Fell running

I have started fell running (mad) it started with trail races and led on from there, the problem is I have been running in New Balance RX Terrain which were fine for trail but are not supportive enough for Fell (not too confident on the downs) Just ran Snowdon and lost a lot of places on the descent because of it. Can anyone suggest a good shoe, been searching internet but so many choices.


  • Walsh PB or Inov8 mudclaw 330.

  • I'll recommend Mountain Bear Gladiators, I've had a couple of pair of NB RX Terrain and thought they were excellent, but I've switched to Glads now, they may be too similar RX's tho.
  • I have the same dilemma and have been advised that it has to be either Inov8 Mudclaw 'O' 330 or Waslh PB, depending on how they fit on my feet... but not had a chance to try them anywhere yet.
  • Thanks for the advice everybody, I have been recommended to the Inov8 Mudroc 290 by a member of our running club she said stay away from Walsh, not sure why. Can't see much difference between the 290's and the 330 '0' apart from a mention of orientering on the 330 review, too many choices!!!!!!
  • I've tried and tested both the 290's and 330's. Both have amazing grip and stick like s*&t to a blanket. I was put off the 290's though because they kept on rubbing my heels and after every run my heels would be rubbed raw and bleeding. However I don't get this with the 330's so as a training shoe I think they are better. For a race shoe I would recomend either the mudclaw 270 or the walsh, but there are nota training shoe.
  • Walsh works well for me. Great grip as everyone says. I've given my current pair of PB extreme's a real hammer in the lakes over the last few months and they're still fine. I'm going to try the Inov-8 terroc or mudroc next just for a change. Think I may need just a tad more in the way of cushioning / support on longer runs than the walshes offer.
  • Wlashs are good.

    No fancy stuff. just a supportive boot and some rubber studs.

    I fly down hills in them.......or could be stupidness :)
  • Thanks everybody, decided on the 330's, got them from accelerateuk.com they had a stall at the Eccles Pike fell race, got some good advice of them and they let me have a run around the field in them too(very helpful people)said that the 330's were more robust and had slightly better grip than the 290's. Not tried them out yet due to a calf pull, let you know how I get on. Thanks again for the advice.
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