Daniels Formula or Running Lore?

Hi everyone. I am about to get book on running but cant decide which one. Its between Running Lore which I have heard is very comprehensive but quite complex and also slightly biased. Or Daniels Running Formula which I havent heard a bad word against but don't think is quite as comprehensive. I already have Ron glover's Runners handbook but fancy something a bit different.Anyone got opinions?



  • I've got the Lore of Running (T Noakes), which I assume you mean?

    Like kk, I've only dipped into it. I think that is the only way I can use it. It goes far to deeply into aspects of mitocondira (sp?) and other words I don't use alot.
    But because if covers topics in far more detail than a 'normal' runner would need I have not noted any bias, possibly because I have only picked out the bits that interest me?

  • I've bought the Lore of Running by T Noakes, its every comprehensive but also very complex as it is in some parts very science/biology based. It has a lot of good information in it however I don't know if its actually helped my running as I've not actually read it all only the parts that are essential to me.

    I would recommend it but beware that not all the information in it will be applicable to the everyday recreational/club runner.

    I managed to get my copy for £17 from Borders Bookshop - don't know if you can get it cheaper elsewhere.
  • I got both for £25 from amazon.
  • What did you think of them Lee?
  • I am on chapter 3 or the Lore of Running, reading it at my desk at work and it is very interesting but a lot of it goes over my head. Well worth reading.

    I am currently reading page 123: Energy Systems and Running Performance. Hope some of it rubs off.
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