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  • Parkrun queen, sub-29 on a trail path sounds like you are still on the right path. Then considering niggles I'd say that's a pretty decent effort...

    JB PR will always bring out some sort of speed in a normal person when trying not too. Its physically impossible not to try. Congrats to Mrs JB too...

    Hazel, how long do you taper for ? Plans seem to say weeks but I'm not sure that would suit me very well. I'd prefer keeping up this running time but keep it slower for the final 2 weeks... 

    Ponty is a lovely course ! 3 laps of the local park, no cricket ground in sight JB. There is a nasty hill on one side which I took great pleasure in over taking someone 3 times as they were trying to blast past me on the rest of the course. Beat him by 30 seconds in the end... It's the small wins. 22.30'ish which pace me nicely at 4.30 goal pace ! Not sure I could do another 5k of that though no matter what the calc's say Hazel...

    Nice leisurely 16k down the Taff in Cardiff over the weekend. Slowly but surely I feel things are coming back to me.

    My local TT I set up on Wednesday which should be fun ! Current plan is also PR @ Porthcawl this weekend 
  • SydZSydZ ✭✭
    Last run was an easy 10k. Keeping things ticking over till a couple of races (a 5 miler in a few weeks followed by a half) then the work starts preparing for London Marathon later in the year.

    Been scouring the internet looking for a half on or around August 21st and found Fleetwood, so have entered this evening.
  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    Seems you have a new name on here Cal.. :)

    I have gone for 2 weeks taper DH.  (mara is 2-3 normally).  I have often worked with P&D or P&L plans and the recommendation is to reduce mileage and retain or even slightly increase the intensity.   Freshens up the legs and keeps them from getting stale.  Well done on beating Mr Someone at Ponty.  Good luck with the TT (today?)

    Welcom SydZ.  Good luck with your training up to London.  August half could be hot - long term fingers crossed for that.

    Pair run rather than group run yesterday - various people away or benched at the moment.  Nice chat about just about anything the whole way around.  My companion has a bad habit of starting off quite quickly and she died a bit up the hills on the second half so I had to do more of the talking then.  She is also racing on Saturday - in the city over 10miles at 4pm on a warm to hot day - don't envy her that.  6.5 miles in 58 mins.  
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    One of my sons admitted to hospital this week for an emergency operation so that's rather overshadowed everything. He's out now and it's  'thank God for the NHS' time around here.
    Managed a couple of slowish runs mindful of need to protect the hamstring.
    Forgive lack of response to the postings.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Jesus John...that's unbelievable! (The V60's time).
    Sorry to hear about your son...I'm glad it's gone OK. Not surprised you've not posted much, it must have been a big worry.
    Sydz - are you in the NW then?
    Hazel/DH...thanks. I do enjoy my parkruns... the issue now is that to do a new one, I have to go further away which takes a lot more time and costs a lot more money. So I'll be slowing down a bit I daresay.
    Hope the race is cooler for you, Hazel...I wouldn't want to run in that heat. 

    First of the Wimbledon Trail Series races this evening - given my body has been staging a niggly rebellion (my right, ie the "good" hamstring, is now showing signs of high ham tendinopathy, as well as groin niggles, and then there's the tight TFL and thigh on the left which comes and goes) I didn't know how it'd react. 

    Anyway, I gave myself the target of a sub-50. Of course it peed down during the afternoon (proper hard rain) so decided to go with trail shoes as, while the common was dry yesterday, I wasn't confident it'd stay that way. As it was, it wasn't too muddy but it was quite wet so I was happy with my choice.
    I am still terrible at the technical downhills and walked down the steeper ones...haven't had a lot of downhill practise recently so I don't have the confidence. I also had to run/walk the Toast Rack (a narrow uphill trail that isn't that steep but is on calf-sapping grit and comes in the fourth mile when you're already tired) as my HR was getting a bit too high and I needed to calm it down a bit. Still, I managed to push on for the last mile and just about got the sub-50, so happy enough. I made it 49:56 - not sure what it'll be officially (it's gun time and I started near the back so it could be a couple of seconds slower...not that it matters).
    Anyway, the hurty bits weren't too bad. Not sure whether I'll do the mile race tomorrow evening or not - I'll go buy how sore I am in the morning.
  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    Sorry to hear about your son JB - hope he is recovering well in the meantime. 

    I'm certainly not looking forward to the heat Cal.  I have ran (run? never got the hang of that!) in worse but had time to get used to it and not such a long distance.  Well done on your trail race.  Always good to set and achieve a realistic target.  The technical stuff certainly does need practice - need to get back to it myself.

    Dress rehearsal sort of run yesterday evening. I deliberately went out in the heat (thermometer said something about 28 degrees but I can't remember if that was on the sunny side of my house).  It was breezy though which meant it didn't feel too bad.   I was thirsty already by the end of 7 miles - not getting too dehydrated on Saturday will be key and I am not a good drinker in races.  5k in a bit over 8min/miles felt ok - will slow that down a bit more though.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    That's good, Hazel. Let's hope the breeze continues. 28 is's much cooler than that in the UK - 17 today but will hit mid 20s next week. 
    On a down note, my right hamstring is not at all happy - I actually got out of bed at 4am as I was so uncomfortable and did some stretching and rolling. Still very stiff when I went for a walk this morning so I will not be doing the mile tonight. Not a big deal as I did the Westminster Mile so, curiosity satisfied. It would've been nice but not the day after another race.
    I'm hoping the hammy eases up before the weekend but I may need to take some time off if not.
  • Hazel, thanks for the kind words (ditto Cal). 28 degrees soundspretty uncomfortable. But well done for factoring it into your preparation. I'm terribly slack about hydration but I dont run the sort of distances (and terrain!) that you do.

    Cal, oh no, you've joined the dodgy hammy club! This could simply be an overdoing it thing and not, we hope, an underlying structural weakness. As I've been boring everyone about mine for weeks I won't go on about it any more, other than to say that there's some good physio sources on You Tube that have helped me.......

    Now, some advice please. I'm thinking of doing Mole Valley tomorrow. The hills dont put me off as they seem to be easier on the hammy than flat, fast courses. But Mrs JB is a bit apprehensive, both for herself and for me.

    I've seen that you, have done it and that your time was very respectable. The average finishing time is at the high end of the spectrum but not as bad as I thought it would be.

    So, if you get the time and indeed see this request in time could you give me (us) any advice please?

    I've seen a video of someone running the course and underfoot should be OK plus it's not too congested. So it's just the hills that are the issue, esp for Mrs JB.

    Cheers in anticipation and no worry if you dont get round to it.

  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    John, I already have a dodgy hammy so I'm an old pro at the rehab. The problem is that, after battling it on the left side for years, it has now popped up on the right. Having said that, it has improved a bit since yesterday, although my irritable groin (on the same side) is also having a grumble.

    I've done Mole Valley. It's not the worst I've done but you will do some climbing. You start running around a small grass field before heading on up the hill. You do a hill then turn, run flat a bit, then up another hill. After that, it's all downhill or flat until you get to the finish. 
    Now is definitely the time to do it as it's muddy in winter. You can get away with road shoes now but I'd go with some that are a bit lower to the ground as it can be a bit bumpy (particularly the grass section). 
    If your missus is still nervous, remember that it's a vineyard with a shop and perhaps you can bribe her with wine.
    As for fast people, there's an attractive young couple in my club who run there, both very fast, with a lovely merl e collie dog called Stan. They do tour so no guarantees they'll be there but if they are, they'll be near the top.
  • Thanks Cal. I'll look out for your pals. And let you know how we get on. 
    It looks lovely, but challenging.
    Good luck with the niggles.
  • Results in from Mole Valley, a beautiful but tough course.

    27th out of 257

    1st in age category

    Age grade of 76.38% was the 2nd best of the day

    My time of 22.22 was the 2nd best ever by a 65-69 vet male

    Very pleased with this as very little training of late. Hamstring OK!

    Didn't see your friends Cal.

    Mrs JB did very well and ducked in under 37 mins.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    John, I realise that this weekend is the Greenbelt Relay so they'll be off doing that. But huge well done to you and Mrs JB. Did you enjoy it? (And did you buy any wine?)
    Squerryes Winery is another vineyard course - not as hilly as Mole Valley. If you fancy that one, do it in the summer. I ran it a few Januarys ago and it is one of the muddiest I have ever done.

    I decided to stick to my local and keep it easy - ran just over 32 minutes. Body's aching a fair bit now. Ugh.
  • Cal, thanks. No wine buying as we had to make a quick getaway for our grand daughter's 6th birthday.
    However, yes we enjoyed it very much and would recommend it,
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Wasn't sure I ought to run today (had a poor night...too hot so kept waking up, not to mention the aches and pains) but did anyway. I can ran with normal form but rather wish stuff would stop hurting. I did stretch before and after and had a good Theragun session too. Anyway, did 6 miles. 
  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    Great Mole Valley result JB and nice to see Mrs JB turn out again.  Will that become a regular thing?  

    The hot nights are a pain Cal.  You should try the additional hot water bottle effect of a cat.. (shutting them out would mean scratching and crying at the door so not likely much sleep either...)  That isn't great with your niggles at the moment.  

    I survived my first ultra - was quite a bit slower than I hoped for but it was warm to hot and I struggled with hydration and nutrition.  Actually I was quite pleased how I managed the second half to get round ok.   
  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    Nice long winded report: bit long-winded and sorry I tend to mix miles and kms a bit....

    The Ultrabielersee is a 50k race - 40 k around a lake with a 10k out and back onto a pensinsular – There were 100+ participants altogether in the HM (did this last year), the main 50k event, a couple of 50k relay teams and a few XL to XXL runners doing laps of the lake– one man ran 5 laps for 200k!. A mixture of tarmac and good quality paths, mostly flat with two noticeable inclines but on the last 20k a lot of little bumps up and down a couple of metres which were not so appreciated by tired legs.

    Preparation: I ran a 10k at the end of February and then had 11 weeks to train for the 50k. Having done quite a bit of speed for the 10k I switched my main focus to long runs, the longest of which was just short of 25 miles and the five longest totalling 108 – further than I have done in the past for marathon training.

    After weeks of cool to comfortable temperatures an untimely blast of warmth hit Switzerland from Tuesday onwards – I had little chance of getting in sufficient acclimatization but did deliberately do my last couple of runs in the heat so as not to get a total shock.

    Race day saw me up at 6am for a light breakfast and a 9am race start. Travel was just a short journey by car to the station and a few stops on the regional train and a short walk. You can also park about 50 metres from the start/finish line. I bagged a spot in the changing rooms in a nearby swimming baths which we could use and did a 1 mile warm up to get the legs ticking over.

    Short briefing – follow the yellow arrows on the ground and don't miss the underpass at km 40 and we were off promptly at 9am. I had a basic plan of not starting too fast but to take advantage of the cooler temperatures during the first couple of hours to get some miles behind me. For the first 10.5 k I ran with two HM participants exchanging the odd bit of chat and backing off the effort up the noticeable incline from km 5-6.

    The HM runners turn back at 10.5k and I stopped for a first drink – rather than just a couple of gulps on the move I took my time to drink a good cupful, this being the first water station and the next only at km 19 (every 5-6k afterwards). Slurped down a gel as well having nibbled on a bit of flapjack earlier and back on the move again.

    Onwards following a bloke in a long sleeved top (must have been hot by the sweat spreading across his back) who I saw for quite a long time. I think he moved ahead at later water stations but I was passed by another guy who I then exchanged places with for almost the rest of the race. This stretch included a couple of not so attractive km along a cycle path right next to a busy road – I had to hold back here as it was tempting to speed up to get it over with.

    The area around the next aid station was heaving with humanity – a popular regional tourist destination with a prettty town and boat cruises on the lake and campsites etc. Wearing a number on your front and a determined expression does help to move those coming towards you out of your immediate path and it was also nice toget some encouragement.

    I had planned to take on another gel at this point but only managed some water, thinking that I could try again at the next stop 5k on. Out on to the pensinsular which is a bit of a drag not helped by long stretches in the sun and a noticeable camber in the road. The leading men came the other way at some point, most runners exchanging some encouragement. Many looked quite hot already. I was pleased to note that no ladies appeared which meant I was likely in first place though the peninsular ends with a short loop where it was possible to miss people. That was fortunately in the shade initially. High fived a whole line of kids.

    Out into the sun again for the next aid station at around 24k and this was the point where I started to struggle with my stomach – not cramping or nausea but a constant feeling of if you try to put in any sweet stuff like gels or sports drinks I will rebel. Not so great with just half the race done. Scanning the available goodies I picked up an orange segment – that went down a treat and I stuck to eating these at each aid station onwards. The heat and the long drag got to me a bit on the way back on the peninsular and I put in a couple of short walking breaks.

    Back to the 19/29k stop for more water and oranges and then on through a pleasant wooded section with less other people and into the sun around the prison – not really a tourist highlight. I was overtaken by a couple of others at this point including another lady. I didn't let this irritate me though as I had already started to go into survival mode. I was pleased how I managed this actually as it wasn't about a mental crisis but a fairly constant stream of internal consulation of what do I need to do to get to the end. The answer was to run / walk, the run pace fairly slow and the walks short. I would run as far as I could before my stomach got uncomfortable and then walk and get going again. Another lady passed at some point and I guessed I was in third place. I could see both ahead for a long time and with a bit less walking and lost time at the aid stations I might well have caught them again.

    The final 10 miles were in the sun a lot but a slight headwind and my slow pace kept that bearable. I never felt really overheated. A guy I exchanged places with a few times looked in a worse state. The nearby railway line with regular stations was my safety net but I was fairly sure I would make it back. I didn't really take in my surroundings or other people much but I do remember a large group of cyclists coming the other way on a narrow stretch who had to stop so I could pass – nice of them but again likely due to the number on my front.

    Last aid station was at 46k and here I nearly got into a bit of bother. I felt ok coming in but as soon as I stopped to take on water I suddenly felt pretty awful and couldn't decide if I wanted to fall over or be sick. Going into hyperventilation mode to prevent the latter probably didn't help the former and the ground was just too tempting for a sit down. The two men on the station were almost too helpful initially but I got a grip on myself again. They were determined that I should eat / drink something and after I had refused most of what was on offer they picked up a bottle of AF beer. I wasn't sure if that would stay down but a tentative sip and then half a cup was the best thing I had drunk all day and was a definite restorative. Up off the floor (with help!) and off onto the last few km including a nasty 2k stretch along a busy road back into the city and then a nice shady park and a bit of weaving around humanity around the busy boat cruise port back to the start. Over the finish line and a nice long recovery in the shade of a tree (with more AF beer) near the finish line.

    Clapped in more finishers and picked up a bottle of wine later for my F40 category win. Feeling restored I then finally showered and set off back home.

    Overall I am pleased with the result though I had hoped for a better time – I maybe set off a little too fast but the first half felt fine. With cooler temps and better hydration / nutrition I would likely have been faster but I couldn't do anything about the former and have learnt a bit about the latter. Of 10 finishing ladies I was 3rd and also finished ahead of quite a few of the men. Finishing time was 4:53:56.   

    Strava: First ultra in warm/hot conditions | Lauf | Strava 
  • Hazel, brilliant run and an equally good report.i felt like I was running alongside you.
    That's an immense achievement and the 3rd place/cat win denote real quality.
    My take on this is that you are now hooked and......the 100k race awaits!
    However, the personal impact of your report on me is to convince me to stick to 5ks!
  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    Cheers JB.  There weren't too many lady finishers to be honest but I am nonetheless proud of it.  The 100k race won't be for a couple of years yet - lots to learn.

    In comparison I've never raced a 5k and shudder at the thought!  Big advantage I guess is you can go and do another fairly soon if one goes wrong.

    5k recovery trot yesteday morning before work to help prevent me from stiffening up from sitting long hours at my desk.  Legs and feet initially went do we really have to do this but I could run rather than shuffle - I've had worse after marathons.  Nice cool morning for it.  I had initially planned a flat out and back but the road was being closed for works as I passed through so I took a more undulating loop instead.  Slow up the hill!  Good job I did as there was a chaos of reversing large lorries in the junction I would have had to pass back through. 

    Couple of days of gentle walking / cycling now to continue with recovery and give my feet a chance to recover from the pounding.  Coincides nicely with the ongoing heat - forecast is for 30 degrees on Friday in places..  
  • Hazel, sounds like you've got away with very few post race issues, probably because you prepared so well.

    I did a slow 1 hour run today. I'm being drawn to the 80/20 approach as there is so much evidence and testimony as to how effective it is. I've not invested in a HRM so getting the right heart rate/training zone is a bit hit and miss but I was certainly slow.
    Found it a bit frustrating and funnily enough I got more aches and pains than I'd get running a fast 10k.

  • What an absolutely outstanding result and beautifully written report Hazel. I am stealing 'heaving with humanity' and using for myself. What I also take from that is AF beer clearly powers you forward - I shall use as a pre-race drink for my next !  :) 

    Watching your training runs and prep for this event is inspiring and should be to others as well. It was a monumental effort which paid off coming 1st and 3rd overall ! 

    John, glad to see the hammy is holding up and none of that pace is lost. I highly recommend the 80:20 split and would recommend the HRM as well. Its progressed my running no end.

    I've been low in terms of quality and distance last few weeks really. Niggly knee, few blisters and events stopped me doing any major distance. Completed my local Time Trial even which was a massive success ! Most people out for a club run in well over 2 years. 

    Off to track tonight for an interval session which will be last heavy run now before Cardiff 10 Sunday. After that I have 3 more weeks before I fully commit to my next training block for HM in September 
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Fantastic Hazel - well done for toughing that out. I felt like that towards the end of Manchester Marathon and would have had similar issues if I'd stopped. So good job...getting going again at that point is tough. Well done on the age cat prize - enjoy the wine!

    John, I find my form goes to hell if I run slowly (as in slower than my normal easy pace) - I'm sure it does me more harm than good. I bought a cheap Coospo monitor off Amazon and it pairs with the Garmin no problem. I stopped using it for a bit...should start again as I don't think my new Garmin records HR very well (the previous one was more or less the same whether I used the chest strap or not, unless I was doing stuff like weights in the gym, when it couldn't handle the stop/start nature of that kind of training).

    DG good luck with the 10!

    A funny old week for me. Did a 4 miler on Tuesday that felt terrible, then 7 on Wednesday which was a bit less terrible but not great (the terrible being all my aches and pain), then 5 today, which was a little better although I struggled a bit with the humidity.
    I have just been to see my phys who did a few things to loosen me up so hopefully I'll be alright for parkrun pacing on Saturday.
  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    Thanks for the report feedback :)

    Feel your frustration with the slow running JB but stick with it for some runs at least.  Do you at least have a nice route for it?  Actively look around, stop for an odd break - (enjoy the view, pet a cat?)

    Glad to hear the time trial was a success DH.  Hope it won't be too hot for your race on Sunday.  Good luck!

    I only have a wrist HM and tend to ignore it - I tried a chest strap monitor once and hated it, either too tight or slipped around.  Interestingly with the warmer weather my wrist monitor shows more likely results and no longer 180 on a recovery run.

    Hope the physio has helped Cal.  Strange that you are struggling with the aches as your running doesn't seem excessive to be producing that over a longer period.  Good luck with the pacing tomorrow.

    10k over lunch yesterday - had a choice of either hot in the sun and a flat route or mostly shady in the woods and hilly.  I went for the latter and shuffled the hills and trail bits (out of practice on both at the moment) so as to keep the effort down.  Feet feel much better now and legs are ok too. 
  • JB, Parkrun Queen can give you tips on animal petting whilst running...

    I found my watch (Fenix6) to be wildly inaccurate for HR. Forgot my HRM for the TT actually and watch had me pushing 200, where as I know I'm lucky to touch 183 in reality

    Wife is out tonight so need to get working day, dog walking duties and running in before 5pm and child collection time - think an hour on the treadmill may be in order. Slow PR tomorrow before 10k Sunday...

    I purchased some Asics Novablasts a while back and at the start they felt great but have become heavy and uncomfortable at times so have bitten the bullet and ordered the Saucony Speed 2 after getting along with the Shifts previously. 

    After some research it looks like the Novablasts are nearly 50g heavier than all my other shoes I've tried. Nearly went with Brooks Ghosts but again the weight is high as is the new NB 1080v12 otherwise would have ordered those as v11 have been probably my best shoe to date... 
  • Cal, I'm more in you camp when it comes to slow runs: they're meant to be 'easy' but I find them psychologically hard. Partly it's because I'm naturally impatient and then there's the fear (irrational I'm sure) that I'll never get my speed back. (The old adage that long slow runners produce long slow runners.)  But there's another thing: my pathetically not long 60 minutes the other day produced aches that reminded me of the latter stages of a marathon. Maybe it's simply because your whole running style changes when you run slower - a horrible shuffle in my case. (Hip flexors didn't like it!)

    Hazel, I'm pretty limited for routes. I hate running around suburban street which leaves either the flat as a pancake prom or a limited (local) range of relatively gentle hills. I get the impression that you have a very wide choice - but partly that's because you run a lot further than the likes of me! 

    Hamster, good to hear that your club is flourishing. I feel guilty about not supporting mine more often, but the last 2 times have seen the hammy pulled. (Yes, I know I could take it easier, but I don't want to be dropped from the 'fast group' - idiot!)

    Parkrun for me tomorrow, as per  Cal. Back to my flat-track bully local course. Again it's a hammy injury waiting to happen, so I'll be pretty nervous. 
  • Parkrun went well. 21.01 gave me:

    31st out of 412
    Age category win (plus beating the whippersnappers in 60-64 category too)
    Age grade of 81.28% which was the 2nd best of the day

    Plus Mrs JB did an SB by 2 seconds.

  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    I know, right, Hazel? I've not done much more than 20 miles a week since Manchester.

    DH, I'm like you, I like a lighter shoe. I started out in Nike Frees which are incredibly light (but a bit too minimal for higher mileages) so most "normal" shoes feel like bricks to me.

    John, sounds like a good hammy issues then I hope.

    Today was my club's takeover at Clapham Common parkrun. I was due to be pacing 29 minutes, which I was a little nervous about as a) I've not paced before and b) my right hammy's been a bugger. Fortunately, my trip to the physio on Thursday seemed to have helped and the hammy was mostly OK, but I was a little stiff from the gym (I thought I'd be OK as it was just light rehab stuff, but I managed to make my glutes quite sore). 
    It was quite warm and also very busy (over 700 runners) so the start was congested and I had to try and play catch up. I'd plugged my numbers into a pace calculator and thought I was comfortably inside the pace I needed, but I came in at 29:08 which is a bit annoying. Still, I guess it was OK for a first attempt. No one seemed to care, anyway.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    I got myself out for a "long" run despite a less than optimal night's sleep (I just wasn't tired, I don't know why) - I had 10 miles in mind which would equal the longest run I've done since Manchester, though that was actually 5 weeks ago and my mileage since then has been on the low side.
    Didn't take water as I thought I wouldn't need it, but that proved a mistake. I opted to do some of the River Wandle route, which is one of my favourites and I've not done for a long while. Hamstring took a long time to warm up (I'm not sure it ever really did...more that its grumbling was eclipsed by discomfort elsewhere) but it was a lovely morning and I enjoyed the river path as I usually do (saw two herons this time). But when I got to the bit where I intended to turn off and head home, I realised I was going to be well over target - at least 12 miles. It had warmed up a lot by this point and by the time I got to 10 miles, the inside of my mouth felt like an old sock. 
    I hit 12 miles on Tooting Common and stopped there and walked the remaining half mile home. It felt like a long old way.
    I'll not be doing a long run next Sunday as I've the next trail race the Wednesday after, but hopefully I can build up my mileage after that. This week was 32 miles...last two weeks have been 22 and 21 miles respectively, so it's a bit of a jump. Hope to be back to more normal mileage again before too long, though.
  • Cal, well done at taking the pacer role. Given the congestion at the start I think you did very well.
    That sounds like a very decent long run, esp with the grumpy hammy.
    Hot in London too,

    On a whim I decided to run the Horsham 10k today. Not very bright given the heat, the course (undulating), the fast 5k yesterday, the hammy and a complete lack of anything approaching a long run for months.
    That's the excuses out of the way.
    I managed 45.52 and was very pleased with that as I was picking off runners in the final 0.5k 
    Only 4th in my category though as this was quite a high quality field.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Well done John. Under the circumstances, that's excellent.
  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    I am lucky that I am out in the country JB so I do have a lot of pleasant route choices - immediate area means hills though.  For flat speedwork I need to go elsewhere - I envy you your prom there!  Great 5k/10k combo - Hope the hammy is ok.  In an intensive training block I am glad of the slow runs to compensate for the long/fast stuff but otherwise don't very much appreciate them either and often go into let's get this over and done with.

    Glad your physio was able to help a bit Cal.  Great pacing!  8 seconds off is really not much.  I remember you talking about the Wandle route quite a bit.  Must have been nice to return to.  I find a short walk at the end of a longer run a good way to cool down.  Mileage build up sounds like a good plan.

    Still in recovery mode runningwise though I did compensate by cycling and walking quite a bit this week.  6m on Saturday - bit faster than the last couple of outings (8:35).  Will keep the lid on distance and speed this week as well and then see what is next.
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