just having one of our debates this time on kissing. whats the best way to snog, lips only, or tongue wrestling????? could a certain amount of training be needed for an event such as this.???:)))))))


  • Lips only? That's not a snog...
  • definitely tongues....and also hands cupping sides of face or back of head..... mmmmmmmmm
  • That's very forward, kk, maybe I could take you out for a drink and get to know you first?

  • Yeah, a bit of heavy petting first, eh?
  • Oooo soft lips with a slow tongue motion. Nice and gently and deep...WHOO HOO!

    None of that fast stabbing motion...oh no!

    Kissing is the best :-)
  • LOL kittenkat!

    I love kissing but haven't snogged anyone in over 2 years. Oh dear. Perhaps I'll have to address that some time soon.
  • Didn't snogging use to be called "trading chewing gum"?
  • Euwwww yes done that Moo
  • as confessed to on 'your first kiss' thread a little while back , I was told when I was 10 that I didn't kiss properly (does anyone at 10?)by my 11 yr old woman of the world girlfriend , but ever since I've always been worried about my style !!
    Consequently I think I'm with kk on this one - but always available for practice!?
  • Minty - I feel your.............. ermmm whatever - its been a long time - can you get online manuals now
  • I think a manual might be easier to find than a man actually.

  • Is it pure coincidence that the kissing thread, is next to the "organ donation" thread.

    I will donate my organ to your kissing needs.
  • I didn't see the 'your first kiss' thread. Mine was catastrophic.

    Thanks Coops, but er... no.
  • can I stop snogging now as my mouth is dry:????0)
  • Coops! I've told you before! NO LOLLIPOPS!
  • Not too sloppy. Not too much saliva pleeease. It shouldnt feel like you're being attacked by a Basset Hound. Nice and gently. Slowly. Not too much frantic rummaging around as if you've lost a filling in my mouth??

    Lollies...?? Yum!
  • Kissing without tongues?! That's what you do with your elderly relatives isn't it?

    I love a good snog, though with Nam on the wetness. Less of the pneumatic drill, more of the sensual dance of tongues and lips.

    And remember it's a together thing, not a battle!
  • Maddy - I doubt it's been that long!
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