Bugger, damn and blast!!!

I posted on the Tuesday session thread that I was going to do 8.5 miles steady.

Well, OK, it wasn't maybe as steady as I would ideally wanted but after just over 4 miles, the wheels came off totally. I was running up a long but not too steep a hill when I had to stop. Energy felt zero, I felt like sh1t and just couldn't get myself going again. I was doing about 8 min miles up until then, which I think is about 'my' pace for this sort of distance.
I ended up run/ walking the rest and only doing 7.5 miles in the end. It felt like some slow motion fartlek session.

I feel totally p....ed off with myself and I'm not sure what went wrong.

Whilst crawling back, tail between my legs, I tried to figure out what the problem was.

Am I not fit enough? Maybe. Most of my runs have been shorter except the BB 1/2. However, many of my taining runs recently have been with Mrs RB at 10 - 11 min miles. Any I do on my own are faster but only around 5 - 6 miles.

I didn't take water - dehydration? (temp 22 deg)

I know there's a lot of expertise out there and I would like anyone's input on what the problem could be.

Or do I just put it down to a bad day and write it off?



  • Hi Ratbag,

    Sorry to hear you've had a bad day. We all get them (remember Mrs RBs bad day?) and for many different reasons.

    I've read many of your posts so I think you must be fit enough but wonder if, as you say, you might have been dehydrated? I don't go without my water bottle if I'm doing anything over 30 minutes, just in case.

    What about post holiday syndrome? Sometimes it can be hard to get back into the routine again, particularly if you've over-indulged. Also, seemingly innocuous hills can sometimes take the wind out of your sails.

    Don't worry, we all get days like that. Just forget it and enjoy your next run.


  • HillyHilly ✭✭✭
    RB I wouldn't worry too much. We all get days where we feel we're unfit and slow etc.etc. I did a long one a few weeks ago and after struggling to 7 miles I thought I can't do this so I headed home.

    Just put it behind you and carry on enjoying being out there. Remember running is full of ups and downs! Good luck!
  • Sounds like just a bad day to me.

    Four miles is probably too soon for dehydration to have an effect unless you were dehydrated before the off.

    Check your resting pulse tomorrow morning and see if its where it should be - if its higher than normal the you could be carrying a bug or be a little run down.

    So don't worry.
  • I agree that it just sounds like a bad day which just happen sometimes. I had a really bad run a couple of weeks ago two days after a very fast one. I put it down to lack of recovery time but when I was moaning about it to hubbie, he stunned me by telling me that he walks sometimes too!! (He was born running and used to be a very good teenage sprinter...used to race against Darren Campbell.) So, I can genuinely say...we ALL have bad runs from time-to-time!
  • Cheers all,

    I'll see how I feel tomorrow. One small problem is that I promised to do some hill repeats with Mrs RB tonight. I guess I'll just have to see how I am at the time.

    Thanks again

    All the best,

  • RB,

    You could just hold the stopwatch tonight!
  • Don't be fed up Ratbag, it's probably just post-holiday syndrome. Also, your pace sounds a little fast unless you've been clocking up a load of interval sessions without telling me. :)
    Do the hill reps a different way - stand at the top with a stop watch encouraging Mrs RB to try just a bit harder.
  • Laura, Nessie...

    Good idea about the stop watch. I just got up from my desk and the twinge I felt in my calf is for real. It seems the tweak I had a couple of weeks ago hasn't really gone away.

    Haven't been doing much in the way of interval sessions. In fact that's one of the things I was about to incorporate into the weekly mix. The only thing I have done over the last few months is to do some faster, shorter runs. I even got into the headu heights of 7.15 min/miles?? I could only do this for about 3 miles though and then I kind of died.

    I may actually have to rest this calf for a week or so. This is definitely not what I want to do as I have put on a little weight over the last couple of weeks (only a few pounds I think but it makes the trousers fell a little tighter than they should..).

    Don't fancy swimming much but it may come to that.
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    RB, could you be showing the first signs of a cold or flu or something else?
  • I think in some ways with my strange body I'm a connoisseur of bad days. I'm sorry one of them's got you. I'd repeat Drew's suggestion - often the explanation comes after the complaint.

    If I've learned anything in the past six months it's not to get down on yourself for a bad day. Assume your body is honest and willing, if, perhaps rather poor at expressing itself. When it says stop, you've got to stop, and then not rant at it.

    You may not (I often don't) learn what was the matter. I do find it helps to notch down expectations for a bit: rather than trying to "catch up" mileage, crank down the pace, crank down the speed, and get confidence back by a run or two where you feel, gosh, that was nice, when you get back.

    Just a thought - if it persists, check anaemia? Makes you run like a slug.

    Hope it's just One of Them. Marj
  • Thansk for the thoughts.

    Drew, Look forward to meeting you at Windsor.


    I've not posted much directly to you but I now have an opportunity to say that reading your posts and what you go through on a daily basis puts any of my little niggles into some kind of perspective. You are an inspiration and before you dismiss it just think about it. There are lot's of people on this forum either just starting out or suffering a setback or two and often your replies get them back on track so take the pat on the back.

    All the best,

  • I know how you feel. The last couple of weeks for me have been horribly hit or miss and it's really infuriating! Especially with the big 'W' coming up...

    I have decided that the best thing for me to do is not go like a sky rocket unless I feel completely comfortable. I made that mistake last night and I'm still regretting it!

    You could just be getting old though? ;)
  • Jon,

    I think I'm definitely getting old.

    However, decided to do a short run today with a young (early 20's) bloke who is a bit quick when fit but not hugely fit right now.

    Actually, I shouldn't run at all for a bit as I've got a bit of calf pull but I've decided to do this one today and reassess. I might have to rest for a week or so.

    Bloomin' nuisance, just when I was getting the urge back to enjoy the running.

    Life can be a bit cruel now and then.....
  • Ratbag, I have been running for c.4 years, I run between 30-50 miles a week and I had a fortnight of feeling like you did. This was about 3 weeks ago, I felt tired all the time, dehydrated (despite being alcohol free for a month and drinking 3 litres of water a day!) I found that I could only run about 4 miles before sacking it altogether.

    I was very, very concerned as I'm in the middle of training for the Dublin Marathon. So I went to see an old mate of my who is a coach and he told me to have a few days off, relax, refocus, pick myself up and start again.

    I'm now back up to my normal mileage did a hilly 14 miler on Sunday and felt great during and after.

    Refocus is the name of the game, oh and don't underestimate the running in the heat that we have had lately especially if you have been stuck in a stuffy environment at work during the day!
  • RB... Give it a day or so (Calf permitting) and it'll be right as rain! I've learnt that I can't expecct every run to be a dream! 8 mile monday were beautiful (56 Mins) 2 miles yesterday when I was trying to go slow but lost my patience (seemed like a year!)

    The only thing winding me up to get out of the door when at times I don't really want to run is the big W!!! Must relax!
  • Thanks Wolfy & Jon,

    I actually went out as planned with young whippet. Finally ran just over 5 miles at 8 min / mile and felt great. Calf no worse but no better. I'm resting tomorrow and having a short 3 - 4 miles on Saturday to get ready for longish 10 miler on Sunday.

    I feel a lot better mentally today after yesterdays disappointment so maybe it was just a bad day.

    BTW Jon,

    7 min / mile pace should get you round the big W in a really nice time. Don't know what you're worried about.

    All the best,

  • Hmm... But with 5 more miles after that? DON'T THINK SO! Anyway, I promise not to hijack this thread because of my insecurities!
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