Anything I can do to stop this?


I'm hoping someone can give me some advice. I've resumed running again (albeit a bit sporadically) after having a baby 7 months ago. I'm all well and healthy, and exercised throughout pregnancy, no problems etc.

When I go out running now, I suffer terribly from a stitch like pain under my ribs. It's not the normal stitch - it doesn't happen when I'm working hard, rather when I'm bouncing more than normal (say running downhill) which leads me to believe that it's my innards that haven't quite settled. It's extremely painful and means I have to stop running and struggle to catch my breath as I can't take a whole lungful.

Can anyone recommend some exercises that may help, or is it just a matter of my body getting used to the impact again? (I already do Pilates)

Thanks in advance


  • I would speak to your GP.

    A friend of mine from our antenatal group has just found out she suffered a hernia when she was pregnant with her daughter and it went undetected til now (and our children are 2yrs old)

    Best to get it checked. Well done though for starting again so soon, it took me a year!
  • I understood stitch could be the weight of the organs (mianly liver) bouncing under the diaphragm - this fits with the fact that you are postnatal -they are no longer supported by bump. Is the pain right sided?

  • Hi Mrs Pig

    Yes, it is right sided. Sounds like that's what it could fits with when I'm experiencing it.
  • In which case I would have thought it will settle eventually as the ligaments etc adapt.
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