Your running routine

Hi everyone,

i am doing some research on runners and their routines for an ad agency as they are looking for real people to front their campaign. It doesn't matter if you run once a month or 7 times a day, they are looking for runners of all levels and ages.

If you don't mnd answering some questions, e-mail me and I will send you them by e-mail with more info.

Let me know!

Best regards


  • 7 times a day?! You should pop to the daily thread, there're some nutters there who might be interested!
  • Not really looking for anyone extreme, just runners of all levels. Let me know if you have five minutes to answer some questions..

  • Hi Amy,

    What is the campaign about specifically?

  • Hi,

    it's for a sportswear company and they are looking for runners to front their campaign. E-mail me if you wish to answer some questions.

  • ok, not doing anything else just at the moment.
  • Hmm..Your details are private, so I can't email you.

    Wasn't someone else on this site last week trying to do the same thing? They mentioned London runners only but meant the UK...Now you want runners who run 7 times a day...

  • usually after the next bandwagon eh kit;O)
  • Just to clear it up, it's for a campaign, so the ones they choose after the initial first round questions will be paid to be in the campaign. The questions will take five minutes to answer and are about routines and habits regarding running.

    E-mail at if interested.
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