Pain on bottom of foot following hill run

I don't want to bother a doctor with this if it will go away, so thought I'd ask here first in case someone can help.

Yesterday while doing a trail run I think I stood on a stone near the start of it and ended up with an ache in my foot for the rest of it. Its up near the front of the foot, just beside the ball.

Today its very sore to walk on barefoot, an uncomfortable pain and a sort of very small crunching sensation from some bone or other when I walk on it. When wearing trainers its not too bad as the cushioning obviously helps.

Just wondering what I can do as it doesn't feel muscular and I don't want to bother a doctor with it. However, its not got any better since it happened.

Any ideas?


  • It is just a case of time. Have had policeman's heel, which is bruising of the heel, and that takes ages to go.

    You could hop about for a few weeks, that would speed up recovery I guess.
  • Thanks guys.
  • a bit of rest and avoid rogue stones the next time.
  • Mike, any brusing or swelling? Crunching doesn't sound muscular. It could be a fracture however the crunchy noise is sometimes an inflamed tendon sheath.

    You may have damaged the ligaments between the bones in your mid foot. These can take as long as a fracture to heal so I'd get to a sports doc or A&E to check out what you've damaged.

    In the meantime don't run.
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