Techno Mania

I went out for my run today, and started to think about how many gadgets I was carrying.....

I had enough power to run a house!!

Camelback Flashflo - can't live without on a run. I drink a lot!

Timex SDM

And the latest edition - Nike PSA 64mb version.



  • Wot, no HRM, Smythe??
  • and how about those new shades with the windscreen wipers? (it's only a matter of time...)
  • Haven't got an HRM.

    Plus, I'm running out of room on my body!!

    I mean if I were to wear all my kit:-
    Left arm - Timex SDM
    Rigth arm - Nike PSA
    Right wrist - Timex watch

    If I wear a HRM too thats me left wrist gone!!
    Do I have to wear something to take my HR too?? Or is that done by the watch itself?

    Then I've got my CamelBak round me waist....

    Forget mobile phone radiation..... this is gadget radiation!!

    (NB - I don't carry my mobile whilst running.... except on a handful of occassions when I was expecting important calls!)

    I already get looks whilst running!
    I'd like to think they were all female, having a look! But; some of em' are blokes, probably thinking "What is he wearing"
    I got beeped at today (female driver)! I assuming it was because I was top less. I don't know what women complain about - being whistled/beeped at - I nearly turned round and ran after her:-)

  • LarsLars ✭✭✭

    for a heart rate monitor you have to wear a chest belt. If you wait until summer you can buy a timex upgrade for your SDM. It can save your runs inkl. pace distance and heart rate and you can download them into your PC. Of course, you have to carry the little save unit as well.
  • I think I'm gonna start weight training.....


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