A report in todays Daily Mail (therefore 100% accurate) says that we should discard the Powerade, Lucozade Sport etc and drink good old fashioned milk after a run. The report gives several good reasons, and I have no problem drinking the stuff, but can anyone out there shed any futher light on this?


  • <barf> at drinking milk.
  • So that's a maybe from you then?
  • If it's in the Daily Wail, it must be true, so I'll just have to dehydrate :¬D
  • I'm sure Duck Girl would disagree wholeheartedly.
  • Actually this research has been going around for a while. Indeed was in Runners world a little while back ! I think low calorie chocolate milk was best. not sure it will replace all the Isotonic bits but no problem with it as a post run drink
  • Although being the Daily Mail, it will follow up with an article next week saying the current poor state of British Athletics is because all the milk-men are now Polish Immigrants.

    Note the veracity of the last statment will have no impact on them running the story and wouldn't be a lie as that is when you knowingly tell an untruth and they won't even bother to check and therefore won't know one way or the other :-)
  • LOL BtB!!
  • I've always drank milk after a run for the protein and calcium. Now the Daily Mail are promoting it however I may change to some good beer. Polish beer.

  • You could use it to wash down a portion of carp and chips. (That was yesterday's big story on the Jeremy Vine show).

    Guess who's off work this week!
  • That show's nuts. Whenever I watch it it's always Scottish people on who have four kids by four different blokes and are getting DNA tests to see which one belongs to which!

    A disgrace to my beautiful country (Scotland).
  • You work Millsy!!!!!!!

    Drink milk after a run?

    Does no one drink flavoured milk after a run, swim etc? I thought this was in vouge and commom know?
  • Civil Servant actually, so not what you would call proper work.

    Scream - Let me explain. Jeremy Vine may be nuts, but you don't need to watch his show as it's on the radio (1200 - 1400 Radio 2). The eedjit you are thinking of is Jeremy Kyle...........and he's definitley one sandwich short of a picnic, but still a genius compared to his guests.
  • Jeremy Vile, sorry Vine and Kyle what's the difference.. they're both over-paid and over-publicised a$$holes.

    I always have choccy milk after a run; it's just right. Plus it contains protein.
  • Has the Daily Mail commented on whether or not asylum seekers should be allowed to drink milk? :-)
  • Give them time...
  • Try For Goodness Shakes - its a milk shake and isotonic combined, improves recovery post run and also good prior to work out
  • Actually I've been drinking choc soya milk / custard / cereal with soya milk before & after runs for a few years. The choc stuff is nice enough that my non-veggie housemates steal it. However, if the Daily Mail says so, I shall have to give that up & switch to toast & marmite / peanut butter (salty so better in summer), 'cos I could not live with myself if I had to do what the Daily Mail said. Shame really... I'm sure I can find an asylum seeker to give all my spare choc milk to :)

    BTW, does the Daily Mail still have its regular microwaved baby stories? I spent a while a few yrs ago in hospital & that was the only paper, so I got into the habit of trying to find the story where a cute small child met an improbable grisly fate. There was one every day - I wonder if some particular reporter had the job of chasing them up?
  • I spent some time living with my gf's parents during a house move. All they bought was the Daily Mail, which is why I developed a deep-routed hatred for everything it stands for after a daily browse (couldn't help myself)!

    Classic Daily Mail story in the link below:

    [Remember to delete this from your internet browsing history in case your partner sees it]

    Pregnant girl. Doctor decides she has lost her baby. Girl didn't lose baby. Outrage!

    Sport section sucks too!

    Duckgirl - fave post race snack, peanut butter sarnies and glass of milk :-D
  • ... and oh yeah, it was the "guess who's off work this week" comment that threw me! Daytime tv you see..
  • It was in RW last month too that choc milk was the best recovery drink all round even compared to ther more "sporty" type drinks. It was the result of an experiment done at some american university or other... something to do with cocoa and wilk. I started using it after runs myself (and with a little protein mix after swims/weights) and it's certainly the dog's b*ll*x as far as I'm concerned! :-)
  • I use "FOR GOODNESS SHAKES" vanilla when on a long run, far nicer and more nutritious than powerade et al, does the job perfectly and I've hit a few PB's on the stuff lately. Got protein plus carbs in the form of lactose, sucrose, fructose and glucose.
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