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My Mrs bought me a pair of rather nice Ron hill running shorts, they were a medium but way to small, this week she bought me a running singlit , medium, but again too I'm only 176cm tall and in no way big built, so has anyone else found this or have i been trying on womens clothes ....again


  • If it makes you feel any better, most women's kit seems to be the same. I'm very proud of having lost 18lbs this year, am a size 12, but still seem to need a 'large' for most brands!
  • 18lbs !! well done , Mrs Mercurys diet is paying off too ,she's gone down from er a rather large dress size to 16 bordering at 14 ...Pretty good going to lose nearly 3 stone in a year !
  • Well done Mrs Mercury. I hope you've been a nice supportive chap throughout!
  • Ermm, Ron Hill is actually quite a small bloke, about 5ft 5" and maybe 8 stone wet through. Does this explain anything ?
  • I've found Ron Hill clothing to be quite random fitting. I generally wear a size 10. My tracksters (size 12), just about fit me. A long-sleeved top (size 10) is also almost too small. However, I just got a vest (size 12), and it looks suitable for maternity wear on me! I went running in it yesterday, and it was way too loose.

    I've found other brands to be just as random. But then again, I find that getting regular clothing to fit my shape is just as hit and miss. With regular clothing, I find that there is a fashionable female shape (not hips, large breasts), which is certainly not like me, so this is why I have fitting problems. But only god knows what sort of shape running clothes are patterned on!

    Can anyone shed light in this?
  • sigh, spelling corections: 'not hips' should read 'no hips'. please bring back the edit function!!
  • Have to say though that I've got a couple of pairs of Ron Hill shorts (the slightly longer leg) and they are the most comfortable shorts I've got and have never given me any chafing (if thats how you spell it) on any long run at all, unlike some shorts I've got.
  • I've ran with Ron Hill and when I passed him I was taller than him....I'm 5ft 3ins!!!!
  • Every pair of running tights I own are too short for me. Does any manufacturer make 'extra long' running tights. Or should I just try and shrink a bit?

    Funnily enough, the exception for me is Ron Hil TRacksters. But they chafe - ouch!
  • YES. I only re-started my running about 3years ago, and I purchased some Ronhill LS winter shirts, some shorts and a vest. They were all 'on the small side'. However I am 6'6" tall and weigh 15.5 stone, even so I did purchase XL.

    I no longer buy Ronhill, but have found Saucony to be 'generous'
  • Hello Blatch,

    Is it because you are so tall that you found a problem squeezing your picture into the required size??


  • agree with all this...ronhill stuff is on the small side....even the womens' gear....maybe he tries that on as well as the mens ;)
    i do like the fit of my ronhill gear ( singlet and shorts) ...i like the shorts to be on the skimpy side...most womens running shorts are far too long, and my ronhills are perfect..
  • I've been using Ron Hill stuff for years and have no complaints at all! I am 170cm and 70kg.
  • Hmm , I am 176 and 80kg
    Maybe I just have a big bum!!
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