Advice on shoes please

Brooks Addiction are very comfortable but they are too stiff for my feet and have been contributing to peroneal tendonitis.

I need to replace them with a neutral, highly cushioned (I'm very heavy) shoe with lots of space inside for my wide high arched feet and the orthoses. The most comfortable shoes I use today are an old pari of Reebok Premier but even they don;t have quite enough depth, and I'm not sure they are really suitable for the increasing mileage I have planned for the next year.

Any advice/recommendations please so I am well prepared for my next visit to my favourite specialist running shop?


  • Hi Helegant!

    My Saucony triumphs are very squishy and comfy, and reasonably flexible (I have very high arched stiff feet).

    But my feet are reasonably narrow, so not 100% sure if they'd work for you - but would recommend trying them at least

    Took me ages to find them - after trying Asics, Adidas and Mizunos! Expensive journey of discovery.
  • DazTheSlugDazTheSlug ✭✭✭
    Helegant -

    another vote for Saucony Triumph, except they are slightly narrow in the midfoot, so probably not so good with orthoses.

    The exclusive Saucony Jazz 6000's are flat/roomy, but not very durable, so you'd have to replace them fairly regularly, but they are inexpensive (£35), so...

    I've heard other people recommend New Balance 1060's, although I've not tried them myself...

    Hope you get sorted soon... :o)

  • I've got wide feet and orthotics too and have trouble finding shoes that are both wide enough and deep enough. NewBalance do come in width fittings and are often deep enough.

    I have an old pair of NB1022's that have been brilliant but they're worn out now. Replaced them with some NB1050's which fit but turned out to be stability shoes not neutral and aren't comfortable with the orthotics.

    Asics Cumulus seem to be recommended quite often for orthotics wearers but not sure how wide they are - going to go shoe shopping next week and see what the options are.
  • Thanks everyone.

    Saucony Jazz have been a 'nearly run' for my feet without orthoses, but they still tend to be a bit narrow across the forefoot. I've never had any luck with NB but so many people are enthusiastic about them that I'd like to find somewhere that has a good range to try.

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