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  • Having just moved to Clapham, London, I decided to do a circuit around the Common last night and today. Last night's was great, there's a certain glee with running past cars in traffic jams! The arrangement of the trees and buildings around the Common creates some pretty crazy cross winds sometimes, but it keeps it interesting! 

    Today, however, was hilarious! I thought I'd run round it in the opposite direction to see which way I preferred. Is there some sort of unofficial one-way system around the common?! I was the only runner going in my direction, and every runner I passed going in the opposite direction gave me a very quizzical stare! Oh well, highly amusing. 

    If there's anyone else on here who runs around Clapham Common, make sure you give me a nice big smile, a few of the girls looked waaay too intense! (I'm the one in the black speedo shorts - don't know why, they just feel really comfortable!) A high five on the way past would be appreciated too, with added comedy value.


  • Hi.

    First day back at school today, which is never my favourite day of the year. (I could have been worse - the kids start back tomorrow!)

    So after a day of meetings and paperwork I finally got out for a run just after 5pm.

    8km, 38.59. Pleasant, undulating route with one section over fields. A bit harder than I had expected as two of the fields have been ploughed since last week.

    I saw 12 cars! I know it was rush hour, but that is at least 10 more than usual. Maybe it was because one of the other lanes out of the village was closed to repair the flood damage. I went down to check it out - it looks good and flat - a nice change as its been very bumpy since several metres of road washed away in July.

  • Fantastic for all your runs over the weekend and yeaterday....Keep it Going

    Johnny Again....At least running round after the kids at school will keep u activish!!!!

    Great to run over fields and uneven surfaces(Watch those ankles though),it relly strenthens your legs.

    I ran 5k and had 40 mins in the Gym this morning before work.....Sadly now sitting at my desk in an overcast Glasgow...Roll on 4pm


  • iRuniRun ✭✭✭

    Congratulations everyone, a special nod to marshallini for notching up the first marathon on this thread . Great to see more people enjoying reading about everyones highs and lows.

    04/09/07 5.87m 51:45 c 622 AHR 149 MHR 240 F 32g

    Wanted to go and run seven but it was the eldests 10th birthday so had to curtail myself. A bit chilly on the outset, with the lampost bright and sky lightening. Not to be outdone though I went through the Civic Centre  roundabout and up Hillingdon Road the opposite side and added Coney Green to add an little extra distance and some respite on my legs in general. The first half today was fantastic up until the roundabout, I was positively flying. My arms and legs flowing beautifuly. what a bummer that i changed sides of the road today as out of the RAF camp came a runner. Tried to use him as a hare but because he was on the short bend I lost him. I even think he disappeared down Vine Lane. Not to worry running is what it isd all about. Made apoint of saying hello again to all that I passed, it does make me smile! I FEEL GOOD! image
    Jog Watch - 1

  • My last run was Thursday last week 8k in 37:45 which is very slow seeing my best time is under 34image0 could not make my ususal weekend run so looking forward to getting out there again.
  • Intervals on the treadmill tonight. About 4 miles in 40 minutes including 6 x 3 minute intervals with 90 seconds between each and warm up and cool down. Not much more to say - it was on my schedule and I did it!

    Outside in the sunshine tomorrow I thinkimage

  • A vital "recover sanity" run after school today. I felt knackered before I started and totally refreshed when I finished - entropy reversed!

    Mortimer Forest 6km 30 mins and a few seconds. The trail was really rutted and pretty firm, only a few muddy patches. I didn't see a single person, just a few sheep in the fields alongside the forest. A glorious view north to Wenlock Edge and the Long Mynd - bathed in sunshine. The best sight of the run was a sunny bank filled with Colchicums in full flower - a little early this year, but one of the autumn sights that I always look forward to.

  • Johnny again, you are so lucky to be able to run in Mortimer Forest!  I've run the Mortimer Forest Hill Race (early December) that starts in the grounds of a school a few times, a brilliant route and not so testing as to put off the newcomer to fell running.

    Well run, "B".  I admire your discipline in running intervals on the "endless belt".

     0545 Stumbled out into the dark, having ignored the alarm clock (again) and ran first 2 miles on autopilot through the byways of Crosby and Brighton-le-Sands.  My friend's conversation woke me up and I started to enjoy the pace as a keen NW wind followed us round.  Nearly a coming together with a paper lad on his bicycle who had rewritten the Highway Code but no more alarms.

  • Treadmill for me this morning at 6am. 30 Mins of 2mins steady 1 min fast then 20 mins on the bike and some weights,Coffee and Bran Flakes at my desk....ready to go

    Running 10K within Strathclyde Park in Glasgow on Saturday.Looking to beat my PB of 54 Mins

    Happy Running Everyone

  • Having run most of the route of the North Downs Run last Sunday (30K, mostly trail, undulating/hilly)  my running since then has been restricted to 2.5 miles recovery on Monday and an easy 2.0m on grass last night (courtesy of tired and sore legs) - need to keep the work rate up in preparation for Amsterdam marathon on 21 October - planning to run 12 or so miles tonight (work schedule permitting).

  • 6 miles easy along Eastbourne seafront this morning 1.05.32. Warm with a slight breeze - perfect.

    Jogwatch: 13 - mostly at the end of my run, though I did see two runners who I would guess were in their eighties - well done to them, I plan to still be pootling along the prom when I am their age! And whatever Pearl Izumi say in their ad we are all runners and worthy of entering races and wearing decent kit image

  • Swittle - yes I am lucky to have Mortimer Forest to run in. In fact, if I walk out of my classroom (there are no kids in here at the moment- I'm supposed to be doing paperwork!) and stroll 15m due west, I can see the full extent of Whitcliffe and Bringewood, which is very tempting.

    I've only run the Mortimer Forest 10 once as I'm usually marshalling. My run yesterday took in part of the route - the flat section just before the switchbacks. I didn't have time to go further as I had to collect my daughter from the station.

    If you run the Mortimer this year, give me a wave. Are you running the new 20 mile Bent Clee Challenge in October?

  • I've just found this loooong thread and decided to join in.

     (KK, sorry to hear about your ankle.  How annoying!)

    I did 8k on Monday without stopping which I was really pleased.

    It was on a boring run along a flat(ish) straight(ish) road so all I had to do was put one foot in the other - no worries about camber, kerbs, foot placement, crossing roads, grass verges etc. Consequently, I think I might have found 'the zone' for the first time as I wasn't worrying about anything going on around me, just jogging and working through the aches/tiredness.

    I was also able to think about my posture more and so didn't get the lower back ache I usually get after a few miles.

    Off out again tonight, so hopefully more of the same.


  • Hi KJB - you are very welcome. I love posting my runs on here - it gives me an added incentive to go out knowing that if I don't "everyone" will know I haven't done my run, also it's great to get/give encouragement from/to others and to see how they are doing.

    Happy running! image

  • Welcome KJBKJB and Graham, the more the merrier,  good running everyone.image

    Wednesday 05 September 20007 – 2pm – Easy run  - Helsby.

    4.7 miles – 35:43.41 – 7:36 min/mile ave. – 349 ft asc.– Nike Zoom Spectrum Plus (2).

    Jog Watch 0.

    First proper run after Sunday, took it very easy and just plodded for 35 mins.  A pleasantly undulating course from the Quarry car park up and around the lanes, took the time to take in the views over the Mersey estuary and the petrochemical industry.  Legs felt ok after the first couple of hundred meters were out of the way.image

  • Wed Sept 5th

    A short, quick (for me) run this evening. 

    2.7 miles 29mins 51 - av 11.11 min mile

    (Monday's was 5 miles in just under an hour so av 12 min miles.)


  • Tuesday 6.52 miles 56 mins.

    This was my second club outing, a night time jaunt along the streets, the good thing about club running is that I'm now getting to go on routes I'd never have thought off and I can't avoid the hills. What is it with runners and masochisim.... no pain no gain! Felt abit tired after Sundays half, but glad I went.

    Wednesday 5.18 miles 55mins AHR 139

    Went on a very slow recovery jog, legs felt even more tired today, I think I need a rest day. I went round the local fields and country park, I really noticed autumn in the air, and the trees going slightly brown..... have to get some high viz gear for night time running!

  • iRuniRun ✭✭✭

    Everyone is doing so well, the motivation for us all to keep going is tremendous. help you, help me, hel;p you! image

    Here's hoping "B" returns to full fitness soon.

    6/9/07 7.7m 1:13image4 c ??? MHR ??? AHR about 150 ( didn't set my watch)!
    Out this morning at 5:40 and even darker, all the neon streetlights on full (funny but I never notice them going off as I run). The run itself today was pure joy really after the usual push myself out of the door, I was of. A few bodies all around. Up to the Circus no problems and all the way through Ickenham un-hindered, Swakeleys Road is now completely open. They are now digging up the road hust before the A40 putting new kerb stones in. Straight down the Harefield Road with a few hello's. up to whitehall Road stress free. Greeway easy al the way up to the green (I do so enjoy this half mile addition. On to home, nice run, feels great. Home before sunrise now, how sad!
    Jog Watch - 0

  • Yesterday I spent most of the day sitting waiting for a work phonecall that never cameimage and MrLW was image about his work too. So I went out for 4 very necessary miles before dinner - a mile of suburban streets, admiring other people's shrubs, and then 3 miles of greenbelt country lanes. Past the big puddle in a field that is so permanent it is now a small pond - I've seen malllards, moorhens and Canada geese all rear broods on its crowded banks. Past George Best's old house - now owned by the most successful Chinese restaurant owner in Manchester, and then home in a much better mood.

  • Hey iRun - I think you mean KK don't you? I hope so as I thought I was fully fit even if not very fast! image
  • No, Johnny again, I'm fully committed for October - and not really in 20-mile trim, tbh  image

     iRun, interesting about the streetlamps going out - it's one of the first things I noticed; indeed, some seem to go off in sequence as I run past - or am I paranoid?

     This morning's staple run flew past, as my running chum and I put the world to rights, and I felt refreshed after a steady 5 miles.

    Jogwatch: 1

  • Runs like this are motivation enough for me, this is what running is all about!image

    Thursday 06 September 2007 – 1:45pm – Easy fell run  - Penyclodiau – Moel y Parc

    5.2 miles – 50:12.32 – 9:39 min/mile ave. – 1177 ft asc.– Mountain Bear Gladiators (2).

    Jog Watch 0. (Hikewatch 6)

    I’m going to have to say this is in my all time top 3 favourite routes.  From the car park up a mud path that runs along the top of steep slope with conifers giving a bit of shade, then it opens up and takes you to the first stile, then from there it’s the most pleasant running I know, by no means easy but such a nice run, the ups are challenging but not extreme, the descents are smooth and superb underfoot nothing you could technical or ankle breaking to contend with, nigh on perfect.  On the top running through multi hued verdancy, subtly contrasted with russet tones and highlighted heathery lavenders and alpine fuscias was a sight to behold and with panoramic views taking in the Snowdon range and the rest of the world, it was a truly splendid day out.

    I tried to keep the pace easy as I’m still in recovery mode but when I came across the hikers I couldn’t help myself and flew up the mountain passed them, but once out of sight I reigned myself in.  I’ve never actually ran this course hard, but it would be so nice to do a time trail on. I’ve just trawled my log to see what my fastest time is and I’m surprised that I’ve only actually ran the course as I ran it to day twice and both times slower.   Based on the ease of today’s run I’ll be looking to get the time down to 46:48 or 9 minute/mile pace.

    imagehappyimage happyimage

  • Marshallini, that sounds like a perfect route to me.

    Today's run was a club run. 5.6 km, 32:32. Pretty slow, but it did include some fierce climbs. The scenery was second to none really. Three laps of Whitcliffe common, descending to the river Teme and climbing quickly back up. Stunning views over Ludlow. The ideal time of day (7pm) to see Ludlow castle from the west, lit perfectly.

    Then a shower and off to the pub for sausage, chips and a couple of pints of Hobgoblin.

    I had a shceduled rest day yesterday, completely forgetting that I'll be having another rest day tomorrow as There is a beer festival as part of Ludlow food and drink festival. Never mind, I have promised not to get obsessional about running.

  • Marshallini, that sounds like a perfect route to me.

    Today's run was a club run. 5.6 km, 32:32. Pretty slow, but it did include some fierce climbs. The scenery was second to none really. Three laps of Whitcliffe common, descending to the river Teme and climbing quickly back up. Stunning views over Ludlow. The ideal time of day (7pm) to see Ludlow castle from the west, lit perfectly.

    Then a shower and off to the pub for sausage, chips and a couple of pints of Hobgoblin.

    I had a shceduled rest day yesterday, completely forgetting that I'll be having another rest day tomorrow as There is a beer festival as part of Ludlow food and drink festival. Never mind, I have promised not to get obsessional about running.

  • iRuniRun ✭✭✭

    Yep B it was KK indeed I meant. But stay good anyway image.
    Reading all the links, we are all amazing! 

    07/09/07 4.33m 38.15.87 c 463 AHR 151 MHR 240 F 24g

    Back to the first run again here purely because of time constraints. After rising at just after 5am I could not bear doing nothing for two hours so "lets get running" I thought. The whole of the run was a nice steady pace. I didn't have any energy to up it. Grey and overcast this morning but very warm. I sit ihere straight after running in a mix of sweatyness. Great to be out for a back to back, I cannot stop running!
    Jog Watch - 1

  • Did an interval session in the gym last night, I was going to do 6 fast 1ks with two minute recoveries but the gym is undergoing refurbishment so only had 3 treadies available so I got kicked off after 20mins after only doing 3 reps. But there were people waiting so thats fair enough. So I mixed things up with the exercise bike and some weights. I think I'll be giving the gym a miss untill it's finished and stick to the great outdoors!

  • Friday 07 September 2007 – 2 pm – Fell Run  - Penycloddiau – Moel y Parc

    5.2 miles – 44:30.86 – 8:33 min/mile ave. – 1177 ft asc.– Mountain Bear Gladiators (2).

    Jog Watch 0. (Hikewatch 9)

    You can’t beat the great outdoors!

    I let my heart rule my head and instead of taking it easy I returned to the Clwyds for another go at yesterday’s run.  I barely tried yesterday so expected to go about 2 minutes faster today. But I smashed my long term target straight off and by some way!  I thought 46:48 would be a good time but 44:30 was quite suprising and I know I can go faster as on the toughest section I only equalled my split from yesterday.

    The course is actually better the faster you run it. 

    There is one section early on where you look down into a big bowl of a valley and there’s a path winding thru the conifers and looks really nice, one day I’ll have to run that.


  • So Marsh - this is what you do as marathon recovery???!!! image

    Due to work couldn't get out yesterday or today (unlike iRun I'm not going out at 5am!)so just an easy 5k on the treadie this evening to keep ticking over - two runs planned for the weekend to reach my mileage target of 30 miles for the week.

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