Thursday's session

HillyHilly ✭✭✭
I must be the only early bird this morning. Never been on the forum at this time of the day before. Anyway todays training.

What: 6 miles fartlek
Why: to give my legs a quicker turnover in ready for Sunday's 1/2M.
Last rest day: yesterday
Last hard day: Monday


  • Hilly - that is seriously early.

    I cycled on my 'easy day' yesterday in order to give my knee a rest and consequently I feel absolutely knackered today!


    Today's session: unsure see how knee feels - aiming for one hour steady but quite prepared to bail.
    Why: need to keep some mileage going!
    Last rest day: yesterday
    Last hard day: tuesday
  • Morning all

    What: 40 minutes on the treadmill
    Why: speed work, give knee a rest from longer distances
    Last rest day : Yesterday
    Last hard Day : Tuesday
  • What staedy 3 miles
    why first week of running 4 times so distance slightly less so weekly total only up one mile
    last hard - still not doing hard days as my shoulder still isn't right
    last rest - yesterday
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    What: 7 miles steady.

    Why: Did a 3.5miler last night, after weather enforced rest for 2 days, and it felt Gooooooooooood. Knocked about 3 mins off my previous best for the route, and only walked once (at the top of a particularly nasty little hill that I "sprinted" up).

    Days since last hard: 5 (Saturday)
    Days since last rest: 2 (Tuesday)
  • Does this move to training mean I gotta get serious?

    What: 3m, variable speed. Stability exercises in pool and 400m front crawl!! That's all I've got to do for the tri I want to try.
    Why: still a bit tentative.

    So what? Wonderful to try fast again, over limited distances (20meters to 100 metres). Glue (attaching muscles to pelvis) came unstuck a bit at the very end so I stopped immediately and walked rather than jogged home. I think I escaped without pulling anything seriously loose. Ice again, but felt I'd got away with it. First fast since the episode of chest pains, and not a whimper from that corner. Definitely transient. Whoppee.
  • Majorie

    I thought you already were serious
  • Marjorie, I love your expression "transient troubles". I shall use it - it's less of a moutful than "symptoms which are inexplicable by current medical knowledge and are going to get better by themselves". really has to be training now.

    What I plan to do: Either 3 miles or 6.6 miles, timed, depending on which circuit I feel like doing when I get home this afternoon. Eat half a tub of Haagen-Dazs, wait an hour, then walk to the gym, do an hour of Bodypump and have a swim, and walk home via Pizza Express. Bit of socialising tonight.

    What I will probably do: Drive to the gym, do the Bodypump class, have a token dip in the pool and drive home again.

    Why: I feel like doing a lot today, but that feeling might evaporate if the rain doesn't stop.

    Days since last hard day: 4

    Days since last rest day : 1

    Cheers, V-rap.
  • What me? Serious? Keep trying.

    Just a reminder, until a moment ago I was Marjorie. shows zactly how serious I can be.
  • Last night's training:

    What: Speedwork - 3*800m with 2 mins rest
    Why: First speedwork session for 20 YEARS (started running again in January at 18 stone)
    Last Rest day: Tuesday
    Last Hard Day: Sunday

    I am knackered today, quads and calfs ache, but it felt good to let it rip for once.
  • I wish I was upto speed work - but as a 17 12 man at the beginning of the year I'd planned to leave speed until I was nearer 15 - at 16 now so still some weeks to go. I am upto running 15 miles per week so quite happy. If you don't mind sharing how have you shaped your plans?
  • Sorry that was supposed to be a reply to Fat Bloke
  • sfh legssfh legs ✭✭✭
    Finding my way to a post is rather like my racing, but I think I git there in the end. some stuff to do on the "my ..." bits.

    anyway for today

    what : rest
    why : 3 dyas training, bruised left foot on elliptical in gym last night
    dyas since hard : 0 yesterday
    days since rest : 3 (sun)

    will continue to explore this place
  • Training this week
    Monday: rest day out for dinner, had pasta
    Tuesday: 7-8 mile run, all of my runs are slow.
    Wednesday: 45mins in gym on weights
    Thursday: 7-8 mile slow run.
    Friday: Arrive home (work away) open bottle of wine no training.
    Saturday/Sunday looking after grandchildren.
    Next week will try to do more training.
  • OK. About time I joined in,

    What: 6 miles tonight
    Why: Trying to rehabilitate Mrs RB and I need to do something as I feel I'm getting out of the habit.

    Days since hard: about 9 (last Monday)
    Days since rest: 0 (Ran on Mon & Tues though)

    Need to do more...
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    Think I might have posted this on the old forums before being brutally transferred here!

    What - 4 miles tonight.
    Why - Trying to gradually increase my weekly mileage by adding half a mile to one of my weekly runs and increasing my long run by 5 minutes a week.
    Last hard - Ummm ... Friday (I blame the hot weather and the fact my right heel's been giving me a bit of jip).
    Last rest - Yesterday (curry and beers with a friend ... well, I have recently been accused of planning my life around running rather than vice versa ... nothing wrong with that though, is there?!)

    Minkin (the runner formerly known as Debbie)
  • Hi all...

    What: 9.5 mile steady run in 1:06
    Why: Following Runners World sub 3 marathon programme for next seven weeks
    Last Hard - Fartlek session last night
    Last rest - Tuesday (It just didnt stop raining)
  • Greetings

    What: Track workout, 3x3200m
    Why: Cause Frank Horwill said so!!!
    Days since last hard run: 2 (tuesday)
    Days since last rest: 3 (monday)

    Had a good session this evening which was good after the disappointment at the Notts 5 last Friday. With 4 mins rest between sets (a bit more than the 90sec recommended by Horwill!) went like this (for each 1600):
    5:57, 5:53
    5:53, 5:53
    5:54, 5:52

  • What: 8.33 miles steady ( for me 84 mins)
    Why: Day 41 of my half m programme
    Last rest: yesterday
    Last hard: Tuesday

  • what: about 4 miles again, started walking at 2 and a half, which is half a mile later than sunday. which is good.
    why: coz this is my first midweek run since i re-started last week
    last rest: sunday-today
    last hard: they all are.
    despite still needing about 5 minutes of walking, in 2 blocks, to get round 4 and a half miles, today felt much better than sunday or last week. feel like if I'm lucky I might actually be able to get ready for that marathon which is now less than 2 months away. Its gonna be hard, but I ain't gonna quit!
  • What: Teaching power walking, one hour, Teaching Body Balance (stretchy thing), one hour, treadmill 35 mins (15 hard, then 1 min rest, then 10 on steepest incline, then 5 hard)
    Why: I ran out of time to do a longer run
    Last rest day: Sunday
    Last hard day: Tuesday's speed sesh

    (Ironman, are you one of RW's pacers)
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Bit late (again)

    What: Threshold run, 2mile jog/7 miles steady with some quick bursts/2 mile jog
    Why: Wanted to do a longish threshold run or a tempo run.In the end I couldn't decide what to do, so went out and enjoyed the summer evening instead.
    Last Hard session: Tuesday
    Last Rest Day : Monday
  • Snicks,

    I wish!
    Nope, just following the schedules so that I can get the qualifying time for London next year in the Robin Hood 'thon.

  • Ironman good luck!!
  • Blueknees was talking about fartlek training to take the pain out of his knees.

    Funny that... I get much more problems with my knees when I run short and fast than when I run long and slow.
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