Polar Heart Rate Monitor Frozen

Hi. I was running home from work tonight when my F6 Polar heart rate monitor froze. By this I mean the watch and the same heart rate and the time has remained the same.I've tried pressing all the buttons etc and I've emailed Polar. Its justless than a year old but I did'nt send my guarantee off when I got it so I'm not sure what I can do next. Any advice would be gratefully received.




  • there is a reset procedure in the instructions - a sequence of buttons to press (i forget which) so you could try that.

    failing that if you've still got proof of purchase i'm not sure that it will matter that you didn't send your guarantee off
  • Press and hold all the buttons except the 'light' button at the same time until the display is filled with digits. Press OK when it shows.

    This should clear your screen freeze - you may need to reset your exercise preferences

    If that don't work check the batteries

    good luck
  • Hi.Thanks for the replies.I have managed to get it working again.Well I should say my wife! I tried pressing all the buttons to try and reset dozens of times then my wife done it first time! Typical.Im not sure if my ipod nano had something to do with as I have just got a Nike+ Jacket and the nano stays close to your left wrist, where I normally put my watch.Im not sure if this caused any interference.Anyway I put it on my other wrist tonight and its fine.Touch wood.

    Thanks for your help.

  • My Polar F5 has done this on a couple of occasions. I don't wear Nike+ or have anything else with me either - I'd be interested to know what the cause might be.

    On one of the occasions it stopped 5 mins before the end of a 10k. Come the finish line I pressed the stop and was amazed at my miraculous (and quite unebeivable) new PB. The feelgood feeling was great while it lasted!
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