Dublin role call

Right, that's me moved in, and made myself at home. I quite like it over here...
Anyone up for Dublin. Looked at Ryan Air and can get flights for as little as £37. I'll be flying from Stanstead on either Saturday or Sunday morning and will return Tuesday morning. Anyone be joining me for some carbo loading at the Stanstead Brasserie?


  • Well I'll be in Dublin whatever as I've paid for the flights and hotel. However I'm still forbidden to run by the consultant. No impact activity. However unless he forbids walking as well: I'm going to walk the course, and in training to do so. Less than 6 hours I hope. I'll be the one picking up URWFRC runners who've fallen by the wayside.
  • All things being equal I'll be on the starting line in Dublin. I have some freinds coming over from the US as well, so a great party afterwards - anyone up for some post race carbo-replenishment - they tell me Guinness is good for you :-)

  • Myself, Mrs DW and a couple of friends are probably heading over on the Friday night and are coming back on Tuesday morning, but we are travelling through Luton.

    Very much hope to be able to catch up with as many of you as possible over the weekend. The people who I'll be with haven't got a marathon on Monday and will be getting happily drunk while I sip mineral water :-( so it would be good to meet some runners in same boat as me!!!

    Mind you Snicks, large quantities of alcohol is a vital part of your preparation isn't it?! ;-)
  • Fellow Dublin travellers,

    I'm making my way over on Sunday morning from Stansted and coming back Monday evening, with a small support team in tow!

    I'll be proudly supporting my new vest and hope to meet up with some of you, as yet I have bottled out of approaching any fellow forumites.

    I got my air fare through Ryan air but ended up paying £50 after all the taxes were added.
  • Snicks

    I'm flying out Saturday morning from Stanstead (around 11'ish).

    So it's a pasta party at Garfunkels then?
    Better get your order in now, as they're a bit slow.

  • DW, how cheap from Luton (don't have to give exact prices, obviously)? Luton's much closer for me. Having said that I'll be opting for the cheapest flights, so probably will be meeting you in Garfunkels Jason L, or might bump into you and your fans Hives are law. I think I'll bring a friend for support, too. As for Carbo loading and drinking post race, I will most certainly be up for that, particularly if I stick to pre race plan to stay off the booze for six weeks!
    What is that picture Jason - is it a Sumo wrestler?
  • My God Snicks!!! Surely you remember the clangers!!!

    On the other hand you're probably too young!

    If you don't put up a piccy soon, I'll have to revert to 'Snicks in a cap'!! ;-)
  • Snicks the picture is a Clanger!!!
    I thought it would be easier on the eye than one of me in my running gear.

    I'd of thought you were too young to remember them Ratbag :-)
  • My Dad told me about them!!! ;-)

    Actually, I'm probably older than I look..
  • Hi everyone! just logged in my details today- the new site is looking good!
    Don't mean to butt in - but I take it you're all talking about Dublin Marathon in October? I'm in the race, but am having trouble finding reasonably priced (up to £30 per night) accommodation in town. Any suggestions where to try? Or am I dreamin' at that rate?
  • Snicks,

    Had a quick look at Ryanair.com for Luton to Dublin and it has come up with the following...

    OUT (from London Luton to Dublin)

    Sat 07:00 £24-99
    10:00 £29-99

    Sun 10:00 £19-99

    IN (from Dublin to London Luton)

    Tue 08:30 £19-99
    11:30 £19:99

    I reckon we should all sort out a URWFRC pasta party for either Saturday or Sunday night? What does anyone reckon?
  • Thanks DW, that was very kind of you! Defo up for a pasta party... Like the name Mr E -what gets you excited then!
  • Just went back a page - it's a clanger. Vague recollection RB, from when I was a toddler! Must get my eyes tested, now where was I, feeling a bit forgetful today....
  • Some specifics I won't go into - but other general stuff too. Just get over-enthusiastic and make others sick with my boundless energy!
    Like a small child! (Now that was a vague answer?)
  • I'm sure I left my 'Clanger" at home this morning!!
  • Not too vague, Mr E. I get the picture.
  • Oh, and I spoke to my friend in Dublin last night. All set to stay with her, and will book my cheapo flights when I get back from holiday. Mr E, I'm sure someone I know in Dublin will be able to advise re: £30 a night accomodation, I'll find out when I get home. Remind me! Off the top of my head, you look young enough to stay in a youth hostel, now that's peanuts!
  • Final message on here. Strictly speaking, this should be in the Events section! Oh well.
  • MR E.
  • Thank you Mr Hamilton!!!
    Great info - I shall get booked up!
    My potential entourage will be pleased for some cheap accommodation too!
  • Am flying from Bristol Sat am and returning on the Tues evening. Hotel all booked, just hoping that all this training is going to pay off (1st timer at this malarky, but taking it seriously cos I want to get round!)Have done a couple of 1/2's but never the full marathon.
  • We are flying from stanstead at miday on the Sunday, got the flights for £36 all in for both of us(the missus is only going for the guiness).
    hope to see you al during the race, or after for a social.
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