TriTalk is down - Safety haven needed

Any other Tritalkers here? TT seems to have gone down yesterday, and it still hasn't re-appeared. At this rate, I might even have to do some work to stop myself getting bored. :D



  • Hi Big Bopper... I feel weird here, and slightly dirty... where has our home gone?
  • Work, what is this work you speak of?? :-)
  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    haha - welcome TripeTalkers........see - we've gone all blue as well

    dog knows why - ask RW Towers yourselves!


    FB (an erstwhile TT'er)
  • Hi all!

    I like the new setup FB, you've clearly had the decorators in.

    next you'll telling us you've got smileys as well! :D

  • noything but gimics i terll you

  • Ah, no smileys. :roll:

    Anyone with any idea of what's gone wrong? Have we been hacked again, or has the host gone down. (Please God, don't let the data base be gone. I don't want to lose my post count!)

  • It seems to be back! :-)
  • Hate to say it, but the place does look much tidier than when I was last here.

    An RSS feed too, holy crap, soon you'll get some nice kit and then you will be the talk of the internet fora. ;o)
  • Pirates ... more merchandise the Man U

  • Yay! TT seems to be back up!

  • Strange. These names seem familiar from somewhere in my past...

    Hi guys. Hope you are all well and visiting Parktools website at least twice daily.

    Saw Cobbie yesterday as I was taking photos at a race he was doing.

    All the best, and try not to break the website again, or at least until BB and Bel's wedding day and then it's fine to ring BB up to tell him about it ;-)
  • Ah. It was a planned break. TT was moving servers. (Great, it could be a bit slow at times).

    Ta, RW!

  • Dear Mr D74. Good to see the "Tower of Power"(tm) is still up and about. Hope to see you around, maybe at IMUK, if you are lending your vocal chords to the support crew. :)

  • Don't tell me the 'Ferrari' has broken again?
  • Seems to have gone again :(
  • Once again it is time to says thanks to the land of the Pirates for giving us a safe port.

    I haven't been able to get into TT all morning, although I knew there was some "technical stuff" due to take place on Sunday night.

    D74 - Great to see you are still around, although I hope your outfit at IMUK will not have a skull and cross bones on it!!

    Still the TriTalk supporters at Lyons Gate will always have a cheer for the Pirates (plus some cow bells, whistles and hooters).

    Whilst the RW "makeover" looks nice, forgive me for wanting to get back to my own house soon.

    Take care, Paul.
  • Sadly I'll not be wearing any outfit at IMUK ;-( (Although my new Zero2Hero kit arrived today and that cheered me up a bit. Will get it's first public outing at Accelerace in Devon later this year.

    So judging by this thread then I see it's the same good old folk over at TT.

  • D74 - So I have to make another change the TT racers' list then?!

    Sorry to hear you are not racing, last time we e-mailed you said things hadn't gone well. :(

    At least IMNZ is going to have a few friendly faces at it (AndyS & TRoT).

    I am sure you know your hooter will always be welcome in the supporters club.

    Take care, Paul. :D
  • "I am sure you know your hooter will always be welcome in the supporters club."

    Cheers. In all honesty I think it doubtful she'd be there without me, but I'll pass on your offer ;-)

  • Speaking of which, is Stride still alive and 'well'? If so, please pass on my regards.
  • Yes Mark is alive and as "well" as he could ever be decribed. ;)

    dr dre has a new job, so not much training for him.

    Ray has turned into an IM "machine" and done 2x100 mile turbos!!

    Come on back, you know it is a lesser place without you.

    Am I the only one who still can't get TT back on line?

    Cheers, Paul. :D
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    I'll not be wearing any outfit at IMUK

  • "PaulL wrote: Am I the only one who still can't get TT back on line?"

    Yes. The Tao of TT is strong with me, I'm fine. :)

  • Thanks for the update BB.

    I will keep trying, but I haven't make a connection all day. :(

  • Saw what's left of Ray at Bala when he whooped my butt. He's half the man he was when I first met him.

    I'm sure TT is managing fine without me, perhaps thats the lesson for all sides, when someone leaves then the board still carries on, but for those that did the shoving, then I'm guessing for all their claims of cliques, in jokes, etc that what they perceive to be happening still carries on. Or was I a clique of one?
  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    100 mile turbos???

    ffs - why??
  • Oh yes. The clique still get a yar boo sux from a certain someone. I even got a PM whining about my attitude towards him. Bless.

  • OK, so it is just me who can't get back in. :(

    Obviously I am no longer one of the clique.

    D74 - I hope you read the "s/peedos" joke thread which got completely out of hand.

    Fat Buddha - Ray was left on baby sitting duty so he couldn't leave the house.
    He only started after his son went to sleep so eneded at 1am!
    Obviously he is as mad as a fish, but should nail IMUK this year.

    I just hope my home computer lets me play.

    Until the next problem, catch up later, Paul. :D
  • Well, this thread came up on Google. You know why. image

  • You must be hugely disappointed, not only is your usual haunt broken, but you've just missed the latest kit order going through image

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