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HI there,
Here is the deal.
Age 36, started running for the first time 11 weeks ago thanks to the Up and Runnings zero to hero plan on thier wevsite. folowed it to the tee and finished my first ever 10K in Crawley in 1 hour 1 min and 5 sec and yes hot diggity I am still buzzing! Now let's get down to the deal...
Now I have purchased the following book :
SIX MONTHS TO YOUR HALF MARATHON by Ken Maclaren and Ali Hollington, anyone else out there who has this too?
You see in the above book it is a 26 week plan, however since I have only got 15 weeks to go for my half marathon I have jumped to week 12 in the book which take my to my current standard of 3 x 5Ks and a long run every week but this week it says just do a short 5K and a 70 min long run and that is all for this week. But I have already done a 5k last night and want to do another one tomorrow and Friday and then the long 70 easy jog on Sunday but the book is sayiong do just a 5k and a 70 min all week that is just 2 runs all week!!! Ohh man that seems to bad as I am so into it.
Any thoughts would be most welcomed.


  • ScreamScream ✭✭✭
    Hi Marty. Perhaps the program you've taken doesn't suit you then? There are plenty of half schedules at the top of the page in the blue training tab.

    Also, jumping to week 12 of a program doesn't sound like the best idea - You tend to find programs ease off every four weeks to allow your body to take in the previous training and then hammer it again from the next week. And a 26 week plan is quite (very!) long for a half marathon, even if you're a complete beginner!
  • Marty

    I understand how you feel. Try to think the easing off as part of your training. I have certainly find that by not running, when I should be, it discipline me in turn of how I would run my race, thus give me some focus on what I need to with the actual race. I hope this make sense.
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