Nike PSA[64 - Review

Just got my latest gadget - Nike PSA[64 - and, infact, my first mp3 player. So here's a quick review.

First opinions
Where's the belt clip?!? (Why have I been given a stupid arm clip, when a belt clip would be better - not to mention cheaper!)
The (direct) cable[1] is not going to be long enough
Is SO LIGHT and COMPACT!! (I might lose it! :-)

On the run
To start out I had the unit in my camelback (don't like the arm strap, soon I'll be like Michelin Man - MP3 player on one side, Timex SDM on the other). I had both cables connected.
The headphones are great, although they do restrict the movement of my head a bit - I can't turn head completely round to check for cars just waiting to kill me before I cross the road - if I do turn round they have the habit of falling out of my ear.
The cable comes with magnets, which can be used to clip the cable to your vest (or T-Shirt, or whatever you wear on the run) which I found good - although it is quite easy to drop the magnets (hence, they are going to be lost quite quickly!). The butterfly clip (attached to the cable itself) on the 'direct' cable is good - but it would be better if it was removeable (although, as is, I won't be losing it!).
At the half way mark I was getting hot, so the vest came of..... Erm.... what do I do with the cables now? Not a problem! The extenstion cable was stashed away in my camelbak, and it was down to the direct cable. This is where being able to take the butterfly clip off the direct cable would come in handy. Instead, I just slide it down the cable into my camelbak. The cable did, to my surprise, reach, just. Although it could do with being slightly longer. I spose the reason for it being that short is that Nike have decided that because there arm strap is so wonderful (hate em'!) everyone will be wearing them on their arms.
Moving on to the unit itself. Its great, no faults! I could do with a slightly larger storage area - 64mb just isn't big enough - especially for marathon training.

Overall: I would definetly recommend the unit, if you use mp3's. I think I would be more suited with the radio, as opposed mp3 player though - I just can't be bother to copy music on to the thing!!


[1]The headphone cable comes in two parts: a) 'direct' cable to headphones (links headphones and unit); b)extension cable which adds features - volume control, skip track - and, I suppose a longer cable!
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