gait analysis + edinburgh/glasgow

Can anyone give me info on specialised running shops in either edinburgh or glasgow that would do gait analysis/shoe inserts?
Liz Q


  • Edinburgh -not sure about the whole analysis bit but the running shops with treadmills who look at gait are run for it on Lothian road, Snowlines at Bruntsfield and Sweatshop - next generation Gym at Newhaven. Best running shop is Run and Become on Dalry Road but no treadmill and is so busy of a weekend can't even get in teh shop!
  • Snowlines/footowrks in Brunstsfield place are fabulous, they will take a lot of time to find right shoes for you, was only there just the other day actually, they will assess you and recomend right shoes for you.

    i went to runforit and got bad advice a few yrs ago, might be diff now but thats my experiance
  • I bought my last shoes at Snowlines/footworks and they were pleasant enough- got Saucony ones. Only thing is I am a big fan of Nike structure triax and snowlines are very anti nike (!) and I actually think its cos they dont sell em! So if you want nike shoes go elsewhere! Sweatshop at newhaven gym is fabulous - dont need to be a member to go in shop and will give you 10 percent discount with scottish athletics or jog scotland card - I have just been in there to get nike plus stuff! Havent got shoes from run for it - shop in Edinburgh is relatively new - difficult to get parked around and about it.
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