NB 858

Does anyone know anything about the NB 858? If it is the 857 replacement (the 857 has disappeared from the NB web-site) is it as good?

I'm due to replace my 857s soon and wonder if these should be my next shoe.

Any advice from you guys would be much appreciated.


  • Yes it is the replacement - am planning on getting some myself. I know this through my running shop man who told me to wait a few weeks for them when I went in with my 857s.

    Supposed to be lighter, less clunky and a better midsole oojammy
  • Anyone know if its like the good old 854 ?
  • I run in 857s on some rough tracks and they could definitely do with more cushioning.

    Why is this thread in bold?
  • I'm looking forward to trying this new shoe as I do find my 857s are very clunky. I hope they've gone back to something similar to the 854.

    That said, they're mooted as "being lighter" but RW has the 858s as 2g heavier than the 857s!
  • Maybe lighter in colour ? ;-)
  • I'm fancying buying a pair of these. What's the general opinion? I've run in 857's with no problems other than they seem to take a bit of breaking in. I've fallen foul of buying upgraded models before and finding them totally unsuitable.
  • Sorry to bump. Just wondering if anyone can confirm how these compare to NB 857s and if they are a similar fit. I've been happy with my 857s and am considering grabbing a pair of 858s cheaply online. Any thoughts?


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