Setting up a club

Hi.I was thinking of setting up my own running club but I have very little experience of running or training.Im not planning on training anyone just trying to get a group of people together who want to run beside where I live.Basically I live beside a river which is really nice to walk or run along when its light or in the summer.When its dark its not as nice as its very quiet and out the way so could be dangerous.

Im not sure how many people will interested but I was just wondering how you organise pacing and things like that as Im not particularly fast myself or really know what to do.Any advice would be helpful.




  • There have been posts before on setting up a club formally like this one

    I think many clubs start as a group of chums meeting up for a r*n together.

    As to pacing - that will depend on who wants to join, and what their needs and abilities are.
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