The Stickler 10.1

For some unknown reason I have entered.

Anyone else?


  • goldbeetlegoldbeetle ✭✭✭
    me Im in
  • Running Duck - have you thought of helping instead of running ?
    It is your club and you should be proud to help.
  • DO1209

    I started this thread as a discussion about the race NOT about marshalling. I don't think that this is the place for your posting, nor do I wish to spoil anyone elses enjoyment by entering into this on this thread.

    Any comments you have regarding this should be brought up at one of the meetings.
  • Bit Stressy there DOI209? Anyway I thought the Doddlers let you run if you could find a substitute. Not that its any of my business mind you.

    I'll be entering if I survive the Medoc marathon without any injury except alcohol poisoning.
  • When's the Medoc MF? How many units a day are the dogs allowed?!
  • Medoc is 8 September, day before the re-scheduled Grizzly.

    Dogs are allowed as much as they want. How about ducks?
  • Ok - if it's a discussion about the race......

    Anybody marshalling at the race, or helping.......?
  • I'll help if I can't do it.
  • Hi Guys, I'm running it with my friend Blue (my border collie) he is my coach! I have run this event 3 times before, once it was flooded, once there were gale force winds, Once it piddled down. Do you ever get nice weather there?????
  • Yes, but never when you are here!

    Anyway the weather adds to the challange.
  • last year was really hot I think several suffered with record temperatures
    still theres plenty of water stations
  • Hi

    I understand you can enter with your dog, any special entry forms? 

  • Spice has always used a standard entry form and paid the standard price. Then she gets to race with a number and gets a t-shirt at the end. Mind you the t-shirt doesn't fit her very well. She then also appears in the results.

    If your dog doesn't want to get a t-shirt then you can just run with it, but it would be polite to let the Doddlers know you are planning to run with a dog.

    Just a few hints though,

    1. Start at the back, you can always make your way through the field and you don't want to annoy the other runners early on by getting them to trip over the dog.

    2. Keep your dog on a lead until the race has really thinned out. Remeber you will be running through fields where stock may be free. Spice stays on the lead for the whole race.

    3. Also remember there are some runners who are frightened of dogs so if anyone seems upset by there being a dog give them plenty of space. However if they make an issue of it refer them to the organisers.

  • Thanks buddy, I will take all those points into hand, my dog, bailey is a Beagle and we train 3 times a week together, this is the first time we will have raced together so Im really looking forward to it!  Looking at the results I see there were only 2 dogs last year, spice and buster, although I see Buster the Boxer came in 10 - 15 seconds before or after a human!

    Do you know of any other races you can run with your dog in the local area?


    Darren (poole Runners)

  • Basically the Doddlers are happy to let dogs run in any event thay organise unless it part of the Dorset Road Race League, because some of their committee members are strongly anti-dog.

    So Shillingstone hill race this weekend it a good one to go for.  Nice race too, but I'm away otherwise I would do it.

    Gold Hill 10k and the Trotters 7.5 will probably allow dog too. see Trotters web

     Its best to check with the organisers first.

  • Spice and I have just entered.....
  • Hi MF

    just got the pc back, i wanted to do the stickler with abbie but she is only 16 months now and the vet says to wait till she is 18 months.we have done some good runs on the purbecks but the longest run she has done  is about 9 miles so far.

    Will defo do it next year with her though. 

  • HW. Its only a mile further. and 16 months is quite close to 18. Since its nearly all off-road I'm sure Abbie would be OK, and Spice would like to say hello!

  • just entered online have not done this for a couple of years look forward to climbing Oakford Beacon

    sorts the boys from men this race

    or pups from dogs

  • <<wimper>>image
  • MF      Abbie is booked in for (says it very quietly) spaying image on the 23rd so definately cant do it this year ,so will be doing it next year.

    Good luck to all of you though.

  • Darren email me ta

  • Good luck everyone

    its raining

  • Bl**dy excellent day. Really enjoyed the adverse contitions, so thanks to all the marshals and helpers standing out on the hill tops with a gale with driving rain.

    Spice was pleased to be a bit quicker than last year. She enjoyed running through the puddles and the rain, though her friend Tansley hated the contitions.

    Spice was also please to be listed on the t-shirt. She thinks that 'large' might be a bit on the big side and said I can borrow it occasionally.

    PS: GB. Got a permit through for the Wessex Ridgeway. Went to the Trail Running Association and they gave on out with no problems.

  • Fluffy Poodle would like to thank the organisers for letting her race once more. Also a big thankyou for the patience of all the marshals for waiting for us in those attrocious conditions.

    Although we came last we still beat our best time by 3 seconds.

    Spice, it's nice to see you correctly attributed as being a spaniel.  

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