Winning a 10k



  • Do you think you can run sub 33 mins?
  • I'd like to think so, although I've not run a 10k pb for nearly 4 years.  I feel that with weight loss and the right conditions I'd go close later in the year.
  • Hi all, interesting thread... I've not done a 10k for a while and with a PB of (a comparatively poor) 42:50 i'm obviously some way behind you guys, but I am hoping to someday achieve a 'podium' finish in a 10k (regardless of the level of competition).

    What i'm interested to know (if you don't mind divulging such information) is how much you guys weigh? I've noticed that as I've lost more and more weight, improving times has become at lot easier, so I'd be interested to see what kinda weight the more successful 10k'ers are.

    I started running at 15st 7lbs, and achieved my 10k PB at a weight of about 13st 5lb's having only really done recreational running (no real structured training), i'm now down to 12st 8lbs and have finally started a structured training programme so will hopefully see both my weight and times drop further... Obviously still quite some way to go before I crack (for example) the 35min 10k barrier, but i'm thinking in a couple of years I can hopefully be there (or thereabouts!)

  • I weigh around 12 stone sometimes just over and sometimes just under
  • Excellent! I'm glad to hear that there's still scope to do well despite for people who aren't built like sticks and can just 'float along'. On the other hand it means that if I do ever manage to lose that extra 1/2 a stone it'll all come down to my training! D'oh! lol.

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