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I am another Nike 10k beginner! I have been running 5k for several months now, but after my first 8k training run my knees have become really sore around the kneecap and it is now 4 days since I have run. I tried a gentle run and have changed my trainers to give more support, but I am still getting pain continuously, although it is not too bad. Can anyone give me any advice, as there isn't long to go and I need to continue my training.


  • Hi Karen. Is it sorness or pain that you feel, you mentioned both. Are there sharpe pains? is there any swelling.

    Put ice on it wrapped in a towel and rest your leg when ever you can. The best way forward at present is to do no body weight training. ie do exercise cycle at low intencity pressure or swimming if you can.

    Do upper body exercise and light weights, training for runners is not only about running,all exercise in general will help especially when an injury is preventing you from running.

    You can also do the very important mental motivational training.

    Here is something that may surprise you. You can strengthen the injured knee by exerciseing your good knee. The brain will automatically send signals to both knees as you strenghten the good one. You have proberly caused damage by repetitive runs and done no strenght work like hills or speed.

    Anyhow you should not run at present , when you say you can that is because the adrenerline has helped out.

    Rest for 3 days see how it is then.

    All the best Ron.

    PS. I missed the point that you said your knees which I assume you mean both of them. So obviously you cannot carrying on with strengthen one knee. However the good news is that as both knees are sore it is unlikely to be anything too serious and will almost certainly clear up after 3 or 4 days rest. But carry on with the other exercise as mentioned. Ron
  • Hi Karen,

    I would still get it checked by someone qualified with sports injuries. I have had a clicking knee for some time now but since Ive taken proper advice I've managed to get back to running again.

    Dave H
  • Thank you both for your messages. I had rested for 4 days and did a gentle run and had to stop after 10 mins as both knees starting hurting again. 2 days later and only one is hurting (it's a constant dull ache really). I'm terribly impatient to build up my stamina for the 10k run, but will try to rest another day.
    Thanks again.
  • Hello Karen

    I had similar problem a couple of weeks back after my first long run of 6 miles. I had regularly done 3 or 4 miles before that... anyway, my left knee was a bit puffy and felt like it was locking - although it didn't hurt and was just an odd feeling.

    Took rest of week off and checked with doctor who told me it was my age !!!!! (34) and that road running would put strain on knee.

    Anyway, it has been fine with no problems and I have done 6 miles twice since. I think I just went too far and my knee complained about it!

    Interestingly, my doctor said there was no evidence to suggest cod liver oil helped with bones/joints - but me not believing him, I am taking it anyway.

    Just rest it for a while and start gradually, and don't over do it. Les
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