Cat advice needed

I know there are quite a few cat owners on here and I need some advice.

Basically my cat who is now getting on a bit is using her litter tray, but her aim is now very...erm...dodgy. She is a very clean cat, but she aims a bit high and its going all over the wall rather than in the tray.

We are considering changing to an enclosed litter tray (or a high sided one if anyone knows where we can get one - I've tried Google and I can't find anything), but we have tried this before and she thought it was a carry case for a trip to the vet and refused to use it, so we had a few 'packages' left on the floor.

Has anyone got any advice?



  • Put paper down in the area so that if she misses, at least you can just wrap it up and get rid of it? (the poo, that is, not the cat).
  • Ours has a cover over it. I think we got it from Argos or Pets at Home but it was a few years ago.

    We don't often use it (only if they're ill or something) but one of our cats doesn't quite get and aims her bum out of the hole!!!
  • If this is new I'd take her down to the vet to get it checked out. Not a vet, and I've not experienced this with my girls, but it sounds to me that maybe she's uncomfortable peeing sitting down for some reason? Best get her checked and be sure.

    The only similar experience I've had with mine is that one of mine did used to spray when she was on heat (yes, female cats can do it too...). Getting her done sorted it out. It would be strange for her to start if she's elderly though. Only possible none-medical thing I could think of would be if something's upset her so she's marking? I think she'd then be more likely to do it near the door than at her tray...? Best to see the vet I think...

    If you want a high-sided litter tray, how about using a large square washing-up bowl?
  • Thanks for the advice all.

    MoS - I did suggest we use a nappy but the OH said no.

    RG - I don't think its medical as she has been done (years ago now) and this is only a new thing with the weeing. She tends to balance on the edge even when the litter is completely fresh.

    UC - Lol! But how did you get them used to the covered tray? Did they just use it with no problems?
  • Lawro

    Rowan mentioned a high-sided washing up bowl and they're relatively cheap if you want to try that before you get a tray with a cover. Most litter trays really aren't deep enough and a washing-up bowl or one of these plastic storage crates that you can get fairly cheaply from Woolies is another option. If she's agile enough still, she should be able to dive into one of these and would have no way of er.. aiming over the top!!

    Good luck!


  • I have a house cat called Barney. He's 12 and has feline aids, so we bought him one of those little houses to poo in. It has a flap door. He just sits in there with his little head poking out and when he kicks the litter it doesn't go everywhere due to the lid (which removes easily for cleaning BTW)!
    We hang a curtain in front of his little 'poo shed' to give him some privacy :-)
  • Mrs Kathy - only you would think to do that!!!

    Lawro - they just used it I think but we only use it when we really have to as the cat that sticks it's bum out also gets litter stuck between her toes and walks it all over the house - yuck!
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