rowing machine for cross training

would like to buy hubby a rowing machine for part of his cross training.
Any suggestions for a good, reliable one that he would enjoy using?
thanks all.


  • There's no alternative to the Concept2 in my humble opinion! The latest model you can find, model E being the latest, although models C and D are both excellent.
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭
    I've recently been looking at rowing machines for the same purpose.

    The cheap ones felt cheap. An expensive magnetic one (Tunturi) felt odd although it was silent and folded up small. I really liked the Waterrower but in the end I bought a Concept2 Model D new.

    It cost nearly a grand, way beyond what I was intending to spend. But the resale value holds up well (10 year old machines go for £600!) so I know that if I want to sell it on I'll get back not much less than what I paid (take a look at Concept2's on eBay).

    In fact, last time I looked Concept themselves were selling refurbed model C's on eBay.

  • another vote for concept2

    also they do a thing where you can pay off for it over 10 months
    and there's no interest

  • Sounds good but I think it may be his birthday/christmas presents for the next 10 years!
    Thanks everyone
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