If 3 miles cycling = 1 mile running

what is the swimming equivalent?


  • What do you mean by '='
  • 3 miles of cycling is equal to 1 mile of running

    so 1 mile of swimming is equal to ? miles of running or cycling
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    I don't think 3 miles cycling is equal to 1 mile of running.

    I wouldn't do a 25-30 mile run every weekend and feel fine the next day.
  • It said that in this months RW mag so it must be true:-)
  • yes but = in terms of what, calorie consumption, cardiovascular work, impact on the body..?
  • Oh you make so hard AS all three:-)
  • you can't compare them except in terms of general exercise in a given HR zone for a certain time.
    There is no 'ok I have done 50 miles of cycling so that gives me 'x' miles or running'
    they are different and that is that.
  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    Ive used the following formula for the last 5 years. I call them mileage units.

    4 Miles Bike = 1 Mile Run = 400m Swim

    I then added 1500m Row, 5mins Skipping
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    Elite Ironman, Ultra Trail Runner
  • And everyone is different so the effect on them would vary.
    Why, which one are you trying to get out of swimming or cycling !!
  • OK just calorie consumption
  • how much do you weigh? how hard are you working? what sort of course are you on?
  • what colour are your eyes?
  • neither as I can't run at the moment I was just wondering what I was burning doing my 25 mile rides and my 100 length swims
  • brown:-)

    but people say it's on average 100 calories per mile for running so I was wondering what swimming was.
  • oh with a hint of green:-)
  • I always reckoned on 10 cals a minute on the bike and 8 a minute swimming.
    Done at steady aerobic pace 70-80% and with me weighing 12 and a half stone.
  • daz - i agree re calorie consumption although it does make a difference if on an exercise bike (less cals for me) compared with being outside.

    I think we've agreed in the past though that cycling is no subsitute for running - tried and tested by both of us :-D
  • Why can't you run?
  • When I had my hernia op last Oct the surgeon over tightened the first stitch:-(

    I'm having a course of steroid injections at the moment to loosen it:-(
  • 6.45 cals/(kg.mile swimming)
    0.62 cals/(kg.mile biking)
    1.44 cals/(kg.mile running)

    it must be true it was on the internet.
  • cheers Toucan
  • BasherBasher ✭✭✭
    I go with 120cal/mile running. (which agrees roughly with above post)

    Swimming 200cal/km = 320cal/mile (a lot less than above post)

    Biking, not sure started saying 20cal/km (32/mile) but have recently upgraded it to 25cal/km (40/mile), but perhaps 30/km (48/mile) is better estimate according to above post. I feel a bit guilty claiming to have burnt 30cal when I have basically free-wheeled down a hill for a couple of minutes, but obviously should be evened out by the tough uphill sections.

    well that is my two penneth anyway.
  • BasherBasher ✭✭✭
    I have, no doubt incorrectly, being reluctant to claim too many calories for biking and swimming, because I tend not to feel so much pain as I do when I run - but that is mainly just due to the impact nature of running. Having said that, calorie burning, I think, is mainly down to cardio-vascular effort, and I never get out of breath running and swimming (just breath and pump blood a bit quicker), only time I actually pant is uphill biking.
  • only time I actually pant is uphill biking.

    I would agree, well I can think of another thing that makes me pant but that's for a different forum;-)
  • Hmmm, maybe Basher, you aren't running or swimming hard enough if you don't pant when you do them!

    Sorry to butt into this thread but I've been drifting towards the dark side for a bit and wanted to see what this forum bit was all about!
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