Blisters & Pre-race eating

I know I'm mixing two topics here, but they both relate to my first half marathon (at the end of the month) and I've two issues

1) Now that I've started doing longer runs and speed training etc, I'm getting blisters on both of my second toes - one is a blood blister underneath the nail, the other is above the nail at the top of the toe. I can't believe it's my shoes as I've had them for over a year and they've always been fine. Could it be socks? Just invested in a good pair - but to no avail. Any help much appreciated as they are getting very sore now.

2) The half marathon is at 1pm. I always train first thing, so have no idea when to eat and what to eat in advance....any ideas?

Thanks in advance


  • Re : Blisters.

    Before my long runs and having applied talc to my feet. I cover the offending areas in micropore surgical tape and cover this with vaseline. The tape is thin and strong enough to stay in place unlike plasters.

    I only ever wear double layer socks.

    Hope this helps
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