Sorry, just popping in: hip subluxation

Anyone know anything about or have experienced the above?

I really don't know what to do next. I could hardly walk today; it's just getting worse and worse. I can't go on like this.

No hugs or anything please, I just need cold, hard facts or positive things I can do.

Google doesn't seem to be helping much, it just has loads of articles on babies.


  • Presumably you got a diagnosis? Any advice from the person who gave it you?

    I have commonly experienced sudden acute pain in hip which gets rapidly worse if I continue walking without taking steps to get the thing tracking right. I can usually do this by grabbing a lamp-post and swinging my leg forwads and back until the thing settles back where it should with an almost audible click, and then I'm fine. The one time it didn't go back easily and I walked on it I was sore for days afterwards. It usually happens within the first 100-150 yards or so, can happen walking or running. Punishment for not warming up properly in my case - I think over-tight muscles pull it off track.

    I googled and found a number of articles with respect to American football players, eg best of luck,
  • Hello again. I think it's similar to that, but today it just felt weak and I had to really concentrate to tell my leg to move.

    Bloke was one of the tutors at the British School of Osteopathy. Been going there for a while, it's kept me going for the last few months. Had a re-assessment as I wasn't improving and this bloke had a look at me. He'd been to some hip conference or other the previous week.

    I'll be fine to walk on it, then sometimes I can't put any weight on it at all.

    Thanks for the lamp-post idea, will try it next time.
  • Subluxation means partial dislocation of a joint i.e. a bone is slipping in and out of the socket during fairly normal movements. It can happen in babies when the hip joint is not fully developed. But if you look at a diagram of the formed adult hip joint you will see that it does not occur in adults.

    In fact the hip joint is so strong that pretty much the only way to sublux or dislocate it is to be in a car crash.

    There is a seperate condition known as slipped upper femoral epiphyses which can affect young teenagers - mostly girls - but that is not a joint subluxation.

    Personally I believe it is important to distinguish between the very useful things Osteopaths do, and the sometimes less than useful things they say.

    There is something painfully wrong with your hip but it is not subluxation IMHO.
    Next step = GP and from there to sports specialist or orthopaedic surgeon.
  • Hi Toria: We met at a Sartaj curry many moons ago. I have had a similar hip problem to you. Mine started off as back pain, then various chiro (psycho) sessions made it a lot worse as he would twist my back by pulling one knee across the hips twisting the pelvis one way whilst restraining the shoulders. The lower back pain was joined with severe hip pain too. I got to a stage where the hip-pain was so bad I could not walk for several weeks. I was side-lined from running for about a year.

    IMHO, it is important to get your muscles to (i) relax and (ii) return to normal patterns of movement.

    Do you swim gently (even float) at least once a week? Do you do very gentle pillates or yoga at least once a week?

    Have you had a deep muscle sports massage on the muscles around the painful hip eg lower-back, glutes, hamstrings, abductors, adductors and most important of all, the (dreaded) piriformis muscle?

    Although you didn't want any: (((toria))).
  • Go and see your GP, or if your local hospital runs one, the sport injury clinic. (we run a walk-in one straight from A&E, most need GP referrals).

    Like Dr Wonka, I think it is highly unlikely you have a subluxation, but you obviously want to find out what's going on.
  • Had a similar problem, got orthodics made (due to having the total flat feet), hip pain went, back pain etc.
    After a year its come back slighty, but only in work shoes, and its okay when I run!!! But the orthodics really worked, dear but great.
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