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I have seen links on here to good training diaries/blogs but can't seem to find them!
Could anyone please recommend a good one.
I have been off running for 5 months due to an injury and want to make sure that I am keeping track of my progress properly so it doesn't reoccur!
Also it will hopefully provide me with some much needed motivation!

Thanks for your help


  • Hi Hoggle

    I monitor all my training in

    It's American, but still good despite that... ;o)

    You can log your daily activity (running, cycling, swimming, walking, weights... whatever you want), put in your race dates, compare your distances/hours training with others, see your progress in miles plotted over a map of the US or Canada or Australia...

    There's lots of little motivating bits and bobs in it. You can even monitor your diet, although I found it quite time consuming after a while. It was useful for me to do it for a bit to see where I was going wrong though... How many bags of crisps...?!?!? :o)

    I can't remember how much it cost - worked out about £25 or so - maybe... I just put it on my credit card.

    The good thing about it is you can keep it updated wherever you are, as long as you have internet access.

    Good luck!
  • Thanks for your suggestions.

    Now I just have to get out there and do it!!!
  • Hoggle,

    go for it, I'm just coming back from Achilles tendonitis, it's not quite fixed yet, but it's now bearable.

    I got so frustrated with not running that I started again (taking sensible precautions) and now feel so much better.

    email me if I can help motivate you in any way
  • Thanks, thats what I need to here!
    I am going to the gym today and am going to do a short session on the x-trainer to see how I go!

    Good luck with you recovery as well!
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