Toughguy 27th Jan '08

Always fancied it, have a problem with heights (erm) - Spans has done it twice and says never again...

Anyone else?



  • thought you had a bad back?!
  • i'm anticipating it will get better
  • Isn't there too much danger of injuring yourself and thus ruining your training for IMFrance?

    Safer not to, really.
  • Blimey , perhaps you should give up other dangerous activities like cycling , running and motorbiking too.

    Mega blast on bike this evening to return lumpy
  • i laugh at danger - ha

    <runs off>
  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    jeeezus - I helped your good wife around her 2 TG's - of course she didn't help me at all, oh noooooo, I was the chivalrous bloke doing all the work and offering support like "c'mon ya slacker - pull me over this pipe 'cos I'm stuck"........

    so - NO - I ain't helping you

  • I did it this year... Dislocated my shoulder but finished the race after the assistance of St Johns. The heights aren't too bad (2 x 40ft A-frames the worst) and there are plenty of people around you so you don't hold back psycologically. The cold was pretty bad, but apparently not as bad as the years before so global warming is doing you a favour.

    Overall I would say it is something you should do at least once, then have a balanced decisin whether you want to do it again.

    For me yes!!!
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    Does it have to include staying in a cottage with 154 others & 1 bathroom with no window? The smell of those women after a night of curry & beer was disgusting.
  • It might yes
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