Early Morning Runs!

Hi everyone!

Im really trying my best to get out and run in the mornings before i go to work as that fits in best with ma lifestyle, but I just cant bring myself to get out of bed! iv tried countless times but just always end up snoozing the alarm!!

any tips please from people who had a similiar problem or people who always run in the morning would be appreciated!

Im open to all ideas and suggestions!!


S xx


  • Would love to help but just as bad!
  • Once you do crack it you can't stop. I had to stop running for a few weeks, and now I can't make myself get up early (6am) for a run. I'm glad the school holidays are starting because without the school run in the way I can go out at 7 (much more civilised).
  • It's a habit like so many things. I'm 'lucky' as I have a dog who knows that when the alarm goes we get up, have a cup of tea and go out.
  • I like to run to work most mornings,6miles then have a shower and breakfast,seems to set me up for the day.
  • well i try to set my alarm for 6 but just snooze it and say to myself ill go out later, but i know fine well that i wont have time to do it!

    getting very frustrated!

    think ill just have to force myself!
  • Try setting more than one alarm, that works for me. Once i put one on snooze i have another going off so in the end i'm so irrated i get up!

    Plus if you put the alarms away from the bed then you have to get up and out of bed to turn it off.
  • alarm away from the bed is an excellent idea, and perhaps if you put it on top of your running clothes all ready to put on?
  • I've managed to walk across the bedroom, turn the alarm off, get back into bed, and forget that I've even got up.

    The one think that did work for me was a shake awake alarm clock: http://www.deafequipment.co.uk/store/viewProduct.do?id=708
  • lol MofS, a man after my own heart! afraid i haven't even attempted early morning runs yet as i'm so rubbish in the mornings. i've woken up to find both kids (teens) have got up and gone to school and i haven't heard a thing!!
  • Just steel yourself & get up :-)

    Get up ludicrously early so you can hardly believe what you're doing, so you're sort of watching yourself thinking "am I actually doing this?"

    Once you're out there it's fantastic. And you feel so superior getting back having run <insert no. miles as appropriate> miles when everyone else is only just emerging.
  • I find the sheer refreshment of the post-run shower makes it all worth it. And yes, you are left with an incredible feeling of superiority.
  • a feeling of superiority, that would be a new one for me! maybe i should try it just for that?!
  • The smugness gets even better in the winter, when you run in complete darkness.
  • I always feel slightly uneasy running on those really dark early mornings. I guess i'm just a wuss at heart!
  • I only run around Regents Park, so it's not too bad. And I am superhuman after all.
  • i'd def be sticking to the roads, alhtough i don't think they are all lit?! i know the running club use little miner's lights on their heads!!
  • Oh yeah iv got one of those wee head torches ill bear that in mind!

    Right im giving it another go on Monday!gonna set 3 Alarms! I think id jump out of my skin with that alarm clock man of steel!

    what do u guys eat before u run in morning? cos i dont wanna run on an empty stomach but dont wanna be full?
  • BeansBeans ✭✭✭
    Sazz I reiterate what Chocolate Moose says 'Just steel yourself & get up'.

    I do most of my runs in the morning from spring to late autumn, about 5:45am. The feeling of being up and out at that time is amazingly peaceful not to mention the smuggness you feel all day and of course the fact that the whole evening is yours to do whatever you please. Remember it only takes doing something 21 times for it to become a habit!

    I don't eat beforehand just a cup of coffee to kick start me and I find this is fine for me as I am only doing about 3.5 miles and don't like to eat for about two hours before running.

    I too am a bit of a wuss on the dark morning although logically I don't know if there are any rapists/muggers/murderers or chavs about so early in the winter, it is prbably safer than the evening! I think it ios something about the quiet lonliness that is a bit spooky!

    Anyway good luck, I thoroughly reccomend morning running and please keep us posted.

  • Hi Sazzler,

    How did the morning run go? No matter how hard I try, I just can't get myself together enough in the mornings to run, I live about 4 miles from work, so it would be ideal, even just to get some miles out the of way before work. Have kind of accepted that I'm just not a morning enough kind of person to run in the mornings before work. Let me know if you're managing and maybe it'll inspire me to haul myself up a bit earlier..

  • Sazz, I have to thank you. Thanks to this thread I have managed to get at 6 twice so far. I am a runner once again, hooray!!!
  • waycatwaycat ✭✭✭
    I love exercising in the early morning - it's my best time of day. I get up between 4.30 and 5.00, even at the weekends. I'm a lark!

    My tip if you need an alarm clock - set the alarm, and then put it on the floor as far away from your bed as possible. That way, you have to get out of bed to switch it off and hopefully you will then stay out of bed!

    Good luck.
  • I ditto everything thats been said here. I set my alarm clock about 30 mins too early and snooze it for 10 mins. By the 3rd time it goes off I'm too peeved to sleep anymore and ready for a nice calming run.

    First thing in the morning is my absolute favourite time to run. It honestly revitalises you for your entrie day.


    ps. - have a nice glass of water waiting at the side of your bed when you wake up...it may be luke warm but it'll help!
  • The best alarm is the school holidays. Now that the kids don't have to get ready for school they are spontaneously waking at 6.
  • Just noticed this thread. I started running (well maybe power waddling is a bit nearer the truth) just over 6 months ago.

    I decided at the outset that the only real opportunity to get a regular run in during the week was before work, as I didn't get in from work until 7 most days and it would be nice to see my family and have something to eat when I did.

    I'm not really a morning person and the prospect of swapping the duvet for a pair of trainers at 6 in the morning hardly filled me with glee.

    However I have managed to do this 5 times a week for the last 6 months and I think there have been two reasons why.

    Firstly I didn't have any choice in the matter. It was either get up and run then or not run at all. The latter seemed like a good option at times.

    The second is that if you can do this, you can do anything. You really want to have to do this though. If you can drag your back off the bed when you've got an interval session to go and do, then I figure you will be up for any challenge.

    It is never as bad as you think when you get out there and like others have said you can feel smug for the rest of the day.

    Mike Tyson used to train in the middle of the night because it gave him a mental edge knowing he was working while his opponents were asleep. Sounds like sound logic to me. Now what ever happened to that nice Mr. Tyson?
  • I am also trying to get into the habit of early morning runs. I've managed two in the last month, so not the best start. However, this is the only time in the day when I get any real chance to get out running, and with the prospect of forthcoming events which I have entered I guess I've got no choice.

    The thing is once you're up and out it feels great. And, as people have previously said, you feel great all day sat at work knowing you've done all your training for the day already!

    So, fingers crossed, come 6am tomorrow morning I'll be out there....
  • Hi guys.. im so glad iv inspired some people! now just to inspire myself!!

    tomorow will be my first real attempt to get my bum out of bed and on the road! (was away all weekend and not been home yet - stayed at bf's last night!)

    so if i dont do it.. well u all have my permission to say really mean things to me!!

    wish me luck!

    S xx
  • Good luck!!!
  • go for it!
  • all you early morning runners, how long/how many miles do you run? do you save your long runs for your days off?

    I used to run early mornings but after having not run for a few months and just started again these last few weeks I've been generally running in the evenings but want to get back into early morning running again soon
  • BeansBeans ✭✭✭
    Sazz - good girl, make sure you set your clock tonight, I will expect to see a post from you in the morning!

    FGS - I normally would do about 3 or 4miles in the morning and do a long slow run on a weekend morning, whichever hasn't had alcohol the night before and of course then this can be a bit later than the usual 6am.

    My choice for morning running came about really a from when I started 3 years ago and we had a summer of sorts. I simply found it too warm in the evenings and always ended up with a thumping headache. So I swapped to the much cooler mornings and found that I really enjoyed my plods at that time of the day.

    No problem with the heat this year though!
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