in the breeze.  I wouldn't have been too far away from shelter anyway as I deliberately ran a route with easy exit strategies if I wanted to can the run early due to tiredness.  Woods are lovely now with the the fresh leaves coming out everywhere.  All the rain on Friday/Saturday also meant more give in the ground on off-road sections and no dust.  Seems it also freshened up other people as I got plenty of cheery greetings. 

  • Hi all! some great running from everyone.

    Three runs to report this week.  My knee seems to switch between bad and a bit better.

    First a 5.7 mile trail run, felt a bit better so threw in a few low 8 miles, it was great to be out on such a sunny, but still cold late afternoon.

    Second was a 4.75  trail run and I felt super niggly again, lovely evening though.  I ran through the middle of a rapeseed field, following the gap caused my some sort of farming machinery, which somehow fizzled to near nothing, when I finally escaped the field I'd been dyed bright yellow!

    Sunday's long run (that isn't very long currently) got bumped to today due to the final planned social catch-up session and subsequent hangover.

    5 miles of lovely trail with the orchards just starting to blossom, arrive home to change into my new shoes, 4 road miles at 8:xx's and a half mile cool down for 9.5 miles.  I have lost a staggering amount of fitness since my marathon and put on a fair bit of weight!, but my knee felt a bit better today, which really is the important bit.

    My old Epic react Infinity are on 560 miles and to be honest, still feel fine. Their replacements feel firmer, but bouncier.  Both are version 1, I think 2 is heavier.

    My 10 mile race is on the 16th, I don't envisage a quick time!  but it will be nice to be running a race with people, not that I'll be racing much!  It's at the same venue I did my marathon, although instead of being round the lumpy trail route is route its on the tarmac cycle track.

    I have been following Nick Butter and his running challenge, (Not sure if you've seen? he's attempting to run 200 marathons in 100 days round the UK, and inviting runners to run sections with him en route).  I aimed to do some miles with him today (but it unfortunately didn't tie in)  as he was running through Sandwich!

    He can be found here:

    Pretty cool!

    Great photo and description Swittle,  since becoming a runner my angling really has been side-lined.  I must get the rods out again soon.  A day by the sea is so incredibly relaxing,  I find something really therapeutic watching the sea flood then ebb, just watching the day go by.  That looks a cracking place to run!, both in terms of forgiving surface and stunning view.

    Great running Hazle, nice range of distances.  That race sound's a tough nut indeed!  I have lots of broomstick-sized holes at the bottom of the garden I've I.D.ed as voles, apparently they can cause garden distruction so I'll  keep an eye on them.  Nice 15 miler, and great to here the streaking is still going.

    Hope things continue to slowly improve Cal. Hopefully you can build on that 4 miles.

    Have a great week all.

  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    Good running LTT.  You aren't likely to have lost fitness since your marathon but are probably still recovering from it a bit.  Like the idea of getting lost in a rapeseed field.  I will look at that guy when I get the chance - shame you didn't get to run with him.  Nice to have some new shoes - I must start to look around for some myself thanks for the reminder.  I can imagine fishing is relaxing - I would have to find the patience to sit and wait though.  A running buddy goes (rivers) and he is a right jumpy sort of person so I guess it could be possible.  Get the cat busy on those voles..

    Started the week with a relaxed recovery run on Monday and a nasty tempo run yesterday.  It has turned windy so I had to look for a sheltered spot and run loops (around a field - part tarmac, part hard field track).  There was enough residual wind to make it hard work so I dropped the final planned mile of 5.  I was nonetheless pleased I stuck it out for so long - I would normally not even bother if the conditions aren't good.  10 miles in total with a decent warm-up with drills and strides and a longer cool-down. 
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Hazelnut, I think elliptical is worse, honestly. I can't stay on it for very long before I lose patience with it.

    I've been rather unmotivated of late. I did 5 miles on Sunday which was OK but hammy was a bit sore after. Monday I woke up too early (4am) and decided to get up, which was a huge mistake as I felt so rubbish for the rest of the day I did nothing at all (my only exercise was walking to Sainsbury's so I racked up a very unimpressive 2,000 steps - it would have been in the hundreds if I hadn't gone shopping). I also managed to eat four pecan tarts and half a tub of ice cream in front of a bad movie while feeling despondent.
    Tuesday I decided there was no way in hell I was running in that wind so I booked the gym and did some bench pressing and shoulder stuff, but again I only managed  5,000 steps.
    I nearly didn't go out today either but I gave myself a bit kick up the arse and went for a run. I decided to push the pace a little so did just over 4 miles with an average pace of just under 10 min/mi. Not fast enough to anger the hammy but fast enough to get my lungs working a little bit more. (HR didn't go up too high though, only 150s which is fairly normal for me).
    I feel pretty unfit and fat (not that I am fat...but I can feel the pounds I've gained and I don't like it) so I need to dig myself out of this mental slough I've got myself into.
    I am seeing my friends this month for some coastering - which I've not done since 2019 - so that'll be good (though I've got so used to being isolated they had to talk me into it! I think it'll do me some good though).
  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    A couple of days of strong winds and rain in the UK too, Hazel.  You don't give yourself much recovery, do you?  Formby's the place for trees, woodland, coastal heath and beach and I rather miss the shelter of trees and the dappled sunlight they shed.

    LintonTT = your patience is being rewarded, I hope, and having a race of any distance will be a boost to your spirits.  I'm enjoying the pictures you draw of your routes.  These extreme running challenges are fascinating: a woman vet, Sabrina, was making a 2nd attempt at running every Wainwright peak in the Lake District.  High winds and foul weather saw her withdraw.   Here's a short vid of Day 2:

    Cal: that is a good recovery from your carbo frenzy!  The coastering sounds an inspiring way of 'losing that down' [Neil Young] you've found.

    Last night, a high tide had left the beach looking slick, like sheet ice, with two wide bands of dubiously suggy sand & some pools.  Cutting a long story short, I doubled back almost a mile and retraced my route down from the prom.  I suddenly felt rather alone as I sought a route past the shoe sucking sand but had in mind the acres of firm, flat sand that had been there only a week earlier.  85 mins, 8.4 miles, estimated, the furthest I've run in 7 weeks.

    The woods at Formby Point. 

  • GuarddogGuarddog ✭✭✭
    Hi all - I've obviously got some catching up to do, so that will give me some reading later.

    Just to report back - knee and back are fine. I went to the physio who dug around in the back of the knee, found some knotty parts and seemed to release them. The back proved more of a conundrum and he asked if I had an scarring on my stomach or back. I mentioned my appendix scar (removed when I was 10) so he had a dig in there and bizarrely the tension in my back went. It was a real "WT.....!!" moment.

    Next day back at Devil's Dyke for another hilly run, shorter than the previous effort (run leader took the wrong path), but still meant the Cabbage Patch.

    Saturday was an easy 4 miler along the Adur. Although I tried to keep at a reasonable pace the gap that opened up between me and my partner meant, for 'fun', I did 400m repeats in the last 2K to close the gap. 

    Sunday we went to Henfield again for a 10 miler. Have to admit the first 3 miles were a complete struggle, felt a distinct lack of energy and could quite easily have binned the rest of the run. But then something clicked, running became easier and I found a nice rhythm. The rest of the run was very enjoyable - keeping the pace to a steady 9:00 min/mile, although the last mile we had to dig in. Just over 7 weeks until the Brighton half so getting the endurance up, but I don't feel there's a quick time in me.

    Tuesday back at Devil's Dyke for what was, quite simply, the toughest run I think I've ever done. Rather than head out west as we would normally do, which involves a more gentle downhill trundle before looping round for the ups, this went east taking us through Saddlescombe and turning at Pyecombe. As such it involved rather steep descents covering trails that meant you were faced with the choice of watching your feet for ruts or watching for brambles likely to smack you in the face. the descents were then followed by steep ascents that seemed to go on and on. I readily admit I quite like a hill, but I found this a real struggle. Unfortunately my partner (who doesn't like a hill) found this a real challenge and was often dropping off the back of the group. As the sun dropped it became rather cold as the wind bit through and I rather regretted not wearing more layers. I was also concerned that my partner was dropping back further as she walked most of the last 2K, which all seemed uphill, so I dropped back to keep her company. Very little was flat on the run, although the views were stupendous. I just need to get over the hyperthermia. 
  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    Sorry to hear you are struggling with the mojo Cal.  Can understand it as the hammy issues have been dragging on.  Great news you can meet up with your pals for some coastering again.  Gives you something to look forward to.

    That looks nice swittle - like paths like that.  You never know what might be around the corner.  I do 2-3 recovery runs a week - still learning to really keep these easy though.  Like the Wainwright challenge - shame she had to pull out.  I think I will stick to a couple of modest projects for now such as a planned run-walk around my local ridge (likely mara distance and a lot of upping and downing) and an ongoing one to run the entire length of the longest river in Switzerland at 183 miles - in sections.  That got put on hold the last 18mths though - I'm in no rush. (  Nice mileage by yourself.

    Mid-week miles yesterday - mostly back to the local woods to hide from the stiff breeze.  Not much debris around from the last few windy days - there has been worse.  Continuous up and down for 14.3 miles.  For once I managed not to fret about the pace (overall slower than a standard recovery) and got home in a relaxed and mildly tired state.      Saw one deer - crossed the path a few metres in front of me.
  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    edited May 7
    Thorough soaking yesterday late afternoon.  My car needed new tyres fitting at a place right next to one of my familiar routes, so I dropped that off and trotted off for 5 miles recovery.  Well wrapped up in long tights (again!) and a waterproof jacket.  The brook next to which I was running was fairly full already and the track along which I was running pretty soggy - I soon splashed through rather than tiptoed around the puddles as I had wet feet anyway.  Took quite a bit of discipline not to speed up to get it over and done with but at some point you can't get wetter anyway.  I had told the mechanic I would be away for 45 minutes and clocked up 45:05 so good planning. 
  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    Certain types of rainfall don't trouble me too much - it's rain whipped into the face by a squally wind that I dislike.  

    8.30pm last night, and standing water showed the quantity of rain that had fallen during the day.  NW wind @ 20mph didn't drop as forecast, so the 'out' section past the leisure centre & on the coastal park's trails saw me opting for a 'conservative' pace.  Back down the beach saw the min/mile figure drop somewhat?  In between the lakes and along a sandy detour on the way back to the ornamental gardens.  54 min.  Enjoyable.
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  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Beautiful day today - unfortunately I wasn't feeling fantastic. Not ill, but a little off. I went out anyway and got 10K done - the longest since my time off. Hammy was a bit grumpy but not awful, but I found it hard work even though I was going at what I'd term easy pace. When I finished I checked my numbers and HR was high (about 20 bpm higher than when I did the faster run on Wednesday). So I think I have an infection or something - either my throat or one of my back teeth as my jaw feels a bit tender and throat is a little sore. I've booked in to see the dentist on Monday to see if there's something going on back there (the gum's been a bit sore but I put that down to having a big gap there that gets food stuck in it every time I eat...but perhaps the tooth is bad, I don't know). I need to get a crown stuck back on anyway.
  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    When the body's asked to do more than usual, e.g., a run or an exercise sesh, any lurking bug will almost inevitably come to the fore to detract from performance.  If we're fighting infection, we've less of that 'fight' to put into the session.  Wise move to see your dentist, Cal.  I hope you feel better soon.

    Off just before 9 last night, wide banks of grey cloud but three bars on heaven's own electric fire blazing a trail into the west, where warmth and light were needed.  Around 10 deg. C, so the light jacket was soon knotted around my waist - even then, I was just on the verge of feeling a little too warm.  Very few folk around: a couple on a bench in the playground beguiled by the intensifying glow in the sky; and a dog walker who'd seen me on the beach last week.  The incoming tide made the sand soft enough to notice that more effort was needed, so I was relieved to take the rather uneven trails over the coastal park, back to the start.  56 min.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Felt a bit better yesterday, swittle - just went to the gym. Today, though, was a bit of a disaster. Hamstring wasn't the problem (I could feel it but it wasn't bad). Drunk neighbours woke me up last night by slamming doors and making a lot of noise and I couldn't get back to sleep for a couple of hours so I didn't feel awesome this morning as a result but after coffee and a warm-up I went out. As I'd done 6 miles last time I out, I decided to go back to the Earlsfield-Collier's Wood section of the Wandle Trail as that would give me a similar distance but with more interesting scenery (not that Tooting Common is boring, just that I walk and run there all the time and need a change). I am not sure if it was the disturbed sleep or the fact I was overdressed for what turned out to be a rather warm and humid morning (T-shirt and leggings - should have worn a vest and shorts) but I started to struggle once I got onto the second bit of the Wandle trail. It was like all my warning lights came on. I hit 4 miles and decided to stop, even though it meant a 2 mile walk back home. Good job I did as watch was showing HR of 180, which is much too high for the pace I was going. I don't know if I was dehydrated or over tired or still a bit ill or something but it's a tad worrying. Shame as I had been looking forward to getting back to my old routes, but I guess there is still time for that.
  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    It's not a combination of factors conducive to a satisfying run, is it, Cal?  :(  The temperature in Crosby is 8 deg. C higher than a week ago.  A couple of days' rest should see you ready to set out again with confidence.
  • Hi MLRers,

    Two more runs to chip in, my knee tentatively seems to be improving a little perhaps?

    10 mile race next week!  

    A 6 miler (three miles of trail at 9's, three miles road at 8's).  I'm trying to get used to running on roads again as where I haven't done it in months it feels awful. 

    Today  8.5 miler.  3 mile trail warm up, (felt great after this morning's downpour, like running on compacted potting compost)  then 5 road "goal pace" miles, 8:44, 8:44, 8:37, 8:28, 8,11, half mile cool down.

    When I signed up for my 10 miler I went with the 1:25 (8:30 pace) wave, which I did in practice time trial, but really do think I'm going to have little chance of hanging onto that now!  Weight heading in right direction! 10st:7 my optimum race weight, went up to 11st:02, now 10st:12!  but since my marathon still just feel so, just slow!  My clumpy Nikes don't help with feeling nimble, but too currently too niggly for my Kinvaras.

    for months I've practiced running in hydration vest so will take it with me, even though there is a water station, they advise carrying water if a warm day?

    Great week's training Hazlenut (just seen your big end of week run, awesome).  Nice to get a run in while the car work was completed!, and good pace judging!  I know what you mean regarding that cold wind.  Here in the UK the wind has FINALLY swung to a warm South westerly after seemingly being a chilly northerly for a whole month.  Must learn strides and drills..they're in my running book!

    Sorry you feel despondent Cal, it can be frustrating on here when you can't really run.  Hope you feel better, has the river Wandle got any fish, ( just checked, it has!) looks nice.
    Coastering sounds a cool thing to look forward to! Have you been on the Big One at Blackpool? Bloody high up there, but loved it! Or Stealth at Thorpe Park (I haven't, but looks awesome).  Liked Rock and Roller at Eurodisney (felt faster).

    Nice running Swittle, fantastic to be able to run in the evenings in light again, nice picture.  I know what you mean regarding the people who do these super endurance feats, incredible!

    Glad the knee and back are improving Guarddog, my back still hurts every morning, but eventually eases, still not sure what I've done,  three great runs there. That sounds a pretty brutal last run!

    Have a great week all.

  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Linton, going by the number of herons I see on it, then yes. As for coasters, I've done something like 860 different ones around the world. The Big One certainly seemed big and scary when I first rode it but I've ridden ones much bigger than that since then. Stealth is decent but, again, I've done bigger ones (Stealth is a bit over 200 foot and hits 82 mph...but the Americans have two like it that are twice the height. I rode Kingda Ka, the tallest one at 456 feet and 128mph. It's not the fastest any more though - Formula Rossa in Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi does 149mph but isn't as tall and has more of a standard track layout. You have to wear safety glasses to ride otherwise your eyeballs get sandblasted. (I did the UAE theme parks in 2015).
     Good luck with your race, sounds like you are going well for it.
  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    Wise words swittle.  Nice weekend of running by yourself.  That is a pretty decent jump in temperatures for you as well.

    Hope you can get to see the dentist soon Cal.  That, a lack of sleep and the warmth would likely have contributed to your struggle on Sunday. That is a lot of coastering.  Haven't been on one in years and nothing too fancy - I chickened out of one at Alton Towers eons ago which did the drop bit backwards...

    I like the way you are combining trails with tarmac LTT - will get you used to the hard surface again but with less potential damage.  If you want to race on the road (especially on longer distances) you do need to run on it as well.  I've been enjoying the softer trails in the last week too - good layer of pine needles (without too many roots lurking please) or moss is a lovely surface.  Good news on your weight status.  1 water station in a 10 miler race isn't a lot if it is warm.

    Latest runs:

    Friday: cat needed to go to the vet for the usual annual jabs (now also has an OP appointment for bad teeth.. :/) so I got a lift down the hill with OH listening to half an opera of indignant meowing and then ran back up home again.  Some nice trail sections and I chose a route to mostly avoid any particularly steep bits.  11.2 miles

    Saturday: I I thought I had kept the effort on Friday's run to sensible levels but was pretty tired on Saturday already.  I decided to treat myself to a flat run but promptly went into get it over with mode and ran it too hard.  I ran an out and back route along a brook (only a few small fish spotted LTT) and was interested to see quite a lot of cars parked up along the minor road bisecting the brook at my turning point.  Turns out a small plane had crashed on the other side about an hour before my run with 2 fatalities. :o   7 miles. 

    Sunday: long run of 18 miles.  With a warm day forecasted I got out early (for me on a Sunday at least) starting running at about 8:15.  First hour was pleasant enough temperature wise - some woodland bits with lots of birdsong and only a few dog walkers about.  Arm sleeves stayed in place initially.  Out into longer stretches against the sun and I struggled - I need to sort out my headgear as although my hat provides shade for my face and stops my scalp burning I get too hot under it.   Legs were grumpy, I was getting thirsty and generally not amused.  Cue a couple of breaks in the shade for a whinge.  I was pleased that I got the run done despite of everything though, all too easy to give up but training can be about the mind as well as the legs.  Overall pace was only a few seconds down on where it should have been, but that was without the breaks.   Short cycle - walk combination in the afternoon with OH helped ease the legs and mind.  Found a nice bit of local woodland we hadn't explored much yet.

  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    I guess I have something in common with your cat, Hazelnut - I do have an infection in my gum as well as a sore throat. On antibiotics now, but will have to go back to the dentist for further assessment, as well as getting that loose crown stuck back on. Might lose the tooth if I'm unlucky. No wonder I've been feeling crap.
    Well done on the 18.
  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    Sounds nasty Cal - hope you don't have a reaction to the ABs on top. 

    4 miles recovery yesterday evening.  Mild drizzle which I found quite pleasant as it wasn't cold.  Tropical rain forest feeling in the woods with some mist swirling around and splattering of the rain drops on my cap.  Legs ok post long-run. 
  • GuarddogGuarddog ✭✭✭
    Sorry to hear about the infection, Cal, but good to have a way forward and hopefully the antibiotics will have you feeling better soon.

    Some great runs there, Hazelnut, although must have been a shock to hear of the plane crashes. I assume they crashed in to each other? Hopefully the cat is OK as well. I'm well aware of the cat opera as one of ours is in a constant state of disapproval whenever he has to go in a basket.

    Some excellent runs and distances there, LTT. It is indeed nice that the wind direction has changed, although I think it's  bit of a shock to the system now it's a bit warmer.

    Poetic as usual, swittle. You're way with words really does put me to shame. Glad you're still able to get out and the light is improving for your runs.

    Only one run to report. The rather wet Saturday had us looking out of the window and going "Nahhh". I know, fair weather, but after Tuesday's brute of a run another day recovering seemed a good idea. Sunday we did another 10 miler starting at the lido in Saltdean and going along the undercliff path towards Brighton - turning at the i360. Going out was sub 9 - slightly faster than we should have been, but possibly due to the easterly wind that we hadn't realised was there until we turned. Going back was tough and at no point would I say I was feeling it. At the 7 mile mark my partner slowed down to blow her nose and I carried on, although reduced the pace a touch to allow her to catch up. Which she eventually did and maintained her pace to run off into the distance. The last two miles were a complete trudge - nothing in the legs which I suspect were still feeling the hills of Tuesday. The worst of it was when I eventually limped to the 10 mile point my partner was talking to 2 club members - she as bright as a button and me a rather sweaty and disheveled mess. Still - Sunday lunch out at the Bull in Ditchling with a decent pint as well. 
  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    Hope the lunch compensated for the not-feeling-it run a bit GD.  Don't love those runs either when you turn around into the wind and think ouch..

    Having enjoyed Monday's drizzle I didn't really enjoy yesterday's downpour!  As I often do on Tuesdays I ran a solo 5 miler and then met up with my group for another 6 or so miles.  The solo bit was light rain easing up to a drizzle just before we started which seemed positive as the forecast had said something about a fairly dry window whilst we would be out.  Wrong!  About 10 minutes down the road and someone turned the taps on for the next 50 minutes.  I was able to wring water out of my underwear at the end (sorry - TMI maybe).  We initially set off as a group of 5 but split after about 3 miles - as often the ladies taking a longer route and the men a shorter.  I was pretty cold at this point and put my foot down a bit - the other two were happy to do so as well and we clocked up one of the faster times for the round in a while, standard check on that being that the church bonged the hour just a couple of hundred metres from the finish rather than than half a mile.   No lingering around for chat post-run - off to get warm and dry - felt sorry for the guy who had turned up on his bike.
  • GuarddogGuarddog ✭✭✭
    Lunch was good, Hazelnut, although the vegetables were a bit crunchier than I'd generally have liked. It was just nice to get out. Bad luck on the rain. I think if you're already out and it starts then you just have to get on with it. Looking out of a window and seeing it bucketing down is another matter.

    Last of the 'bubble' runs yesterday. From next week we are able to meet up in larger groups again. So a 6.5 miler along the Adur to Botolphs again. Easy pace at just over 9min/mile, having to balance between wanting to push on with having to wait at the regroup points for slower people and risk getting cold. Turned back into a wind, which was a bit rude. Felt the rhythm far more than I did on Sunday, so hopefully that was just a blip.
  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    Good news on the larger group runs becoming possible GD.  Getting on with it is what we did on Tuesday - everyone was giggling at the end.  Advantage is, if you train in nastier conditions you can also face racing in them.

    Wednesday saw me having an attack of CNBA - I had intended to do some speedwork and had donned the "fast" shoes and headed off for flat ground but I just couldn't face it - don't know why tbh but I had been down all day.  I did 7 miles at an easier pace to do something at least but felt a bit frustrated.

    Yesterday was a bank holiday but kitty nr. 1 decided to ignore the fact and start demanding breakfast at standard weekday time (well she does at weekends too) so I got up and out for a run rather than having an extended lie-in.  Having failed to do my speedwork on Wednesday I gave myself a talking too and got 5.1 miles @ tempo effort done with a decent warm-up and cool-down to make up to 10 miles.  Rather than my flat route down in the valley I decided to stay local and ran the tempo section on an undulating route.  Actually that was more fun - you have to be careful not to overdo the up slopes but have the downs to look forward to!  Some cycling and walking in the afternoon to finish off a pretty active day.
  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    Thanks for the kind words, Guarddog.  I've been blogging about my father's 'hero', John Harrison, who was born in Foulby, W Yorkshire, as was my Dad.  Harrison, a self educated carpenter, dedicated most of his life to securing a £20 000 prize for inventing a device that would measure longitude.  Seafaring became far less hazardous as a direct result.  Aged 80, he got the final third of a total of £25 000, making him a multi-millionaire in the late 18th cent.  He only had 3 more years to enjoy it.  :( Here's one of his marine chronometers.  [Attribution: By Racklever at English Wikipedia, CC BY 2.5, ]

  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    I'm pleased to read that Cal is on the road to better health, and that folk are still lacing up shoes, selecting the right number of layers, and shouting defiantly at the changing weather!

    About 8.45 last night, just shy of six miles, taking in long beach stretches, sandy trails by the docks, and grassy paths that the failing light picked out fairly well for the first half hour.  Quiet, no revellers in the dunes but several dog walking parties.  A gym session taking in major muscle groups included leg press @ 90kg, just less than my body weight.  I used to dismiss leg exercises as unnecessary because I ran but the benefits of more strength and stability are helping me stave off injury, I think.
  • Hello folks! How are you all doing?  Well I hope!

    Well, a really mixed bag of running this week.  I will try not to complain too much as I know some people are totally laid up, but it didn't begin well at all.
    The few slightly harder runs I did bought out my left knee issue again, and to make matters worse my bad back returned with an absolute vengeance.  I know how I hurt it a while ago, but unfortunately work has meant I'm driving 1000 miles a week, and it's just got worse and worse, to the point of lying on the floor post work.

    I went out for a 4.4 miler tuesday, and it really was unpleasant, so totally canned thursday's run.  It was my 10 mile race on sunday and decided to give it a miss.  However, by sunday I decided A) the race was just 5 miles from home and B)  the course was 5 x 2 mile loops, so if I was really suffering I could simply call it a day and go home without being stuck miles from anywhere in the Kent countryside.

    Arrived after another painful night's broken sleep.  I'd pinned my race number on my vest but as I got there the sky went black, the wind rose, and it hammered it down with rain!  I run there now and again, and know how exposed it is, so changed to a long sleeve top.  I was torrential at the start line, but jogged the most half-arsed warm up ever and we were off.  Groups of 12, 3 minutes apart, at similar predicted pace.  The rain immediately stopped and I was boiling!

    I was hoping for a 10 x 8:30, my first mile 8:23, but was massively dropped by everyone in the first mile and was soon trundling along solo!  It always amazes me how some days I run and feel amazing, and other days it's like I'm carrying a sack of cement.  I felt awful.  Miles slowed 8:39, 9:07, 9:09, 8:53, really quite poor.
    At mile five I had a word with myself and got my head down a bit, 8:51, 8:31, 8:20, 7:53, and 7:42.  The course was widely recorded at 10.25 miles, but I stopped my time at 10 miles at 1:25:30.  Finish results not up yet.  So not too bad in the end. 

    I had two goals this year in running; to drag myself round a marathon in sub 5 hours, and lower my half time from 1:57 to 1:50ish, so that's a step nearer.

    Cal; that sounds amazing with the rollercoasters!  I would love to do some of those but would be worried about my rubbish back nowadays. Hope the antibiotics work and you get your trip to the dentist sorted.

    Great running Guarddog.  It's great that you and your other half seem fairly evenly matched runners!  Nice to have a post long run Sunday lunch, always appreciated, Blue Pigeon in Worth is my favourite.

    Superb weeks training Hazle, and well done on your huge long run!  Your soakings sound like my pre-run one today, no fun at all.  Hope the cat is settling in.  Our kitten it growing at an astounding rate, and now tentatively going outside and fascinated by everything, strangely bringing in twigs and fascinated by ants.

    Good running Swittle.  By pure chance I have good knowledge of that having read Dava Sobel-Longitude.  A great book I'd wager you've read.  I'm going to have to focus on strength I think to help with my sub-par knee.

    Have a great week all!  4 weeks to Saxon Shore half, how will I get on?..

  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    Interesting bit of history swittle.  Good work in the gym!

    Ouch to the back LTT - do you do some stretching for it?  The driving sounds pretty bad.  You did very well in your 10 miler - You might have struggle a bit on the first half but the talking to seemed to have worked well considering how you picked up the pace - all too easy to give up and just jog around or simply step off the course especially if you were out on your own.  To match your 10 mile PB four weeks out from your HM is a good sign. 

    Friday saw me back to work as I didn't seem much point to taking a day off to do nothing much at home.  12.5 miles.  I was lucky to avoid some massive showers - just caught the edge of one rather than the full deluge - at one point the sun came out briefly to highlight an ink black sky, the yellow fields and fresh green trees.  (swittle would put that more poetically I am sure).  Despite the speedwork or maybe because it had gone well the day before I was feeling fresh and energetic from the hips upwards at least and happily trotted around.

    On Saturday I need to apply careful timing again to avoid a soaking - popped out for 5 recovery over lunchtime between various household jobs.  Same route as I had done Thursday's tempo run on - good 10 minutes slower.  I did run a little bit too fast though - I was concentrating on picking up my feet properly and it made unconsciously speed up.

    Sunday saw my first 20 miler since spring 2020.  Actually 19.89 NAD but a round 32km sounds good as well.  Yet another soaking - the forecast had been for occasional sunny spells and showers but the reality was two hours of downpour initially - I was soaked through within minutes of setting off - foaming capris, the lot.  Trudged along nonetheless meeting quite a few well wrapped up walkers with all sorts of umbrellas (was on a flat river route again).   I took advantage of an occasional road or railway bridge to check navigation or unwrap a goody.  The river was carrying quite a bit of brown water but it was interesting to get to the point where it flows into another larger river - I hardly noticed it other than the fact that the water was suddenly a calm deep green.  Crossed over that twice - the second time even got a few rays of sun.  The last hour was a bit dryer but I struggled with tiredness by this point - legs and the rest - need to sort out my fuelling on the long ones.     

  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    LintonTT - there are always going to be races like that, when weather, a niggle, nutrition or another cause will burrow away at the confidence - and sometimes, it'll happen mid-event: setting off too fast used to be a favourite of mine. :(  You can record progress towards your race time goals, and that's worth the angst.  :)

    I read Sobel's book a good while after my Dad published his book.  There was a review at the time that mentioned her 'livening up' some of the storylines with some 'artistic' licence.  Still, her book sold very widely: my Dad's was a run limited to 500, published by the local historical society.  

    Hazel - that sounds like a visually interesting 20-miler, because, rather than in spite of the woolly weather!

    Last night, the sun sank quickly into the west, a boiling, bright orange orb that had knots of spectators shielding their eyes as they enjoyed nature's free show.  The slope away from the Marina's shore was just as steep and softy slippy sandy as I remember: must be 2 years or more since I attempted it.  Form & breathing improved after I slogged along the beach to Burbo Bank, and I got to the leisure centre with head torch help before a mile along the beach, disturbed only by the low, chugging rumble of huge fuel oil engines on the Stenaline ferry to Ireland.  A min. over the hr.
  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    I like river runs swittle - you can think about where the water is off to and the flow is somehow very relaxing to watch.  It was a good distraction from the rain - don't normally mind rain too much - just a couple too many soakings in the last few days but often due to poor timing on my part.  Ships are nice to watch too.

    4 miles local recovery on Monday - no real niggles from Sunday's long run but noted tired feet in particular and general lack of energy so I made sure to keep it easy.

    More recovery paced yesterday - this time around 9.5 miles in around 1.5 hours.  Around 3 on my own, then met up with my Tuesday group.  I was a bit worried about how to choose between a slow group on a short route and a fast group on the longer route with me with still tired legs but I was lucky that the whole group took the long route slowly due to a couple of summer returners.  Dull grey sort of evening though the sun did come out right at the end - haven't seen it much at all in recent days. 
  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    No shortage of water in the weather and surroundings for you, Hazel.  The balmy days of early summer are but a distant memory today, and 48 hours of regular rain spells and strong SW wind are in store for much of GB.  
    Some of the Iron Men are getting 'cylinders', 2m high, on which to 'stand'.  The piles are driven into the sand and new brackets fitted.  Also in shot, a 'pop up' licensed bar and coffee open top bus overlooking Waterloo beach & Crosby Marina.

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