Crappy job

Can being in a job that you hate affect the way you train. I've been told that being in a job that I find quite depressing is affecting my weight loss, but can it affect anything else?


  • gawd Ant. -it can affect so much. Your mental health, relationsships, general moods, training and motivation. The rub is when not motivated you tend to lose confidence in getting a new job more and more IME -so best look for something YOU enjoy eh. Life is too short to condemn yourself to a crappy job.
  • I was in a job I didn't like a few years ago. It affected me a lot mentally, but I didn't realise how much until I changed jobs.

    My mental state did affect my training as it did every other aspect of my life. I found it hard to get motivated to do anything, didn't have any energy and ate too much in an attempt to give myself energy.

    Nothing was ever good enough for me. I was disappointed with every training session because I felt that I should have been doing better. My family suffered to, as they couldn't do anything right by me, even though they tried.

    When I changed jobs, suddenly I got my energy back, the aches went away (including a constant headache which I hadn't realised that I was suffering from), I had more confidence and training went from being a chore to being something I wanted to do! I spent a lot of time rebuilding my marriage too.

    Change jobs. Maybe you need someone else to look through your CV for you as I found it very hard to be positive about myself and my work abilities and my first attempt was pathetic.

    Even if you can't change jobs, writing your CV can make you realise just how good you are at what you do. The confidence boost will also help you with other aspects of your life.
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