Knee pain - help!!

I am just starting back into exercise after a prolapsed disc in March and have built up to 20 mins of exercise (v moderate) 3 times a week. However I am noe getting pain in my knee on the inside beside the kneecap.

So frustrating as I have spent a lot of time doing all the right rehab exercises for my back and it seems to be coming right and now this - grr!!!

Any suggestions on how I can strengthen my knees? I thought there was an article on Runners world but I couldn't find it.


  • Hoggle,

    I have had problem knees over the last 15 months.

    Not too sure what you are suffering from but I find squats and building strength in your quads is quite beneficial.

    There was a whole section dedicated to knees in one of the recent issues of RW - think it may hve been May or June. This gave information and advice on how to keep your knees healthy.

    Do the muscles in your legs feel tight? You may need to do some stretching exercises. Do you have an osteopath?
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  • Thanks! Thats the one I was thinking of. I knew I had seen something somewhere!
  • I have a weak sacro ilial (sp?) joint and one of the first warning signs that i get that my lower back is about to play up is a pain on the inside of my knee. I have a fantastic osteopath who has given me a couple of stretches to do for my back and glutes - and can usually 'stretch' the pain away! If i cant i go to the osteopath who clicks me back into shape. And the knee pain disappears immediately.

    Maybe this is completely different to your situation- bit it is common for injuries to be related to each other. Have you got a good osteopath or physio- maybe the injruoes are related?

  • Thanks jegsy, I think that my injuries are related! My flatmate is my physio and I have been putting off mentioning it as I feel like such a crock being permenantly injured! However I do need to address it so will discuss it with her tonight - hopefully some stretches will be all I need - fingers crossed!!
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