The London Duathlon

How long before the start do you need to arrive? I don't have a lot of faith in the trains getting me there on time on a Sunday morning.


  • Depends on which wave you are in but you will need to be there to rack your bike in plenty of time to start
  • Does the wave depend on your predicted finishing time?
  • Nope. They seem to spread everyone out so you wont be sure until much nearer the time.
    Might be wise to book a hotel (you can cancel it nearer the date if you find you have time to get there)
  • Cheers RF. I guess I'm better off driving down.
  • I've jsut reacieved my entry pack and it says I'm in the wave that starts at 10.35. Does this mean I can rack my bike close to that time even if other people are racing?
  • Doesnt the pack mention racking times then ? 

    Cos its gonna be a nightmare if they havent told anyone what to do ??

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