Roth 13 July 2008

I know that me and Rosey are doing it; anyone else?

Ideas on good places to stay?


  • Melli, there is already another thread for roth 08

    We stayed in Nuremberg city this year. As we were going to be there a few days either side of the race we didn't fancy being stuck out in the middle of nowhere. It was a 25 min tram ride away from the expo/start/finish area. Couldn't recommend our hotel though (Meridien Grand). Paid a fortune for it but it is very run down. Good brekkie though :-)
  • the race that dare not speak its name

    lol. good luck.

    did you listen to the IM talk podcasts from Roth? might be useful. they're dope testing the age groupers too. can only imagine they'll end up catching people who've had one too many coffees.
  • I thought caffeine had been taken off the WADA list? I read somewhere that the new policy in all IM corp races was to test 4 of the first 10 male and female finishers and every age group winner?
  • it could well have been smiley. my thought was that testing a bunch of part timers will just catch out those who don't know the list of banned stuff like the back of their hand.
  • That'll be plummie, he'll finally finish one of these things and end up dope tested.... What on earth are we going to come up with lower than a tripe talker as a rank?
  • It's a difficult one, maybe Journalist or Computer Programmer.
  • They were testing the age groupers at IMDE as well
  • [fixes JD with a Flat Stare]
  • I thought you were a journo who wrote about computer programming leppie???
  • are you not an ex-journo? tell you what, change journo for estate agent.
  • old journos never die, they just sell out and find better paid jobs and spend years regretting it and dreaming of writing novels and end up writing books about mental illness or management issues but sometimes get to do a bit of freelance on things that interest them and then get even more grumpy about the job they've ended up in. You see.
  • 13th July is my birthday... but I'd like to go with the pirate masses to Nice... and I'm still thinking about Almere (shiraz will defo do that)... and of course I'm only ever doing one IM race...
  • Hollywood I am planning on going to Nice to support but hopefully do Roth - I f I don't get the funds together in time I will also be looking at Almere
  • i thought there might be another thread but didn't spot one.
  • Don't worry mellifera it kind of went off topic anyway
  • see, i could almost be tempted by roth, except for the fact that i hate marmite.
  • where is the other thread? i looked back over 4 pages and didn't spot and a search didn't turn it up either. has it got an obscure name?
  • 4 stripe i think
  • Nope it was Roth 2008
  • Page 5
  • no-one has bumped it and a search does not turn it up so i can't really post on it!

  • oops cross post
  • better not lose this one completely either image
  • Hi guys - unless anything goes wrong I am planning on being out there to support you all, it's only about an hour from our other house and of course I know the route pretty well and where to be. I thought Firestar was doing this or did I imagine it?

    Hope you all have accommodation sorted by now because it will be very difficult to find a room, everything's usually booked up by Christmas.

    Post your start numbers once they are up - that won't be until the last couple of weeks though.

  • splendid IW - thanks. DrM will be there supporting me too. AFAIK Firestar is still doing it. I should drop her an email.
  • Remind her she will be in the first swim wave!

  • how far away is the start from the town, I think we are stying in teh dead centre of town, in fact if you are over that area IW can you check out our hotel as I still don't believe it exists lol !!!
  • it's exactly 10.6km from Roth. Swim start and T1 are in  Hilpoltstein, on the Danube canal,  if you have an area map or can find it on the web. T2 and the finish are in Roth itself. You will find it on Sat, just follow everyone else who's heading down to check their bike and bags in.

    What's the name of your hotel?

  • Hotel Leone Roth - its supposed to be in the middle of town or less than a km from the centre.Its above a trattoria I think !!>?

    Or its known as Hotel Trattoria Leone, AllersbergerStr. 1

  • I have a spare course map if anyone wants it, just email me your name/address and I'll post it to you - first come first served!
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