any for hip hop

Just back after my hip resurfacing op in leeds done by mark emerton and his team, a great bloke who knows his stuff. generally I feel greatin myself, a nice cut to the outside of the thigh and a big bruise, also the leg is very stiff but I expected that. after being in pain for so long it's like being give a new lease of life. If anyone needs information on this subject we've got a good thread going with other runners who have suffered from this problem. I've found myself that many doctors seem to get the diagnosis wrong. I'm looking forward to geting back to full fitness.:0)))))


  • Hey Marty, glad to hear the op went well. Now just make sure you take it easy and do what the doc orders for your recovery/recuperation. I know it's going to be so tempting to push things as you start feeling better but a bit of patience now will make all the diff.

  • tks kazz, I hope your return to work has gone well, I'll have to start thinking about the same subject in the near future maybe. lots of xxxxxx Ps i've got a lovely pair of sticks to get me off to a fast start :)
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