Motivation needed

Hi there,

I've been running for a couple of months and I've got up to 3.5 miles on the treadmill so far.

I set an aim of reaching 10km before my 25th birthday (less than 2 weeks away now).

I seem to have got stuck at just over 5km and I'm feeling a bit demoralised at the moment because my birthday is fast approaching and I hate the thought of not being able to achieve it.

Any motivational hints and tips to help?

Thanks guys.



  • I thought the golden rule was not to up your mileage by more than 10% a week, so to double it in a forthnight might not be a good plan? Why don't you follow a proper 10k plan from the schedules on the left, otherwise you might have an injury for a birthday present?

    Personally, and this is just MHO, treadmills are motivation killers. Get outside...
  • agree nam - get outside, much nicer and more interesting.

    Why not build up time on your legs rather than distance to start with?
  • Give yourself a better target. Why don't you enter a 10K race? Ditch the treadmill and get outside. Its not too bad the weather, enjoy it, you'll regret it when the winter is here....

    Look at the events section and maybe enter a 5K near you soon see how you get on ad take it from there.

    Treadmills aren't real miles. Just because you can run a million miles on one, doesn't mean you can do it in the real world!.

    Come on, out of your shell, join us plodding pavements....

    Go on enter a race.....

    Look into the eyes. the eyes...

    Not around the eyes..
    Into the eyes..

    Enter a 5K

  • waycatwaycat ✭✭✭
    Donna, you've reached 5k in a couple of months - that's good!

    As has already been said, trying to increase too quickly is not recommended, as it may well result in an injury.

    So I know it's a cliche but "slow and steady wins the race".

    Good luck, and enjoy your running!
  • Even if the weather is sh*te outside it's much better than stayin in on a treadie. I don't know anyone that ever broke free of the treadmill habit that ever went back!
    And when you start running outside you won't be worrying about your birthday target at all, just enjoying the experience :-)
  • Hello there everyone,

    First of all, thanks for all the comments. I wasn't expecting such a good response :)

    The gym is a competitive place and it's sometimes a bit disheartening looking at all those fit bodies plugging away on a treadmill for hours.

    There is a nice little forest walk I go running sometimes but it's only about 2km (the forest comes to a walled end) so I'll have to look for some alternatives...

    I'll let you know how I get on.

    Thanks again,

  • Hi Donna,
    I've started running from scratch several times over the past 3 years or so- I would reach a certain point, and then something would happen where I had to stop running- illness, dealing with family matters, and so on. I also have had motivation issues.

    I started running on a treadmill, but I found afterwards that I wished I had started with running outdoors. I live in the middle of London, and at the stage I am now I still just run around blocks of houses, and will go to the parks near me when I run a bit longer. I am not using the RW schedules, but have found that a different method works better for me.

    I have entered a 6k race for December, which is a rather far-off target, but if all continues to go well, I will do a couple of 5ks.
    Good luck, and good progress:)
  • Hello,

    Sorry, I just dived right in without introducing myself.

    I'm Donna, I'll be 25 on the 21st of August and I live in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.
    I've got 2 dog's (a collie and a salukiXgreyhound) that keep be very busy and love coming out on short runs with me.
    I'm getting married in March 2008 in Vegas, which is added motivation to get myself into some kind of shape!

    I've been running outside for the past couple of days which has gone fine apart from the darker nights caught be by surprise - running in a dark forest isn't the most pleasant of experiences!

    This forum has been a brilliant source of help so far and I've only been on it for a few days so thanks again!

    I've just taken the dog's out for a walk.
    It's pouring outside. I'll chicken out of running outside today and head to the gym.

    Thanks everyone,

  • Hello there,

    I went to the gym today as planned and ran 4 miles. It's the furthest I've ever run. I know you all frown apon treadmill running but I'm pretty chuffed with myself :)

    I'll aim to run outside as much as I can of course. My dog's will see to that :)


  • hi donna

    first of all congrats on getting married next year - hav you got everything sorted?? vegas sounds amazing!

    i started running bout 3 months ago and have totally got the bug - definitely enter a couple of races - it really gives you somethng to work towards! personally, like everyone has said, much prefer running outside but if the weather doesn't permit and you end up running on treadie, then you still running so all helping in the grand scheme of things. tho i must admit running in the rain is my favourite!! never thought i would ever say that but got caught out in what was quite literally a monsoon a couple of months back and it is so much fun!! def try it - you will love it and if you anything like me, you will end up aiming for all the puddles like a kid again!

    and well done for 4 mile run tonight as well - that's a really good distance considering you only been running for a couple of months!
  • Hi Godders83,

    Thanks for the comment - it's really appreciated. The wedding is all organised - it's just the 8 month wait that's killing me!

    I'll definitely try and run outside as much as possible. I agree with the 'running in the rain' comment - it's very refreshing! With the rain we're having in Aberdeenshire just now though, I'd probably get washed away! :)

    Yes, I'm happy that I've got to 4 miles as slow as I'm doing it (took me 46 minutes today) and when I'm driving in my car I'm stunned at how far 4 miles turns out to be!

  • Its really far... I got my (just married) husband to drive one of my runs as he was constantly non-plussed when I told him how far I'd gone. He had a new found respect for me then!! PS I started as I had an upcoming wedding. There's nothing like a white dress to motivate you thats for sure...

    Have you found your frock yet?
  • i bet the 8 months is killing you - things you are looking forward to always seem so far away!

    i was watching the news earlier and saw all the rain you guys up there are getting - crazy weather!! i hope you have some sturdy wellies!! no doubt it will reach us down here in london at about half past 7 tomorrow morning when i have to walk to the station!!

    i can never believe it when i actually drive the routes i run - i get all smug and feel very proud seeing as 3 months ago i could barely run to the end of my road! it's amazing how fast you can actually progress!
  • I know, it's crazy! The rain was so heavy last night that it actually woke us up. It was amazing to watch though.

    My sister is in the Essex area just now and is bragging about how good the weather is down there. Grrrr! :)

    Getting married is also great motivation to shed those extra pounds and fit into a fancy dress! Bring it on!

  • Ooo, just saw farnie's message! Sorry. Yup, I've got my dress already (keen or what!?). It's lovely - perfect for what I need. I'm not into the whole ballgown and train thing, I'd only end up tripping up over myself which wouldn't look very classy :)

    We're getting married in Las Vegas so I couldn't really prance about in a gown for long anyway :P

    Luckily my other half wants to take up running too so he'll drag me out on days I might 'forget'. hehe.
  • sorry to rub it in but yes it is lovely down here tonight!!

    that will so be me when i get married! and if by some miracle that i dont trip over, i guarantee that my dad will step on my train and send me flying!

    always a bonus when you have someone to go running with who can kick you out of bed in the morning - i can never part ways with my duvet until im literally about to miss my train!!
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