Egg throwing

This evening out on a nice evening run along quiet country lanes, a car approched me at a fair speed. Since I was at a passing place I didn't think much about it, but as it passed I was suddenly aware of an object thrown from the rear drivers side window, and soon felt a pain just below my collar bone, as a raw egg hit me.

Im sure the lads who through it will have a good old laugh showing their mates the incident on their mobile phones video clip, that Im sure they took, apart from a raised oval bruise thats pretty tender at the moment Im basically OK, but if the egg hit me a few inches higher a more permanent and serious injury would have resulted.

Hopefully I was just very unlucky, but fear there may be some sick trend in hitting unsespecting runners/walkers with missiles thrown from a moving car.


  • Some years ago when I was out riding one evening, a car slowed down and the passanger throw something that hit me hard on my back.

    I came to a rapid halt almost coming off, sure that it was a stone that they had used. To my amazement it was a raw egg.

    Also on my bike I regularly get idiots who slow right up and yell or distract you in some other way. The momentary distraction could prove very dangerous and potentially fatal.

    Hopefully with the dumb asses filming it on their mobiles if they are caught they need to be charged.
  • makes me wonder how the afford the eggs let alone the exhausts which must be worth more than the nova

  • About 3 weeks ago I was similarly egged except it split my lip open. Had a few cuts and a large lump on my lip for weeks. I can attest that an egg at about 30mph, if you run in to it, is about as painful as getting punched by a very angry woman. Not good at all and far more dangerous than the drivers think.

    Are you keeping an eye on youtube, I think you should.
  • Happened to me about 5 years ago, walking back from the pub, and got hit just under the eye by a raw egg. Really shook me up actually.

    I'd definately keep an eye on youtube, hopefully the b*stards can get caught.
  • not just the latest craze, this has happened for years, long before the advent of mobiles, but i guess the danger now is that it becomes a bit of a happy slapping type craze.

  • happened to me years ago walking back from the pub with friends, it caught me on my side, just below my ribs

    i had a t-shirt and jacket on and it still left a nasty bruise

    surprising just how hard an impact they make
  • Even if you only have a make and colour description of the car you should always report this to the police. It's unlikely you're the only person who's been assaulted by this and it can help build a case if someone eventually gets the registration number.


  • I've had drinks and food containers chucked at me out of the windows of cars before - it has happened on long straight roads which I am now very wary of and watch every car like a hawk. In my area I wouldn't bother calling the police station - you will just get through to some bimbo in a call centre and nothing will be done.
  • It is mindless and cruel.
  • Trendall - you should ALWAYS call the police, even if you think nothing will be done, all calls are recorded and logged and (eventually), someone has to sit up and take notice of repeated crime.

    If you don't report it, it didn't happen. This is the only way that these things will get dealt with.

    It's not only mindless and cruel but downright dangerous. Someone will lose an eye or even worse one day.
  • Carol and I go out running a lot now butnwhen she was starting out and still very overweight (she's lost 5+ stone now) we used to get chavs jeering out of their pathetically souped up cars as they raced past. A couple of times we had this crappy car with the most ridiculous fairings over it and big exhausts ( you wouldn't mind if they *were* fast but they are ususally only 1000cc cars anyway!) - it came past shouting things .

    Carol didn't mind she gave them the finger - I made a note of the car and thought if I could ever find it I'd *have a word* . A while later we were going to a sunday morning race and had top leave very early . On a nearby road , at the bottom of a hill is a bend with a field and trees. There was all this wreckage , a bumper assembly still with part number plate , at the start of the bend then loads of wreckage strewn all the way to the trees. No car but enough bits to realise it wasn't going anywhere again!

    Pay back! Karma?
  • Nah

    Cr*p driving.....
  • I've never had a problem out running (I tend to run early in the morning while the chavs are still in bed!!), but when I used to cycle a lot in the evenings I used to get lit cigarettes and bottles thrown at me from cars.

  • you must report these incidents to the police - even if you cannot give descriptions these lot may have been clocked doing it somewhere else and thus the offences can be linked together.

    Not good to get involved in an eye for an eye but it may be an idea for us all to start carrying golf balls for retaliation.
  • I really hope you were joking there jel.

    Chucking golf balls at passing cars is not only likely to land you in trouble with the law, but even assuming your aim was accurate is likely to result in matey driving the chavemobile losing control and causing an accident, possibly injuring another innocent party.

  • Yep reported it to the Police, tried to remember the reg, but completely forgot it by the time I phoned them.

    I asked at a pub beer garden just up the road, and they had thrown an egg in there but luckily it didnt hit anyone.

    Its not just young lads who are into egg throwing from cars, top search on google produced the following report, bit that made me laugh was, they now realise how stupid their actions were. So before they got caught they thought they were doing nothing wrong!
  • Report it to the police and request an incident number, they then have to write it up and supply you with one.

    Happy slapping and joy riding are terms which annoy me, they suggest a bit of fun, not the serious actions they are.
  • dan dandan dan ✭✭✭
    I had this a few months ago. Missed by eyes by inches. Left a bruise on the arm I used to protect myself with that lasted for days and days. Really hurt for about a week- glad it didnt get my face, could well have blinded me.

    Sympathies, TT.
  • I've had it happen to me. Fortunately they had rubbish aim and it missed. Left me really shaken though. Sympathies from me too.
  • It's not just eggs.

    At work last year I was called to administer first aid to a pedestrian who had been hit in the face by a drinks can thrown at him from a passing car. He had injuries from the can and also from his specs which had been damaged. Luckily he had noted the number plate and the police were duly called. They responded quickly and I gave a report of injuries and treatment to an armed officer who treated the incident very seriously.

    I wonder if the person throwing the can thought this was funny?

  • I have never had anything thrown at me but have been shouted at loads of times and I have to agree with others that it is not always teenagers and their Nova's. Only thing I would say to anyone who is starting off and is over weight like me when I first started is not to let the idiots put you off. You are the one doing something good with your life not driving round town trying to find something to do!
  • Some idiot threw a full can of beer at me from a passing car whilst shouting "thirsty?". I was lucky to dodge it - it isn't easy to quickly change direction when you're running full pelt.

    I suspect that on this on other similar occasions, a mobile phone camera was involved. Damn you, YouTube.

    It annoys me no end when some shining wit shouts "get those knees up!".  I'm doing the work, and I'm fully aware of how well I'm doing without some passing "expert" commenting on it. I'm greatful for my iPod, becuase at least (on the quieter roads) I can turn it up and prevent myself from reacting to these stupid people.  

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