Ear injury from fast running?

My wife wonders if anyone has come across any cases of someone suffering pain in the ear during or after fast running.
She once had a problem towards the end of a 10K race & again last night when doing intervals.
Any thoughts?


  • Perhaps an increase in blood pressure?

    Other than that, I've no id-ear ;-)
  • I've had that a few times after 10Ks. It's not pain as such, more an uncomfortable ear-popping thing that lasts maybe 5 minutes. I'd also be interested to know what causes it, although I know regard it as a sign I've put in a good effort!

    Ch-ears, PJ
  • Perhaps if you breath out through your mouth with your lips almost closed there is not a free enough exhaling passage so a positive pressure exists in your airways. This could flow through your eustacian (sp) tubes and cause the ear popping.
    Good job you don't do marathons or you'd have the bends. :-)
  • I get this sometimes too, always in my right ear. It seems to only happen when I am stressed during a race or run which usually coinsides with the final effort in the last part of a race, sorry thats not much help.
  • Do you ever get the same feeling when you have a fever?

    I sometimes think core temp rises a bit and tissue around ear presses on things. Usually clears a bit.

    Do you get vertigo with it?
  • Thanks for your replies. To be honest I thought it was a long shot & nobody would have any similar experiences. She was looking to see if there might be a link between the running & loss of hearing.

    No to the fever or vertigo Stickless. It's not the same as ear popping either.

    The humorous replies do help a bit though. There is no chance whatsoever of her doing a marathon now! She would have to put on a diving suit but that's been done already.
  • I had the same problem a couple of years ago. The doctor said that sometimes one of the tiny bones in the ear can pop out of place and cause the pain. Mine seemed to sort itself out. I have had it occasionally since but then only when I've been running when it's very cold.
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